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By Dr. Katharine M. Stokes

College and University Library Specialist, Training and Resources Branch, Division of Library Programs, Bureau of Libraries and Educational Technology, U.S. Office of Education, Washington, D.C. 20202.

Letters dated January 1, announcing the 1972 Title II-A Library Resources Program were sent to the presidents of all institutions listed in the Educational Directory: Higher Education 1970-71. The application materials, dated January 15, were addressed to the librarians of these approximately 2,600 institutions. Both mailings were made by the end of December.

The Grant Application and Instructions are packaged in beige covers and will be addressed simply “Librarian,” followed by the name and address of the institution. It is hoped that the confusion of last year s program, when applications were sent to the presidents, with only letters to the librarians, will be avoided. The application is to be submitted by March 1 or earlier. Because of stringent economies this year the extra assistance usually available to process and evaluate this huge mass of material will not be called in. Therefore, the staff will appreciate early submissions to expedite handling.

The level of funding for the program, $11 million, is higher than 1971s $9,900,000. Except for the applications for basic grants to new institutions, only those with high scores on the criteria for supplemental grants will be eligible for a basic grant. Only those institutions achieving scores of 21 or more on their supplemental applications were awarded basic and supplemental grants in 1971. It is hoped that the slightly larger appropriation and changed criteria for this year’s program will make possible the funding of more than last year’s 531 awards, possibly on scores of a few points less than 21.

In the criteria for special purpose grants a new emphasis has been placed on an institution’s involvement in the preparation of graduate students for leadership roles among economically disadvantaged or minority groups. The application form for Types A and B special purpose grants has been combined with that for Type C in order to avoid the repetition of data required in forms of previous years. ■ ■

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