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Happy New Year!The coming of the New Year is a time of celebration, of reviewing past accomplishments, and looking forward with great hope to the coming year. In this issue we celebrate not just the beginning of a new year but the 25th anniversary of the Kenneth Spencer Research Library. Thanks to James Helyar and Alexandra Mason for providing the lovely cover artwork and the history of special collections at the University of Kansas.

It is hard to think about special collections without also thinking of preservation. This issue includes, courtesy of Dorothy Wright, a practical guide for evaluating photocopiers to be used for inhouse preservation purposes.

In this issue we also bring you conference reports on the Coalition for Networked Information and the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, thanks respectively to Tom Kirk and Barbara Ford. Both organizations are discussing technology and CNI has an electronic means for keeping up with its discussions.

Speaking of technology, Blake Gumprecht continues our series on Internet resources with his guide to government information available on the Net.

As an editor, one of the more rewarding experiences I can have is to find that something we’ve published has provoked a response (any response is more rewarding than none). It may be that an article has added to a reader’s professional development or given new insight or simply generated discussion. Therefore, I was pleased to find that Beth Shapiro’s piece on the myths of faculty status (November 1993) was discussed on the listserv, Collib-L, as well as in some printed responses (see pages 25 and 26). (An aside: if you send a message to a listserv about something you have read here, take a minute to send me a copy so I can share it with all of our readers.)

Once again, I want to thank Eldon Tamblyn for providing us with the yearly index to C&RL News. His efforts are greatly appreciated.

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