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Administration, Personnel, Buildings and Equipment: A Handbook for Library Management, by David F. Kohl (304 pages, January 1985), describes the central findings of 800 survey articles relating to these topics that have been drawn from library literature in the years 1960–1983. The findings are grouped into 164 topical categories and listed chronologically by type of library— academic, public, special, and school. Copies may be ordered for $35 from ABC-Clio Information Services, P.O. Box 4397, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. ISBN 0-87436-431-0.

American Family, a monthly newsletter on family policy and programs published by the Youth Policy Institute, offers in-depth features on current trends in family studies, extensive coverage of federal legislation, annotated bibliographies of relevant books, articles, and reports, and up-to- date news on people, organizations, and meetings. In 1983 the newsletter won a National Council on Family Relations commendation for coverage. The annual subscription is $55. Write American Family, Youth Policy Institute, St. John’s Hall, Cardinal Station, Washington, DC 20064.

Automation and Reorganization of Technical and Public Services, SPEC Kit #112 (95 pages, March 1985), contains the results of a survey to determine the extent to which research libraries have reorganized staff and the role played by automation in planning organizational change. The 14 documents included are program descriptions, organization charts, recommendations, and job descriptions. SPEC kits are available by subscription from SPEC, Office of Management Studies, ARL, 1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Individual kits are $20 postpaid.

The Bancroft Library Guide to the Book Artifacts Collection, by Flora Elizabeth Reynolds (48 pages, 1985), describes the Library’s collection that documents the development of writing and printing. The classification and organization scheme is outlined in the guide, which also features illustrations of some of the printing artifacts and type ornaments. Copies are $5 and may be ordered from Anthony Bliss, Rare Book Librarian, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720.

The Barchas Collection: The Making of Modern Science (89 pages, 1985) describes the Stanford University Library’s collection of scientific works in the history of science and ideas which includes 2,000 rare books and pamphlets dating from the 15th through the 20th century. The works featured were selected for an exhibition held early this year to dedicate the Samuel I. and Cecile M. Barchas Room and the acquisition of the Barchas collection. Copies are available for $14 from the Publication Sales Office, Green Library, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. ISBN 0-911221-03-4.

Black Studies: A Catalog of Selected Doctoral Dissertation Research (34 pages, 1985) contains citations to 1,744 dissertations and theses published between 1979 and 1984 which are available from University Microfilms International in microform and paper copies. Among the categories included are folklore, language and literature, urban and regional planning, women’s studies, and history. The catalog is available free from UMI, 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106; (800) 521-0600.

Catalogue collectif des impressions québecoises 1764–1820, by Milada Vlach and Yolande Buono (446 pages, Winter 1984), records 1,115 monographs produced after the introduction of the printing press in Quebec in 1764 and before 1820. All are held by large libraries in the province. The catalogue includes more than 90 % of the printed editions of this period: books, brochures, government publications, sale catalogs, commercial announcements, and public notices. Handwritten documents are not included. Copies may be ordered for $40 from Les Publications du Québec, La Direction de la Commercialization, Ministère des Communications, Case postale 1005, Québec, G1K 7B5, Canada. ISBN 2-551-08919-0.

Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials: A Manual Based on AACB2, compiled by Nancy B. Olsen (320 pages, 1985), is an updated edition of the manual first published in 1980, with many more illustrated examples of how to catalog all types of audiovisual resources. New formats described in this edition are microcomputer software, video games, study prints, activity cards, duplicating masters, and audiovisual serials. An appendix with 100 pages of OCLC worksheets that supply complete cataloging information for examples in the manual is available separately for $10. The manual itself costs $34.50 and may be ordered from the Min- neosta Scholarly Press, Box 224, Mankato, MN 56001.

A Chronological Subject Guide to American Heritage, edited by John A. Garraty (69 pages, April 1985), covers 30 years of the magazine’s editorial content, listed by topic within major periods of American history. The guide was last updated in 1967. Copies may be obtained (hardback $10.95, soft cover $7.95) from American Heritage Press, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, Dept. CSG, New York, NY 10020.

