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One of the “Top issues facing academic libraries” determined by ACRL’s Focus on the Future Task Force and addressed in a November 2002 article in C&RL News is recruitment, education, and retention of librarians. On page 89 of this issue, Keri-Lynn Paulson responds to this issue from the perspective of a new, young librarian. The article “Entering academic librarianship” (p. 84) also speaks to the issue and offers library students some insights into the activities in which academic librarians are expected to engage to help them in their pursuit of an academic library career.

In this month’s “Scholarly Communication” column (p. 92), Peter Suber, one of the drafters of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, demystifies open access and provides an overview of the activities of open access archives and journals. If you’re going to ACRL’s 11th National Conference in Charlotte in April, you can hear more from Suber and others about open access and other scholarly communication issues at the panel session, “Scholarly Communications: Taking Stock, Charting Next Steps” (Saturday, April 12).

Another offering at the conference is “Put Instruction in Your (Research) Agenda” (Friday, April 11), which will introduce various ways in which the Instruction Section’s “Research agenda for library instruction and information literacy” can help you plan information literacy programs and manage instructional services. The updated research agenda appears in this issue on page 108.

ACRL is offering the Charlotte City and Academic Library Tour during the National Conference. Barbara Tierney’s article on “The Carolinas’ rich library legacy” (p. 80) provides information on some of the libraries that will be visited on the tour and a slate of others. If you’re interested in seeing what other institutions are doing in their libraries, this article will point you in the right direction.

—Stephanie Orphan, Editor-in-chief

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