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In this issue we complete the C&RL News 30th anniversary celebration with a provocative prediction by Peter Lyman (University of California, Berkeley) of what academic librarianship will look like in the year 2030 (page 467).

Imagine yourself in the year 2017: librarians are called “Oracles” and “given the exclusive right to wear robes of 32-bit colors, and honored as the only professionals able to bring order to the growing chaos of information.” Sounds very prestigious, doesn’t it? However, Lyman continues, “pay scales for librarians … did not rise. Even librarians couldn’t figure out why.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This issue also includes the final installment of our anniversary quiz and our remembrance section in “People.” I want to thank the C&RL News Editorial Board who worked with me to develop the celebration; to solicit the splendid anniversary articles we’ve had from Ed Holley, Norm Stevens, and Peter Lyman; to write the quiz questions; and to select the individuals to highlight in our remembrance feature. Thanks especially to Editorial Board chair Pam Snelson, who kicked off our celebration with a history and chronology of major events in the development of C&RL News. We’ve had fun with the celebration and hope that you have too.

In this issue we also have predictions about the future made by academic librarians attending ACRL’s 8th National Conference in Nashville. See the summary of the discussions prepared by Liz Bishoff, Catherine Larson, and Robert Renaud (page 476) as well as the final report on many of the sessions held at the conference (480).

Continuing our look to the future, Michael Gorman shares his view of what collections should look like in “The Way I See It” on page 498.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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