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Citation forms for bibliographies appearing in journals or as component parts of larger works

Prepared by the RBMS Standards Committee

John B. Thomas, Chair, 1987-88

Updating the “Standard Citation Forms. ”

Users of Standard Citation Forms for Published Bibliographies and Catalogs Used in Rare Book Cataloging (Washington: Library of Congress, 1982) have noted that its “Working Principles” do not provide specific examples of citation forms for bibliographies published in journals or as component parts of larger works. The Standards Committee of ACRL‘s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, after consultation with the editors of Standard Citation Forms, Peter VanWingen and Stephen Paul Davis, recommends that citation forms for such bibliographies be constructed according to the guidelines given in Section IV of the “Working Principles.”

Additional information required to identify the journal or larger work in which a particular bibliography appears should follow the general style recommended by the University of Chicago Press in The Chicago Manual of Style (13th ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982, or latest edition). Notice, however, that citation forms do not conform exactly to forms suggested by the University of Chicago Press, e.g., titles are not italicized and imprint information is omitted. Inclusive page numbers have been included in the citation as an aid to those who may wish to consult the source. The entry number or page number locating the specific item cited follows the final comma of the citation form. Although no examples are given below, citations for which volume number and year do not provide adequate identification should include the date or issue number in the form suggested by the University of Chicago Press. The Committee recommends that titles of common bibliographical journals be abbreviated when used in a standard citation. The ML A Directory of Periodicals (1986-87 ed., New York: Modern Language Association, 1986, or latest edition) provides appropriate abbreviations for many current journal titles.

Bibliography with numbered entries appearing in a journal

Work:Hale, J.R. “A Newberry Library Supplement to the Foreign Books in M. J. D. Cockle’s A Bibliography of English Military Books up to 1642 and of Contemporary Foreign Works.” Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 55 (1961); 137-39.

Citation:Hale, J.R. “Newberry Lib. Suppl. to Cockle’s Military Books.” PBSA 55 (1961): 137-39, 621a

Bibliography with unnumbered entries appearing in a journal

Work:Bennett, H. S. “A Check-list of Robert Whittinton’s Grammars.” The Library, 5th ser., 7 (1952): 1-14.

Citation:Bennett, U.S. “Whittinton’s Grammars.” Library, 5th ser., 7 (1952): 1-14, p. 11

Bibliography with unnumbered entries appearing as a component part by one author in a work by another*

Work:Wiener, Theodore. “Addenda to Yaari’s Bibliography of the Passover Haggadah from the Library of Congress Hebraica Collection.” In Studies in Jewish Bibliography History and Literature in honor of I. Edward Kiev, edited by Charles Berlin, 511-16. New York: Ktav, 1971.

Citation:Wiener, T. “Addenda to Yaari’s Bibl. of the Passover Haggadah.” In Studies in Jewish Bibl., Hist. & Lit., 511-16, p. 513

Bibliography with numbered entries appearing as a component part within a work by one author

Work:Hoover, Amos B. “Old Order Mennonite Bibliography.” App. in The Jonas Martin Era. 981-1105. [Denver, Pa.]: A. B. Hoover, 1982.

Citation:Hoover, A.B. “Old Order Mennonite Bibl.” In Jonas Martin Era, 981-1105, 132.

*If the larger work’s AACR2 main entry is a personal or corporate name, that name would also be included in the citation following the title of the larger work.

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