Command Language and Screen Displays for Public Online Systems contains the proceedings of a meeting held March 29-30,1984, in Dublin, Ohio, sponsored by the Council on Library Resources to consider formulating standards for online public access systems in libraries. The monograph is available for $4 (prepaid only) from Command Language, Council on Library Resources, 1785 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036.

Evaluation of Beference Services, edited by Bill Katz and Ruth A. Fraley (334 pages, 1984), contains chapters on evaluating reference librarians and reference sources as well as the entire reference operation. This volume is a reprint of the Fall/Winter 1984 issue of Haworth’s The Reference Librarian. Copies may be ordered for $29.95 from Haworth Press, 28 E. 22d St., New York, NY 10010. ISBN 0-86656-377-6.

The French Company Handbook 1985 (5th ed., 200 pages) contains current information on 84 of the most important French companies, industry- by-industry evaluations, an introduction to the Paris stock exchange, general business and financial information on France, and a practical dictionary of English-French business and financial terms. Each of these annual editions contains very useful descriptions of company highlights and trends for the year immediately preceding. Copies of the 1985 edition are available for $42 from Addor Associates, Box 2128, Westport, CT 06880.

Choice’s annual top choices

Choicemagazine published the 21st annual list of “Outstanding Academic Books and Nonprint Materials” in its May 1985 issue. The 1984-85 list includes 603 titles selected from over 6,500 reviews published in the March 1984 through February 1985 issues. The breakdown of the 603 titles is: 570 books from 186 publishers and 33 nonprint titles (11 of which are microcomputer software packages) from 28 producers. Choice’s “Outstanding” list ranges between 8 % and 9 % of the total number of titles reviewed annually.

The actual selections are made by Choice subject editors based on the reviewer’s opinion of the book; final selections are reviewed by the editor. Choice reviewers are teaching faculty and librarians in North American institutions. The selection criteria include the importance of the work compared with other literature in the field, whether the material is the first of its kind published in book form or otherwise unique or definitive, whether the work is of value to undergraduate students or essential in building library collections.

Choicepublishes the list as a service to collection development and acquisitions librarians who are looking for the best books in an area to add to their libraries’ collections. Choice’s list meets this information need beginning with title identification. The list is also a tribute to quality scholarly publishing in the United States today.

Reprints of Choice’s “Outstanding Academic Books and Nonprint Materials” list are available for $2 each, prepaid, from the Choice Editorial Offices, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457. Copies will also be available at the ALA Annual Conference in July.

A Handbook of Software Development and Operating Procedures for Microcomputers, by Paul Holliday (181 pages, January 1985), describes procedures that can be followed with personal computers and microcomputers using floppy disks or cassettes as mass storage devices that may avoid total disaster if a power loss occurs or a disk or diskette goes bad. The author shows system users how to provide consistent backup methods and offers a tested scheme for maintaining configuration control of disks. Examples use the CP/M (1) operating system. The book costs $24.95 and is published by Macmillan, 866 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022. ISBN 0-02-949510-5.

Hebrew Incunabula, Mendel Gottesman Library, Yeshiva University, by Gershon Cohen (135 pages, 1984), describes the 29 titles (40 volumes) of Hebrew incunabula owned by the University. The descriptions include bibliographical and historical information about each book, as well as a short survey of its contents and comparison with other extant copies. The catalog, which is primarily written in Hebrew, contains introductory material and a full listing of the incunabula in English, and is illustrated with 37 photographs. The catalog costs $29.50 and may be ordered from Ktav Publishing, 900 Jefferson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030-7205.

