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Golden gifts from alumni

To the Editor:

The Hemingway Library at Bradford College has gone one step farther in innovative uses of class gifts: the Fiftieth Class Reunion Gift. Starting in 1991, the Class of 1941 was approached to fund a new Periodicals Room for the library in honor of their fiftieth reunion. The idea was such a success and the room so attractive that the Class of 1942 then wanted to do a gift. At that time the library wished to automate Circulation. The old circulation desk was unattractive and its layout not conducive to computers and barcode readers. Money was raised by the Class of 1942 for a custom-designed circulation desk and a new 3M security system as well.

When reading Jinnie Davis’s article on Class Gifts (April 1993), I had to agree with the amount of work the library must take on to make the class gift a reality. First, the librarians must have ideas and plans for projects. The chairperson of the class is the fundraiser, but the librarians are responsible to make the plan work.

For example, ideas for furniture, shelving, security system vendors, and plans for the circulation desk were all my responsibility. I reported to the Reunion Committee but I performed the work of creating the gift with the money raised. Also, recognition of the gift by the class was tremendously important. The new Periodicals Room not only had a plaque hung in the room recognizing the gift of the Class of 1941, but the room was named for the class and the name put on the glass panel leading to the room. Similarly, a plaque was placed above the circulation desk naming the Class of 1942 as the donors. Each class was recognized and the gift dedicated during Alumni weekend in October. A dedication ceremony was held and a tea in the class’s honor was presided over by the library director.

More alumni have a warm feeling for the library and respond to gifts for the library. Also, class gifts have established a real bond between the alumni and the library staff. It is very exciting to meet alumni who were here 50 years ago and to hear them reminisce about the college and the library. The Fiftieth Class Reunion is indeed a memorable occasion and at Bradford College it is now made even more memorable by the Class Gift.—Ruth Hooten, library director, Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts

You can judge a magazine by its cover

To the Editor:

I just wanted to tell you how much I liked the cover of the last C&RL News [Gosling’s painting of St. Ann Street in New Orleans], Use of the colorful covers has made the publication eye-catching and attractive.—Jinnie Y. Davis, assistant director for planning and research, North Carolina State University Libraries, Raleigh.

Mile-high reply

To the Editor:

With regard to Virginia Daley’s letter (May 1993) I might ask why Ms. Daley does not, did not protest attacks, desecration by homosexuals at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and too many other churches. Why not inderdict [sic] cities in which homosexuals arrogantly cause havoc and flaunt their…. I await her response and explanation! Citizens still, thank God, have a right to vote. In spite of Ms. Daley, and ALA. I say on to Denver and Colorado.—Virgil F. Massman, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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