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• The University of Wisconsin has announced the appointment of Esther Stineman to the new position of University of Wisconsin System librarian-at-large in women’s studies. The position was created at the recommendation of the system Women’s Studies Task Force and represents an experimental approach to resource sharing, development, and service in the system.

During the two-year pilot phase, the librarian-at-large will focus particularly on issues of undergraduate collection development and technical service to the university cluster: it is expected that, upon successful completion of the pilot phase, issues of resource development pertinent to research, graduate programming, and outreach programming will be added to the major concerns of the librarian-at-large.

Stineman is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with bachelor’s degrees in English and education; she holds an M.A. in English from the University of Colorado-Boulder and an M.A. from the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago. She has held positions as a public high school teacher and as user services librarian and instructor at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Her articles have appeared in Colorado Libraries and the University of Michigan Papers in Women’s Studies. She is currently at work on a biographic and bibliographic reference work on the subject of women in politics, to be published next year.

The librarian-at-large will be located in the Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service (WILS) office, though she will travel extensively in the state to determine needs and to consult with individuals interested in women’s studies collection development and service. Giving guidance to the position will be an advisory group of three librarians who are particularly knowledgeable about women’s studies resource development issues, a women’s studies coordinator, and a library director.

Stineman may be contacted at the University of Wisconsin, 464 Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison WI 53706; (608) 263-5754.

• Eugene W. HUGUELET has been appointed director of library services of the William Madison Randall Library at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Huguelet comes to UNCW from East Carolina University, where he was head of technical services from 1970 to 1973, associate director from 1973 to 1977, and acting director during 1975-76.

He started his academic library career at Bowdoin College, where he was acquisitions librarian and bibliographer from 1966 to 1968. He subsequently became head of acquisitions and bibliography at Trenton State College.

Huguelet did his undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina and received an M.A. from East Carolina University. His graduate library work was at Emory University.


VIRGINIA AGNEW—reference librarian, Law Library—University of Houston, Texas.

HOLLY Alt—reference librarian, Law Library—University of Houston, Texas.

Catherine Axon—reference librarian—SUFFOLK University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Sara J. Barnett—reference librarian — JUNIATA College, Huntington, Pennsylvania.

SUSAN J. Bartlett—periodicals librarian—Occidental College, Los Angeles, California.

NATHAN Baum—humanities/social sciences reference librarian—TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, College Station.

Richard Blood—social sciences reference librarian and bibliographer—UNIVERSITY OF Houston, Texas.

Sidney Blumenthal—engineering librarian—University of Houston, Texas.

Shirley Branden—head reference librarian, Center for the Health Sciences Library—UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Memphis.

Thomas bridges—music listening librarian—Princeton University, New Jersey.

Margaret Kathleen Cook—visiting assistant social studies librarian—SOUTHERN ILLINOIS University, Carbondale.

WILLIAM COSCARELLI—instructional designer in learning resources service—SOUTHERN Illinois University, Carbondale.

ADELE DENDY—media librarian—INDIANA University, Bloomington.

Gwendolyn Elliott—assistant to the director—Bemidji State University, Minnesota.

DAVID FaGERSTROM—assistant science librarian—Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Mary Charlotte Faris—government documents librarian—Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

Mary Anne fox—assistant undergraduate librarian—Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Barbara Friedman—reference librarian—Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.

Maria Rosario Garza—cataloger— Auburn University, Alabama.

VICKI L. GLASGOW—reference librarian —Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Barry C. Guthary—reference librarian, Harvard College Library—HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

BARBARA Hagerman—European languages reference bibliographer—UNIVERSITY OF Houston, Texas.

CHARLES W. Harrington—head of the Acquisitions Division—Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Natchitoches.

•PAULA Higgins—science and technology reference librarian—Texas A&M University, College Station.

JERRY Holtz—head of OCLC Department—Kansas State University, Manhattan.

ELLEN L. Huyler—acquisitions librarian—STATE University College, Oneonta, New York.

JUDITH Jackson—reference librarian, Law Library—UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Texas.

DARRELL JENKINS—administrative services librarian—Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Martin J. JOACHIM—head, Cataloging Department—Indiana University, Bloomington.

Carol Ann Johnson—chief acquisitions librarian—Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

Carolyn Ann Johnson—cataloger— University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Clifton H. JONES—special collections librarian—Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Richard Earl Jones—music librarian—University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

JOANN Karges—chief of technical services—Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

E. JANE KiēkhOFER—assistant rare book librarian—Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Ingrid Kitterman—serials cataloger—Kansas State University, Manhattan.

HELEN Ann Kur’—clinical librarian, Tompkins-McCaw Library—VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH University, Richmond.

LEROY E. LandON—head of the Catalog Division—Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Natchitoches.

WILMA LaSSLO—circulation librarian, Center for the Health Sciences Library—University of Tennessee, Memphis.

STEVEN Laughlin—reference bibliographer for business and special studies—UNIVERSITY OF Alabama, Birmingham.

