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A checklist of materials available from ACRL.

Single copies of ACRL standards (for university libraries, college libraries, and two-year college learning resources programs) are free upon request; additional copies may be purchased for $1.00 each. All other publications are priced as listed. To ensure that your order is properly processed, include ISBN, author, title, list price, and applicable discount for each item ordered.

Both institutions and individuals may order on account, plus postage and handling; however, prepayment should accompany individuals’ orders of $20.00 or less. No postage or handling charges are added to prepaid orders (check, money order, credit card). All prices are payable in U.S. funds, net 30 days. The first price stated is the list price.


ALA personal and organizational members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on ACRL materials (except subscription items). To receive the discount, give your membership number, and deduct the discount when preparing your order.

ACRL personal and organizational members receive a 10-30% discount on non-subscription ACRL materials. Look for the ACRL member prices on this checklist.

Handling charges

Invoice amounts of $20.00 or less, $1.

Invoice amounts of $20.01—$50.00, $2.

Invoice amounts of $50.01-$ 100.00, $3.

Invoice amounts of $100.01-$200.00, $4.

Invoice amounts of $200.00 or more, $5.


Send orders to: ALA Publishing Services, Order Department, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611 2795.

Toll-free numbers

In the U.S., call (800) 545-2433; in Illinois, (800) 545-2444; in Canada, (800) 545-2455; or try (312) 944-6780. Operator on duty between 8:15 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Central Standard Time.

ACRL approval order plans

The convenient and cost-cutting ACRL approval order plan provides automatic priority shipping of ACRL’s new books at a 20% discount to ACRL members (10% to non-members). There are two approval plan categories to choose from (to help you estimate costs we have calculated approximate costs for a 12-month period based on the actual costs for the past three years). Plan “P” guarantees that you will automatically be sent all new ACRL publications (estimated cost $95). Plan “PC” is exclusively for titles in the CLIP Notes series (estimated cost $35). You may change or cancel your approval order at any time and you do have return privileges. All publications issued by ACRL, except periodicals and subscription items, are available through the approval plan. To enroll in the approval order plan, call or write Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL Publications Officer, ACRL/ALA, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago IL 60611, indicating the category you have chosen.


• NEW! Measuring Academic Library Performance: A Practical Approach(1990). By Nancy Van House, Beth Weil, and Charles McClure. Contains all the background information you need to cariy out a measurement project including survey forms ready to photocopy. Also available with a database software package to make data collection even easier. The software is a self-running program with a 5.25" floppy disk that can be copied to your hard drive. The software will run on any IBM- compatible microcomputer with at least 640K of RAM memory and DOS 3.1 or higher. 140p. 0- 8389-0529-3. $29.00. With self-running database, inquire for price; forthcoming spring 1991:0-8389- 0542-0.

Bibliographic instruction

• NEW! Academic Libraries: Your Campus Information Service(1990). By Edward G. Holley and Barbara B. Moran. An attractive, handy brochure, available from ALA Graphics, item no. A130. 50 copies, $10.00.

• Back to the Books: Bibliographic Instruction and the Theory of Information Sources(1983). Edited by Ross Atkinson. “Back to the Books is worthwhile reading because the major issues under discussion in the BI literature are considered thoughtfully and concisely.” Journal of Academic Librarianship. 76p. 0-8389-6587-3. $15.00; ACRL member $12.00.

• Bibliographic Instruction Clearinghouse: A Practical Guide(1984). “Presents a review of the history, method and problems of organization, and function of established clearinghouses, followed by a how-to for organizing additional clearinghouses. This book is thorough, well written, carefully prepared . . . and indeed practical.” Library Science Annual. 71p. 0-8389-6775-2. $12.00; ACRL member $9.00.

• Evaluating Bibliographic Instruction: A Handbook(1983). “. . . one of the most practical and useful publications in the area of user instruction.” Library ir Information Science Research, vol.6. 122p. 0-8389-6608-X. $17.00; ACRL member $13.00.

• Library Instruction Clearinghouses 1989: A Directory(1989). Compiled by Theresa Men- sching. A state-by-state directory of clearinghouses of information on instruction in library use. 15p. 0- 8389-7402-3. $4.95; ACRL member $3.95.

