Chairman’s Letter to the Education and Behavioral Sciences Subsection

It is time that the Education and Behavioral Sciences Subsection starts to become a working group. It is apparent both from the large group attracted in Kansas City and the number of letters received, that there are many librarians receptive to the idea of actively participating in its program. Its stated purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of common problems. Lacking a simple communication medium, and as one annual meeting is hardly a forum, the formation of local area discussion groups has been suggested. At the Kansas City meeting a number of people filled out a questionnaire developed by Wayne Gossage. As briefly outlined below, it might serve to generate ideas:

1. What are the categories of materials and/or services with which we are distinctly concerned? a) subjects b) formats c) services

2. What deficiencies in cataloging, indexing, abstracting and other means of bibliographic control exist in our areas of concern?

3. What are the educational needs (for librarians, teachers, others) in our areas of concern?

There are doubtless other librarians in your city or town who could be included in such a discussion group. If you need help, we have begun to develop a file of interested people and you may write to me at New York University for the names of those near you. If there really is nobody, you might like to give us your own ideas in relation to these questions or any others pertinent to our area of responsibility.

The Nominating Committee for the 1969/70 officers is as follows: Howard Dillon (Harvard Graduate School of Education) is the Chairman, and serving with him are Barbara E. Anderson (San Francisco State College) and Toyo Kawakami (Ohio State University). The offices to be filled are those of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Chairman-Elect (who also serves as Program Chairman for the June 1970 meeting), and Secretary. Those interested in submitting names for consideration should write to Howard Dillon at Longfellow Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138.

Item:Be sure to mark your membership in the Education and Behavioral Sciences Subsection when you send in your ALA/ACRL dues for 1969. That is the only way you can acquire an official voting membership.

We have requested our June 1969 meeting time in Atlantic City. As promised at our Kansas City meeting, this one is for the behavioral scientists. You will hear more when all plans and requests have been confirmed.

The Kansas City meeting was concerned with indexing in the field of education. Since June the following developments have occurred:

1. Education Index: The ALA Committee on Wilson Indexes of the Reference Services Division has met once to study the index. The regular committee is normally augmented by several subject specialists, and in this case, Sidney Forman, Wayne Gossage, and Barbara Marks have been included. By the time of the next meeting on December 4, returns should be in from the preliminary questionnaire sent to all 4,800-plus subscribers late in October. Suggestions on such matters as subject headings, book reviews, author entries, format, may be forwarded to Mrs. Marks for transmittal to the committee, or be sent directly to Mr. Edwin Colburn at H. W. Wilson.

2. JIE: On the basis of a study of education journal indexing and abstracting commissioned by the Office of Education, ERIC is now planning to proceed with the publication of a new monthly index, called JIE (Journal Index in Education). The plans are to start publishing during the Spring of 1969, with the indexing starting from January. Each ERIC Clearinghouse will do certain journals and will assign descriptors according to The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. It is planned that the format will be similar to that of Research In Education.

The revision of one index and the start of another is a lot of progress in six months!

We would be glad to hear of news in the field from any of you. For example, Toyo Kawakami is (when the rigors and exhaustion of Education Librarianship permit) working on a list of acronyms in education which we hope will be published and available to all of us who try to track down obscure initials in bibliographies. We will try to report news of general interest whenever we can. My own book,

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