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Outlook on Research Libraries is a new monthly newsletter issued by Elsevier. Trial subscription: $70 U.S. (including air mail postage); available from Elsevier Sequoia S.A., P.O. Box 851, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland. (Customers in North America should send orders to Elsevier’s Science Division, Journal Information Center, 52 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, NY 10017.) Editors are Wilf Saunders, Norman Roberts, and Hendrik Edelman. Editorial advisors include several principal U.S. university library directors. The publication bears the subtitle The Monthly Review of National and International Developments Influencing Research Library Management. Issues examined (sixteen pages in length) include sections on external factors influencing research libraries; management and institutional finance; materials; technical processes and services; resource sharing; personalities, associations, conferences; and user/evaluation studies.

• A new bibliographical enterprise is K. G. Saur’s International Books in Print, 1979 (2 vols., $167.75), which lists “English-language Titles Published Outside the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom.’’ Included in the first edition are 89,000 titles from eighty-nine countries listed in one alphabet by author and title. Annual editions are planned.

• Pergamon Press has issued as the third in its series, Guides to Official Publication, J. J. Cherns’ Official Publishing: An Overview ($40). The subtitle describes the work’s scope: An International Survey and Review of the Role, Organisation and Principles of Official Publishing.

• Scarecrow Press has recently published two new editions of works on collection development: a fifth edition of Wallace John Bonk and Rose Mary Magrill’s Building Library Collections ($10) and a second edition of Phyllis Van Orden and Edith B. Phillips Background Readings in Building Library Collections ($12.50).

• Libraries Unlimited has released Thomas J. Whitby and Tanja Lorković’s Introduction to Soviet National Bibliography ($25 U.S. and Canada, $30 elsewhere), which traces “the development of Soviet national bibliography from its beginnings under tsarism to the present time’’ and describes “the current activities of the All- Union Book Chamber, the Soviet national bibliographic center.” Included as a second section in the volume is a translation of Gosudarstvennaia bibliografiia SSSR (Guide to the Organs of National Bibliography in the USSR).

• Erwin K. Welsch, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the author of Libraries and Archives in France: A Handbook‚ recently published by the Council for European Studies at Columbia University (1403 International Affairs Building, 420 W. 118th St., New York, NY 10027). Price: $6.

Academic Research and Library Resources: Changing Patterns in America‚ by Charles B. Osbum (Greenwood Press, $18.95), is the third in that publisher s series, New Directions in Librarianship. This volume traces the history and implications of the trends for research library collections begun in World War II with the major federal government funding programs and now entering a period of decline and discouragement.

• Papers presented at the international symposium held in November 1977 at the National Agricultural Library have been gathered in the volume International Agricultural Librarianship: Continuity and Change‚ edited by Alan Fusonie and Leila Moran (Greenwood Press, $18.95).

• Johns Hopkins Press is the publisher of the report of the National Enquiry into Scholarly Communication, Scholarly Communication. Available in cloth at $12.95, paper at $3.95.

• The long-awaited Pittsburgh study finally has been published in a trade edition by Marcel Dekker: Use of Library Materials: The University of Pittsburgh Study‚ by Allen Kent and others ($25).

Library Journal has issued as number 10 in its Special Report series a group of articles under the general title Personnel in Libraries. Contributions by academic librarians include Patricia Senn Breivik on “A Model for Library Management,” Richard W. Boss on “A New Role for Circulation Librarians,” and Kenneth J. LaBudde on the need for “A National Voice for University Libraries.” (Price: $5, or $3.95 if cash accompanies order.)

• Papers developed as a result of a Simmons College institute in 1976 and 1977 have recently been assembled in the volume edited by Chingchih Chen, Quantitative Measurement and Dynamic Library Service (Oryx Press, $16.50).

• Allen Kent and Thomas J. Galvin are the editors of the proceedings of the 1978 Pittsburgh conference, The Structure and Governance of Library Networks, recently published by Marcel Dekker ($37.50).

• The University of Illinois Graduate School of Library Science has published Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities, 1976 Institutional Data, by Richard M. Beazley. Although this report would normally be published by the Government Printing Office, the National Center for Education Statistics made arrangements with the Illinois library school so that the findings from the 1976 national survey could finally be published. Price: $5.

• John Bollier, library at Yale Divinity School, is the author of a new bibliographic guide, The Literature of Theology: A Guide for Students and Pastors (Westminster Press, $5.95).

• Another newly published guide to the literature of a subject is Robert E. Maizell’s How to Find Chemical Information: A Guide for Practicing Chemists‚ Teachers, and Students (Wiley, $17.95).

• Wiley has published the second edition of a basic text in librarianship, F. Wilfrid Lancaster s Information Retrieval Systems: Characteristics‚ Testing and Evaluation ($19.95).

• Butterworths has issued revised editions of two useful works in librarianship: C. J. van Rijsbergen’s Information Retrieval ($32.50) and S. J. Teague’s Microform Librarianship ($15.95). Available from Butterworths at its new address, 10 Tower Office Park, Woburn, MA 01801.

• Microform Review, Inc., has published an anthology edited by Patricia M. Walsh, Serials Management and Microforms: A Reader ($21.50).

The Role of Women in Librarianship, 1876- 1976: The Entry, Advancement, and Struggle for Equalization in One Profession, by Kathleen Weibel and Kathleen M. Heim (Oryx Press, $14.95), “is a sourcebook compiled to provide a history of the first hundred years of a profession traditionally classed as a ‘women’s profession’ there are two major sections in the book—an anthology of forty-four selections from the literature and an annotated bibliography of more than 1,000 items.

• Jane Williamson is the author of New Feminist Scholarship: A Guide to Bibliographies (published by the Feminist Press, Box 334, Old Westbury, NY 11568). This work “includes 391 bibliographies, resource lists, and literature reviews on women that were published separately or that appeared as periodical articles’’ and is arranged by subject into thirty sections. Price: $15.

Sign Systems for Libraries: Solving the Wayfinding Problem‚ compiled by Dorothy Pollet and Peter C. Haskell (Bowker, $24.95), includes twenty original articles on theory and research; design of a visual guidance system; practical library solutions; and visual guidance and the library building.

• The May/June 1979 issue of ALA’s Library Technology Reports ($40 for separate issue) features Nancy H. Knight’s “Theft Detection Systems Revisited: An Updated Survey’’ with descriptions of five major systems that are available. ■■

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