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They say that in spring a young man’s fancy turns to love, but for academic librarians and the communities they serve it often turns to thoughts of upcoming summer vacations. You’ll find a plethora of Web sites to help you plan your next trip in this month’s “Internet Resources” column (page 271). Brian Coutts covers everything from scouting a good vacation locale to finding your way there and discovering what to do once you arrive.

A more local but equally stimulating type of excursion is detailed in Malcolm Brantz’s article, “Library-sponsored faculty book-buying trips” (page 264). The article presents an alternative to traditional library book acquisition that breaks down the barriers between librarians and departmental faculty and helps keep library collections relevant and up-to-date.

In “The citizen in the information age” (page 276), Laura Burtle and Tammy Sugarman describe their experiences in developing and implementing a freshman learning community on the theme of “life in the information age.” They found that by taking the initiative to explore new territory, they gained a better understanding of the wants and needs of first- year students and recognition from teaching faculty as equal partners in the teaching mission of the university.

Also in this issue is the second wave of ACRL award winner announcements, on page 284. We congratulate them on their achievements.

Information on the University Libraries Section’s activities is on page 291. If you’re thinking about seeking office in an ACRL section or would like to nominate someone, you’ll find contact information for nominating committee chairs on page 282. Interested in getting involved with the Afeîíw’We’re looking for a new column editor (page 281).

—Stephanie Orphan, editor-in-chief

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