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Jane Hedberg

Gaylord publishes Archival Storage of Paper

Gaylord Bros, has published Archival Storage of Paper, the second in its Preservation Pathfinder series. Written by Nancy Carlson Schrock and Gisela Noack, it is intended to provide an introduction to appropriate storage for flat paper items (excluding photographs). The pamphlet includes information on selecting storage materials and preparing collections for storage, plus illustrated examples of possible storage systems and a brief bibliography.

Copies are available free of charge from Gaylord Bros., Box 4901, Syracuse, NY 13221-4901 or Box 60659, Los Angeles, CA 90060-0659; (800) 448-6160.

BookLab publishes Leafmaster

BookLab has published Leafmaster‚ the sixteenth in its BookNote series. A leafmaster is an original work on paper created and retained expressly for production of copies, both xerox and digital. The pamphlet contains a consideration of the preservation consequences of leafmaster status plus a bibliography.

Copies are available free of charge from BookLab, 8403 Cross Park Drive, Suite 2-E, Austin, TX 78754; (512) 837-0479.

Some earlier titles in the BookNote series are still available (as of May 1993), also free of charge: No. 2, Salvage of Library Materials from Water or Lnsect Damage; No. 3, Collection Maintenance Repairfor Publishers’Cased Books; No.

4, Safe Handling and Exhibition of Books; No.

5, Advantages of Protective Enclosures: The Drop-Spine Box; No. 6, Survey, Assessment and Planning for Library Conservation; No. 9, Historical Book Structures as Prototypes for Conservation Binding; No. 10, Preservation Photocopying; No. 11, Originals and Copies: Duplication and Library Preservation; No. 14, Library Collection Conservation.

German Research Council initiates microfilming program

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in Bonn, Germany, has allocated over DM 1 million for microfilming deteriorating library collections. Journals, yearbooks, and volumes in special collections or central disciplinary libraries will receive top priority for filming. In return for supplying funds to microfilm, the DFG will reserve the right to request a silver halide duplicate be placed in a central depository, if one is developed in the future.

This new program is intended to encourage other German microfilming programs, especially at the state level, and to promulgate standards for filming and bibliographic access. The DFG is also supporting creation of a German register of microfilm masters, which could contribute bibliographic information to the European Register of Microfilm Masters (EROMM).

SMU hosts symposium for policymakers

Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, hosted a symposium on April 29, 1993, for 70 legislators, university administrators, faculty members, librarians, and archivists from the Southwest. The day-long meeting was designed to inform both public and institutional policymakers of the need for preservation of our cultural resources.

ALCTS publishes reorganization report

On May 19, 1993, the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) of the American Library Association published the “Report of the ALCTS Organizational Structure Task Force. ” The report proposed a substantial restructuring of ALCTS, including incorporation of preservation and reproduction of library materials activities into a new Resource Management and Delivery Section.

Copies of the report were published in ALCTS Network News (v. 5, no.28, May 19,1993) and the ALCTS Newsletter (vol.4, no.4). ■

Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions may be made via: Internet JHEDBERG@LUCY. WELLESLEY.EDU; or mail to: Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College Library, 106 Central St., Wellesley, Mass. 02181-8275.

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