Herb Lubalin: Art Director, Graphic Designer and Typographer, by Gertrude Snyder (184 pages, May 1985), is a retrospective look at one of the most influential American graphic designers. Lubalin, whose innovative graphics were a feature of such magazines as U&lc, Avant Garde, and Eros, also designed ads for CBS TV and Radio, ads for Land Rover, covers for Saturday Evening Post, book jackets, movie promotions, and package designs for Mennen deodorant, Bazooka bubble gum, Eve cigarettes, and Dr. Brown’s soda. The 360 illustrations of Lubalin’s designs show how pervasive his style has been. Copies may be ordered for $39.95 from American Showcase, 724 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10019. ISBN 0-931144-28-0.

International Expertise in American Business, by Stephen J. Kobrin (59 pages, 1984), is the result of a study commissioned by the Institute of International Education to explore what kind of expertise U.S. managers consider valuable in doing their jobs and how they acquired it. Key managers at 202 Fortune 500 firms were among those queried. The study will be useful for business students planning a career in international business. Single copies may be ordered free of charge from the Communications Division, Institute of International Relations, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017. ISBN 87206-132-9.

John Updike: An Exhibition, by Pat Bozeman (22 pages, 1985), commemorates the exhibition of Updike materials at the M.D. Anderson Library at the University of Houston in March-May 1985. The catalogue includes first and later editions, foreign editions, broadsides, private press books, film- related posters and photographs, and author- designed dust jackets. It may be obtained for $5 from the Friends of the Libraries, University of Houston-University Park Libraries, University Park, Houston, TX 77004.

Journal Instructions to Authors: A Compilation of Manuscript Guidelines from Education Periodicals, edited by Barbara A. Parker (617 pages, 1985), contains guidelines for authors and style sheets from nearly 500 journals dealing with topics of interest to professional educators. A few titles in library literature are included but by no means all. Copies may be ordered for $30.50 from PSI, Box 4579, Annapolis, MD 21403. ISBN 0-918231-00-0.

The Literature of the Life Sciences: Reading, Writing, Research, by David A. Kronick (219 pages, April 1985), describes how to use and evaluate the major print and online information sources by comparing their scope, coverage, currency, format, authority, and access points. This is the first title in the Institute for Scientific Information Press Library and Information Science Series. Copies are $29.95 and may be ordered from ISI, 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. ISBN 0-89495- 045-2.

The 10th edition of The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel (ca.1600 pages, 1985) has been published by the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers. Last updated in 1971, this work has been the standard manual of the steel industry for many years. The revisions were made both by the Association and the U.S. Steel Corporation, with the assistance of Carnegie-Mellon University. Particularly significant new information is included on continuous casting, ladle metallurgy, electric furnace operation, and electrogalvanizing. The volume costs $125, plus $6 for UPS shipping, and may be ordered from AISE, Suite 2350, Three Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Map Collections in the United States and Canada, edited by David K. Carrington and Richard W. Stephenson (192 pages, 1985), is the fourth edition of a comprehensive directory to map collections in North America. The 804 entries are arranged alphabetically by state or province. Each entry contains all pertinent information, including area specialization, subject specialization, and copying facilities. Copies are available for $35 from the Special Libraries Association, 235 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003. ISBN 0- 87111-306-6.

The Motion Picture Guide, by Jay Robert Nash and Stanley Ralph Ross (10 volumes, 1985), is un- arguably the most comprehensive film encyclopedia ever produced. The Guide contains over 25,000 in-depth qualitative synopses of all films released theatrically in the U.S. since motion pictures began. The synopses are arranged alphabetically and accompanied by a 1-5 star rating system, the year of release, country of origin, running time, producing or distributing company, complete cast listing with character names, credits for creative and technical personnel, genre category, MPAA rating, and a more specific rating code devised by the authors to indicate suitability for children. The first volume (A-B) containing 2,796 entries for sound motion pictures was issued in April; the others are slated to appear by the end of the year. Volume 8 will contain all 1984 releases; volume 9 will profile 3,500 silent films released in the U.S.; and volume 10 will include indexes for actors and actresses, variant titles, and subject and theme breakdowns. No X-rated films or made–for–TV movies are listed. The authors plan to keep the set up-to-date with yearly supplements and they are also projecting future volumes on foreign films, documentaries, shorts, TV movies, serials and newsreels, and a 10- volume biographical encyclopedia of all film personnel. For information on cost, contact Cine- Books, 6135-A N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660.