• Organizing and Managing a Library Instruction Program(1979). ACRL BIS Continuing Education Committee. Checklists for developing a sound BI program for your library. 30p. 0- 8389-6731-0. $4.00; ACRL member $3.00.

Collection development

• Books for College Libraries III(1988). Six volumes. “Highly recommended” by Library Journal, BCL III is the most authoritative academic library collection development and evaluation tool available today. This set covers more than 50,000 titles in all fields of study. Electronic formats (tape and online) are also available. 0-8389-3353-X. $500.00.

• Building Women’s Studies Collections: A Resource Guide(1987). Edited by Joan Ariel. Choice Bibliographical Essay Series, No.8. Order from: Choice, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457. 48p. 0-9144-9207-1. $12.00.

• Curriculum Materials Center Collection Development Policy(1984). Developed by the ACRL Education and Behavioral Sciences Section. A model collection development policy statement to help librarians define their collection programs. 27p. 0-8389-6777-9. $7.00; ACRL member $5.00.

• NEW! Directory of Curriculum Materials Centers, 1990.Compiled by Donald Osier, Carol Wright, Janet Lawrence, Mary Ellen Collins, Beth Anderson. “. . . an invaluable work which will be heavily used by all who are associated with education collections, instructional materials centers, and teacher training institutes,” said Library ir Information Science Annual, v. 3 of the last edition. This expanded directory includes 272 institutions and covers purpose, hours, staffing, budget, service, facilities, and holdings. 240p. 0-8389-7439-2. $35.95; ACRL member $29.95.

• English and American Literature: Sources and Strategies for Collection Development(1987). Edited by William McPheron. No. 45 in Publications in Librarianship. “This volume is not only instructive, it is also lively reading. It is handy to have in one collection a wealth of practical information to guide subject specialists in English and American literature.” Journal of Academic Librarianship. 272p. 0-8389-0476-9. $29.95.

• Guide for the Development and Management of Test Collections with Special Emphasis on Academic Settings(1985). Ad hoc Subcommittee on Test Collections, Education and Behavioral Sciences Section. “Any question a librarian might have on the subject of test collections appears to have been answered in the Guide . . . .” Library Journal. 69p. 0-8389-6926-7. $12.00; ACRL member $9.00.

• Richard Garnett: The Scholar as Librarian(1989). By Barbara McCrimmon. No. 46 of Publications in Librarianship. A “straightforward and well-researched . . . enjoyable biography.” Wilson Library Bulletin. 21 lp. 0-8389-0508-0. $30.00.

• State Education Documents: A State-by- State Directory for Their Acquisition and Use(1989). By the EBSS Education-Relation Government Publications Subcommittee. This directory provides the means to access the large variety of state education documents available from government agencies. 54p. 0-8389-7327-2. $19.95; ACRL member $16.95.

• NEW! Western European Studies: Current Research Trends & Library Resources(1990). Edited by Eva Sartori, Ceres Birkhead, John Cullars, John Dillon, Thomas Kilton. Eleven research papers offer thoughtful synthesis, personal insight and information useful for anyone dealing with recent scholarship in Western European studies. 120p. 0-8389-7461-9. $29.95; ACRL member $26.95.

• Women’s Studies in Western Europe: A Resource Guide(1986). Edited by Stephen Lehmann and Eva Sartori. ‘The well-edited result gives American librarians and researchers an overview of the field plus specific information about acquisitions of feminist publications from western Europe …. A valuable resource for academic and large public libraries.” Choice. 129p. 0-8389-7037- 0. $18.00; ACRL member $15.00.

Information literacy

• Information Literacy.Defines information literacy and discusses the importance of understanding information structure and technology, evaluating information and using information in problem solving. Item No. A126. $20.00 per pack of 100 pamphlets.

• Evaluating Information.This easy-to-use pamphlet contains specific guidelines for evaluating information sources and content. Item No. A127. $20.00 per pack of 100.

Management tips

Practical ideas for managing your library’s programs and services are contained in ACRL’s College Library Information Packets (CLIP Notes). Each CLIP Note provides data and sample documents from college and small university libraries that will assist you in establishing or refining services and operations. CLIP Notes are prepared by ACRL’s College Libraries Section.

