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One of the purposes of C&RL News is to “provide current information relating to issues, activities, and personalities of the higher education and academic/research library field.” We try to live up to this purpose by providing you with what we think is the information you will most want to read.

Norm Stevens challenges us on the quality of this coverage, claiming that while C&RL News has been “invaluable” we sometimes have “simply missed the boat.” Writing in honor of the C&RL News 30th anniversary, Stevens points out numerous news events we missed such as the electric eraser that was retired to the Smithsonian, Nouleigh Rhee Furbisheďs appointment as NELINET’s preservation officer, and the acquisition of the important Robert Louis Stevenson collection of umbrellas (page 172). I hope you will enjoy reading his humorous essay as much as we did.

On a more serious note, this issue contains an Internet resource list on environmental studies prepared by Robert Battenfeld and B. Kenton Temple (page 153).

Susan Jurist (“Ten rules for creating graphics for the Web,” July/August 1996) returns to our pages with a lesson on the fundamentals of typography (page 160). Learn how you can use type to communicate your messages in a more understandable and compelling way.

Mary Hernandez and Christine Kollen share with us how the University of Arizona creates a program for “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” (page 177). There’s still time to make your plans before this year’s celebration in April.

This issue is the final one before the ACRL 8th National Conference in Nashville. A very special thanks to Shirley Hallblade for her lively and informative series of articles on Nashville. In this issue Shirley takes us to a variety of local restaurants (page 179).

Be sure to read what candidates for ACRL president James Williams III and Maureen Sullivan have planned for ACRL and be an informed voter this spring (page 164).

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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