National Recreational, Sporting and Hobby Organizations of the United States 1985 (5th ed., 136 pages) lists over 2,150 national organizations that serve the recreational and avocational interests of Americans, from actors clubs to yachting. Entries include address and telephone number, contact person, membership, staff and budget size, dues and membership requirements, publications, and a descriptive historical note. Indexes by subject, geographic location, and budget level provide access. Copies are $30 and may be ordered from Columbia Books, 1350 New York Ave., N.W., Suite 207, Washington, DC 20005. ISBN 0- 910416-53-2.

The NEH Overview of Endowment Programs 1985-86 is a reference guide that introduces all the National Endowment for the Humanities programs to both the first-time and frequent grant- seeker. The guide explains how to apply for grants, who is eligible, and how applications are evaluated. A list of all the state humanities councils and their phone numbers is also provided. For a free copy, contact the NEH Public Affairs Office, Room 409, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20506; (202) 786-0438.

Preservation Education in ARL Libraries, SPEC Kit #113 (110 pages, April 1985), contains four preservation-related policy statements, 32 examples of staff training materials, 14 examples of reader education, 6 examples of donor information, and 4 descriptions of exhibits from research libraries. The kit was developed partially to supplement and update a Resource Notebook on Preservation published as a part of the NEH- sponsored Preservation Planning Program. The Resource Notebook and Manual from that program are available for $45 from OMS. SPEC kits are available by subscription from SPEC, Office of Management Studies, ARL, 1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Individual kits are $20 postpaid.

The State of Western European Studies: Implications for Collection Development (273 pages, 1984) contains useful chapters on trends in scholarship and publishing, collection development, and bibliographic control of European materials. The volume is a collection of selected papers from the Symposium on Western European Studies and North American Research Libraries held May 8-11, 1983, under the auspices of the European Area Studies Center at the University of Minnesota, and has already been published as the Spring/Summer 1984 issue of Collection Management. Copies may be ordered for $29.95 from Haworth Press, 28 E. 22d St., New York, NY 10010. ISBN 0-86656-354-7.

A Study of Impact of Technological Change in Library Service Facilities, by Ben-Ami Lipetz and Peter J. Paulson (31 pages, October 1984), describes the changes in public catalog use patterns at the New York State Library following the introduction of online subject searching capability. Users and their behavior were studied by identical observational methods before the installation of an online subject catalog and then again afterward for an extensive period after installation. The research was partially supported by a grant from the fa- culty/librarian cooperative research program of the Council on Library Resources. The report costs $4 and is available from the Director, New York State Library, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY 12230.

WCW & Others, edited by Dave Oliphant and Thomas Zigal (128 pages, 1985), is a collection of short essays on William Carlos Williams and his association with Ezra Pound, Hilda Doolittle, Marcel Duchamp, Marianne Moore, Emanuel Romano, Wallace Stevens, and Louis Zukovsky. Four of the essays were first presented as the William Carlos Williams Centenary Lectures, given at the University of Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in 1983. Copies may be ordered for $13.95 from the Center, University of Texas at Austin, Box 7219, Austin, TX 78713. ISBN 0- 87959-103-X.

The Western Directory of Women’s Organizations (72 pages, Fall 1984) lists nearly 1,000 professional, political, employee and civic groups, and women’s centers and commissions in eight western states. The directory includes contact names, addresses, and telephone numbers for each group, and a section new to this edition lists all state Commissions on the Status of Women in the U.S. The arrangement is by city within each state. Published with updated information each fall and spring, the directory is available for a $12 annual subscription gtom Jayne Townsend & Associates, 1045 Sansome St., Suite 215, San Francisco, CA 94111.

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