• NEW! College Library Newsletters. CLIP Note #13(1990). Compiled by Patricia Smith Butcher and Susan McCarthy Campbell. Sample newsletters as well as nameplates, graphics, and style manuals/guidelines for guest editors are included. 154p. 0-8389-7445-7. $16.95; ACRL member $13.95.

• NEW! Performance Appraisal in Academic Libraries. CLIP Note #12.(1990). Compiled by Barbara Williams Jenkins with the assistance of MaiyL. Smalls. Includes sample forms and policies for evaluating both professional and support staff. 128p. 0-8389-7444-9. $16.95; ACRL member $13.95.

• Annual Reports for College Libraries. CLIP Note #10(1988). Compiled by Kenneth Oberembt. Includes five complete annual reports as well as sections on graphics, content, and distribution. 135p. 0-8389-7219-5. $20.00; ACRL member $17.00.

• Collection Development Policies for College Libraries. COP Note #11(1989). Compiled by Theresa Taborsky. “With increasing demands on budgets, proliferating electronic format resources, and re-examination of what constitutes a ‘core’ collection, this volume is well worth the price. "Library Journal. Includes 18 selected policy documents as well as policy statements for special formats, subject collections, and weeding. 175p. 0- 8389-7295-0. $23.95; ACRL member $19.95.

• Friends of College Libraries. CLIP Note #9(1987). Compiled by Ronelle Thompson. “This is a must for two groups of libraries: those who have Friends groups and those who do not.” Library Journal.' 134p. 0-8389-7171-7. $17.00; ACRL member $14.00.

• Managing Student Workers in College Libraries. CLIP Note #7(1986). Compiled by Michael D. Kathman and Jane McGum Kathman. “Supervisors looking for help in hiring and managing these workers, whether in small or large academic libraries, will find this compilation very useful. Any supervisor will find good, easily adaptable ideas among the sample documents.” RQ. 182p. 0- 8389-7097-4. $17.00; ACRL member $14.00.

• Mission Statements for College Libraries. CLIP Note #5(1985). Compiled by Jamie Webster Hastreiter, Larry Hardesty, David Henderson. RQ called this a good survey and a “commendable production.” 107p. 0-8389-6944-5. $20.00; ACRL member $15.00.

• Periodicals in College Libraries. CLIP Note #8(1987). Compiled by Jamie Webster Hastreiter, Larry Hardesty, David Henderson. “Recommended for all college and university libraries.” Library Journal. 116p. 0-8389-7143-1. $17.00; ACRL member $14.00.


• NEW! Recruiting the Academic Library Director: A Companion to the Search Committee Handbook(forthcoming 1991). By Sharon Rogers and Ruth Person. Recruiting the Academic Library Director and the Search Committee Handbook together offer practical advice for successfully recruiting and hiring the right director for your library. These two volumes take you through the entire recruitment process including position analysis, comprising the search committee, identifying qualifications, recruiting a good candidate pool, identifying the top candidates, interview and campus visits, and the appointment. The Search Committee Handbook was prepared and published by the American Association for Higher Education under the direction of an advisory committee on which Sharon Rogers served. The publications are available from ACRL only as a two volume set. 0- 8389-7484-8. Inquire for price.

• Academic Status: Statements and Resources(1988). A compilation by the Academic Status Committee of official standards and guidelines, research articles, and bibliographies on academic status. 58p. 0-8389-7233-0. $7.50; ACRL member $5.00.

Special collections

This series of thesauri was developed by ACRL’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section for use in MARC field 755. Each thesaurus provides standard terms for the retrieval of materials by their physical evidence of printing and publishing practices or their provenance. “It is thesauri like these that make the MARC format workable for rare book and manuscript collections, and the authors are to be congratulated for their efforts and their products …. The intellectual work represented here is fine, and it deserves wide and technically sophisticated distribution.” Library Resources ir Technical Services.

NEW! Paper Terms (1990). 52p. 0-8389- 7427-9. $7.95; ACRL member $6.50.

• NEW! Type Evidence(1990). 19p. 0-8389- 7428-7. $7.95; ACRL member $6.50.

• Binding Terms(1988). 37p. 0-8389-7210-1. $10.00; ACRL member $8.50.