MARTHA S. Lewis—acquisitions librarian, Law Library—UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH Carolina, Columbia.

PAULA Lin—extension librarian, Center for the Health Sciences Library—UNIVERSITY OF Tennessee, Memphis.

MARIANNE LOSCH—assistant acquisitions librarian—University of Houston, Texas.

Frederick C. Lynden—assistant university librarian for technical services—BROWN UNIVERSITY, Providence, Rhode Island.

WILLIAM McCLOY—head, Special Languages Cataloging Department—INDIANA UNIVERSITY, Bloomington.

Hugh MacDonald—chief reference librarian—Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

Judith McDonald—director of libraries—Bemidji State University, Minnesota.

Charlotte C. Marshall—cataloger— University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Pam Massay—music cataloger—UNIVERSITY of Colorado, Boulder.

Gene Mitchell—associate director, collection management—WILLIAM PATERSON COLLEGE of New Jersey, Wayne.

Margaret A. Mosby—assistant reference librarian, Tomkins-McCaw Library—VIRGINIA Commonwealth University, Richmond.

Jeanette Mosey—assistant coordinator librarian—OCLC/Western Service Center, Claremont, California.

Laura Myers—assistant reference librarian—University of South Carolina, Columbia.

JULIEANN V. NILSON—head, Automated Processing Department—Indiana University, Bloomington.

Peggy Norris—lending services librarian—William Paterson College of New Jersey, Wayne.

Diana M. OSBALDISTON—cataloger, Law Library—University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Carol R. PARKE—head reference librarian, James Branch Cabell Library—VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH University, Richmond.

Howard Pasternack—systems and development librarian—STATE UNIVERSITY OF New York at Stony Brook.

GORDON G. Pew—head catalog librarian—Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.

SUSAN POLAKOF—monographic cataloger —University of Wyoming, Laramie.

Jean Preston—curator of manuscripts—Princeton University, New Jersey.

KARL PrOEHL—head of the maps section, Humanities and Social Science Department—PENNSYLVANIA State University, University Park.

ANN K. Randall—assistant university librarian for reference and information services—Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

JOHN S. ROBERTSON—art librarian—JOINT University Libraries, Nashville, Tennessee.

DAVID ROBROCK—manuscript librarian —University of Houston, Texas.

Timothy Robson—music cataloger—State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Nancy Sanders—budget and planning officer—Indiana University, Bloomington.

Maria Schmidt—art librarian—Princeton University, New Jersey.

Sandra Schmitz—technical processes librarian—Bemidji State University, Minnesota.

Kathleen A. Schweitzberger—cataloger—Kansas State University, Manhattan.

NANCY SCISM—assistant librarian— Sandhills Community College, Carthage, North Carolina.

GLADYS Smiley—reference librarian, Sears Library—CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, Cleveland, Ohio.

Carole Lynn Sobozyk—microform and government documents librarian—AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Alabama.

Henry R. Stewart—assistant director for management and public services—OLD DOMINION University, Norfolk, Virginia.

JERRY StONEWATER—instructional designer in learning resources service—SOUTHERN ILLINOIS University, Carbondale.

Samuel Allen Streit—assistant university librarian for special collections—Brown UNIVERSITY, Providence, Rhode Island.

Suzanne Sullivan—coordinator of library instruction—CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Los Angeles.

JOAN H. Swaim—chief catalog librarian —Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

MARY H. TelOH—special collections librarian, Medical Center Library—JOINT UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES, Nashville, Tennessee.

JANE I. THESING—assistant reference librarian—UNIVERSITY OF South Carolina, Columbia.

CAROLEE TOLOTTI—reference librarian, Law Library—UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Texas.

Robert Turnbull—reader's services librarian—Concord College, Athens, Georgia.

JOHN J. VANDER Velde—special projects librarian and editorial consultant—KANSAS STATE University, Manhattan.

SALLY J. VOTH—assistant director for technical services, budget and automation—KANSAS State University, Manhattan.

JANET WAGNER—reference librarian— Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.

Susan Ware—reference librarian, Delaware County Campus Library—PENNSYLVANIA STATE University, University Park.

Robert W. White—head serials librarian—Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Mary Janis Williams—original cataloger—Texas A&M University, College Station.

PETER G. Wolfsehr—assistant reference librarian—Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

Grace CHU-Li WU—catalog librarian— Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa.

JAMES K. ZINK—director, Divinity Library—JOINT University Libraries, Nashville, Tennessee.


Clyde Hull Cantrell, professor of foreign languages and special library consultant, AUBURN University, retired June 30, 1977. He came to Auburn in 1944 and served as library director until 1973.

Emma S. DENDY, cataloger, AUBURN UNIVERSITY, has retired after seventeen years of service.

Roy Land, professor emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences, has retired as director of circulation services at the UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Library after forty-six years of service.

Lester MATTISON, director of libraries, Bemidji State University, retired October 31, 1977.

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