• Printing & Publishing Evidence(1986). 28p. 0-8389-7108-3. $7.50; ACRL member $5.50.

• Provenance Evidence(1988). 24p. 0-8389- 7239-X. $9.00; ACRL member $7.00.

• Genre Terms(1983). Developed for use in MARC field 655, these terms should be used to designate intellectual genres of textual materials. 41p. 0-8389-6612-8. $7.50; ACRL member $5.50.

• Your Old Books(1988). By Peter Van Win- gen. This pamphlet answers frequently asked questions about rare books and book values. Buy them in quantity for the reference desk. 0-8389-7216-0. Single copies are available from ACRL for $1.00 and SASE. 50 copies, $20.00 from ALA Graphics.

Statistics and research

• NEW! ACRL University Library Statistics 1988-1989(1990). Compiled by Denise Bedford. Reports data on collections, expenditures, and personnel from 114 university libraries. MS-DOS 5.25 360K diskette available to purchasers of print edition. 79p. 0-8389-7446-5. $49.95; ACRL member $29.95.

• NEW! Academic Libraries: Research Perspectives(1990). Edited by Mary Jo Lynch and Arthur P. Young. ACRL Publications in Librarianship, No. 47. “Highly recommended” by Library Journal; “much of the most significant academic library research of the last two decades is assessed here by experts.” Covers collection development, instruction, management, bibliometrics, and access. 256p. 0-8389-6976-3. $27.50.

ACRL University Library Statistics 1987-1988 (1989). Compiled by Robert E. Moly- neux. Reports statistics from approximately 100 non-ARL university libraries. 79p. 0-8389-7288-8. $49.95; ACRL member $29.95.

ACRL Academic Library Statistics 1978/ 79-1987/88 (Diskettes) (1989). Compiled by Robert E. Molyneux. Statistics on collections, personnel, and expenditures collected by ACRL over the last 10 years are now available as machine- readable diskettes. The data, accompanied by a detailed user guide, are presented in 3 formats: ASCII, SAS datasets, and “DIF” (data-interchange formats) that can bring the data into Lotus 1-2-3. The package contains 4 MS-DOS 5.25 360K diskettes and 2 MS-DOS 3.5 720K floppy diskettes. 0- 8389-7288-8. $59.95; ACRL member $47.95.

Library Statistics of Colleges & Universities, 1985: National Summaries, State Summaries, Institutional Tables (1987). Data on 3,000 academic libraries from the 1985 HEGIS study conducted by the Center for Education Statistics. “Valuable comparative data.” Library Journal. 240p. 0-8389-7147-4. $30.00; ACRL member $24.00.

Energies for Transition (1986). Proceedings of the 4th National Conference of the ACRL. Edited by Danuta A. Nitecki. “ … a. good cross- section in this one volume of the current issues and new developments related to academic librarianship.” College it Research Libraries. 248p. 0-8389-6976-3. $30.00; ACRL member $22.00.

Building on the First Century (1989). Proceedings of the 5th National Conference of the ACRL. Edited by Jan Fennell. “From the applicable to the theoretical the volume provides an excellent overview of problems and promises in academic librarianship.” Library Journal. Includes 77 research reports and position papers on a wide range of topics: administration, BI, collection management, personnel, preservation and readers service, presented in Cincinnati, April 5-8, 1989. 320p. 0-8389-7289-6. $30.00; ACRL member $22.00.


Choice. Book and nonprint review journal of the Association of College & Research Libraries. Eleven issues per year (July/August combined). ISSN 0009-4978. Available by subscription only, $135.00/year domestic rate; $150.00/year foreign rate; single issues $15.00. Order from: Circulation Department, Choice, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457.

Choice Reυiews-on-Cards. Reviews from each monthly issue of Choice printed on 3 x 5 cards. Available to Choice subscribers only for $205.00/ year domestic rate; $225.00/year foreign rate; single issues $25.00. Order from: Circulation Department, Choice, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457.

College & Research Libraries.Official journal of the Association of College & Research Libraries. Six bimonthly issues per year. Sent to ACRL members as a perquisite of membership. Also available on subscription, $45.00/year, U.S.; $50.00/year, PUAS countries; $55.00/year, other countries; single issues $8.50. ISSN 0010-0870. Order from: Subscription Department, American Library Association, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795.

College & Research Libraries News.Official news magazine of the Association of College & Research Libraries. Eleven issues per year (July/ August combined). Sent to ACRL members as a perquisite of membership. Also available on subscription, $20.00/year, U.S.; $25.00/year, PUAS countries; $30.00/year, other countries; single issues $4.50. ISSN 0099-0086.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarianship.A journal of theory and practice covering all aspects of special collections librarianship. Two issues/ year. $25.00 U.S. and Canada; $35.00 overseas; single issues $12.50. ISSN 0884-450X.

Subscriptions to College & Research Libraries, College & Research Libraries News, and Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarianship may be ordered from: Subscription Department, American Library Association, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795.

Official ACRL documents


• Access Policy Guidelines. C&RL News,November 1975. 2p. $1.00.

• Guidelines for the Preparation of Policies on Library Access. C&RL News,June 1990. 6p. $1.00.


• Guidelines for Audiovisual Services in Academic Libraries. C&RLNews,October 1987. 4p. $1.00.

Bibliographic Instruction

• Guidelines for Bibliographic Instruction in Academic Libraries. C&RL News,April 1977. Ip. $1.00.

• Model Statement of Objectives for Academic Bibliographic Instruction. C&rRL News,May 1987. 6p. $1.00.

Colleges and Universities

• Guidelines for Branch Libraries in Colleges and Universities. CirRL News,October 1975. 3 p. $1.00.

• Guidelines for Extended Campus Library Services. CirRL News,April 1990. 3p. $1.00.

• The Mission of an Undergraduate Library: Model Statement. CirRL News,October 1987. 3p. $1.00.

• Standards for College Libraries. C&RL News,March 1986. 12p. Single copy free; additional copies $1.00 each.

• Standards for University Libraries. C&RL News,September 1989. ACRL/ARL. 13p. Single copy free; additional copies $1.00 each.

Community & Junior Colleges

• Standards for Community, Junior and Technical College Learning Besources Programs.ACRL/AECT. C&RL News, September 1990. lip. Single copy free; additional copies $1.00 each.

Personnel Issues & Faculty Status

• GuidelinesandProceduresfortheScreen- ing and Appointment of Academic Librarians. CirRL News,September 1977. 4p. $1.00.

• Guidelines for Academic Status for College and University Librarians. CirRL News,March 1990. 2p. $1.00.

• Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University Librarians.ACRL/AAUP/ AAC. CirRL News,February 1974. Ip. $1.00.

• Model Statement of Criteria and Procedures for Appointment, Promotion in Academic Bank, and Tenure for College and University Librarians. C&RL News,May 1987. 8p. $1.00.

• Standards for Faculty Status for College and University Librarians. C&RL News,May 1974. 2p. $1.00.

• Statement on Collective Bargaining.1975. Ip. $1.00.

• Statement on the Terminal Professional Degree for Academic Librarians.1975. Ip. $1.00.

• Statement on the Certification & Licensing of Academic Librarians. C&RL News,November 1989. Ip. $1.00.

Rare Books, Manuscripts & Archives

• Guidelines for Borrowing Special Collections Materials for Exhibition. C&RL News,April 1990. 3p. $1.00.

• Guidelines for the Security of Rare Books,

Manuscripts, and Other Special Collections. CÒRL News,March 1990. 5p. $1.00.

• Guidelines on Manuscripts and Archives.Policy statements on: Appraisal of Gifts; Legal Title; Reproduction of Manuscripts and Archives for Noncommercial/Commercial Purposes; and Universal Gift Form and Instructions. 1977. lip. $1.00.

• Guidelines on the Selection of General Collection Materials for Transfer to Special Collections. C&RL News,September 1987. 4p. $1.00.

• Guidelines Regarding Thefts in Libraries. C&RL News,March 1988. 4p. $1.00.

• Joint Statement on Access to Original Research Materials. C&RLNews,April 1979.2p. $1.00.

• Relator Terms for Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Libraries. CòRLNews,October 1987. 5p. $1.00.

• Standards for Ethical Conduct for Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Librarians. CòRL News,March 1987.2p. $1.00.

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