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MargaretE. Chisholm, professor of librarianship and former vice president for university relations and development at the University of Washington, Seattle, has been appointed acting director of the University of Washington School of Librarianship, effective July 1.

She will succeed Peter Hiatt, director of the library school since 1974, who will remain on the faculty as professor of librarianship.

Margaret Chisholm

Chisholm was dean of the College of Library and Information Services at the University of Maryland before coming to Washington as the university’s first female vice president in 1975. She is the author of seven books, including Media Personnel in Education (Prentice-Hall, 1976), more than a dozen funded research projects, and numerous professional articles in library literature.

Chisholm has been an ALA councilor at large since 1975 and vice president of the National Association for Public Broadcasting since 1980. She holds three degrees from the University of Washington, a bachelor’s in education (1957), a master’s in librarianship (1958), and a doctorate in administration of higher education (1966).

As vice president at the University of Washington, she directed university relations activities of eight divisions, including Development, public television KCTS/9, Graduate Information and Records, Visitors Information Center, Community Affairs, Publications, and News Services.

Betty Ruth Kondayan,head of reference and public services at Washington and Lee University Library, Lexington, Virginia, has been appointed head librarian at Goucher College, Towson, Maryland, effective March 16.

Kondayan joined the Washington and Lee faculty as an assistant reference and public services librarian in 1970 and became head of the department in 1976. She was responsible for developing programs in special collections (in particular the organization of an extensive manuscript collection) and library instruction.

Betty Kondayan

Andre Studie

Kondayan received bachelors and masters degrees in English at the University of Illinois and taught English at Berea College, Kentucky, and at Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey. After returning to the United States she completed an MLS degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Her publications include two recent studies of the history of the Washington and Lee University Library as well as several articles on library instruction. For the past several years she has been a member of the Board of Publishers of the literary magazine Shenandoah.

Kondayan has been active in the Virginia Library Association where in 1980 she was chairperson of the Library Instruction Forum, co-editor of the forum’s newsletter, and a reporter for the Virginia Librarian.

ElizahethW. Stone has been appointed dean of the newly established Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D C. Prior to the establishment of the new graduate school on January 1, Stone was chair of the library and information science department from 1972.



The Annual Collections are complete through 1980 and comprise approximately 11,000 Declassified Documents, contained on 665 microfiche, abstracted on a total of 1,536 pages of quarterly abstracts, and fully indexed in annual subject volumes. The documents, released primarily by the CIA, NSC, State and Defense Departments, and the White House, provide major coverage of the following areas:

- the Vietnam and Korean Wars, US-Iranian relations (1940’s through 1960’s), the 1965 coup in Indonesia, and China’s cultural revolution;

- defense and national security planning, including estimates of Soviet capabilities and intentions through the 1960’s;

- the Bay of Pigs and Cuban missile crisis, the overthrow of Brazil’s Joao Goulart, and the Dominican civil war;

- the mid-1960’s gold crisis and US balance of payments programs;

- French withdrawal from NATO, the economic situation in the UK, and US policy towards Berlin and Germany;

- the Kennedy assassination investigation;

- Zaire after independence, the Suez Canal crisis, South African apartheid, and the war in Algeria;

- chemical warfare and CIA and Army drug research programs.


-The full texts of 8,032 Declassified Documents are contained on 1,008 microfiche.

- Original abstracts of the documents appear in two hardcover Abstract volumes, arranged chronologically under names of issuing agencies.

-A single-alphabet Cumulative Subject Index to both the Retrospective and the 1975 Annual Collections is contained in one hardcover volume.

Included for the first time in the Retrospective Collection are special groups of documents on Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, and Lee Harvey Oswald (including the diary he kept while in the U.S.S.R.). Also included are declassified documents from the papers of several presidential aides and advisors such as Chester Bowles, Clark Clifford, C.D. Jackson, General Lucius Clay and others. The Retrospective Collection also contains a number of technical and scientific documents.

It is important to note that none of the abstracts or microfiche copies of the documents contained in the Annual Collections are included in the Retrospective Collection. However, all entries from the 1975 Cumulative Subject Index have been merged into a combined Cumulative Subject Index in the Retrospective set in order to provide a single source of subject access for both sets of documents.



- JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY ASIA, v. 8, no. 4 (1978). Reviewed by G. Kolko, Department of History, York University, Toronto, Canada, “Superior to the State Department's Foreign Relations series, the System is best compared to the Pentagon Papers, the four most important and hitherto unavailable volumes of which are found reproduced here for the first time. But since no equivalent of the Pentagon Papers for Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Korea, Cuba, or India has been issued, in fact it is a major new source for these nations as well as China and Japan. Asian questions and nations are probably the most extensively covered, but anyone working seriously on Latin America, Africa, or European studies will also be required to consult the System’s documents.”

- RQ, Reference and Adult Services Division, ALA, v. 15, no. 4, Summer 1976, pp. 353-355. Michael O. Shannon of the Herbert Lehman College, Bronx, New York wrote a comprehensive review of the DDRS in which he stated, "The entire system is characterized by remarkable simplicity of arrangement and ease of searching, and one hopes that it may grow in size and extent.”… “This is a major research tool to basically archival-type material and should be worth the price for any major research institution that wishes to provide first rate coverage in the fields of recent government, foreign affairs, and politics.”

- CHOICE, Association of College and Research Libraries, ALA, v. 13, no. 8 (October 1976) unsigned, p. 956. “The catalog and separately available microfiche of the documents themselves form a complete system of information not available elsewhere, neither indexed in the Monthly Catalog nor published by the G.P.O. The catalog, indexed by a former chief of C.I. A. indexing operations, is a unique source of information about formerly secret activities, and of great value to the researcher and the large academic or public library.”

- BOOKLIST, ALA, v. 72, no. 12 (February 15, 1976) “Reference and Subscription Books Reviews” (unsigned) pp. 875-6. “For large academic and public libraries whose patrons do extensive research in subjects in which the government may have a controlling interest, the Declassified Documents Quarterly Catalog and its Index will provide access to materials heretofore unavailable and even unknown, although their existence may have been assumed or suspected. In the expectation that future issues will appear and that coverage will expand, the Declassified Documents Quarterly Catalog with its Cumulative Subject Index is recommended for these large libraries or any library whose patrons require access to this type of information."

- GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS REVIEW, v. 3, no. 2 (1976). The following was extracted from a review by Professor Robin Higham, Department of History, Kansas State University. Professor Higham is also author of Official Histories (1970) and an Editor of Military Affairs and Aerospace Historian. “The great advantage of what Carrollton Press is doing is that it provides the researcher and the librarian with one compact set of Declassified Documents complete with finding aids. The sooner the system is brought to the attention of scholars the better.”

- SERIALS REVIEW, July/September, 1975, p. 51. Quoted below are excerpts from a review by Bernard A. Block, Documents Librarian at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. “The Carrollton Press has made a strong beginning toward developing a good collection of declassified documents, well cataloged, abstracted, and indexed. The importance of such material for historians, political scientists, and other researchers cannot be overestimated. The Declassified Documents microfiche collection and related catalogs and indexes are highly recommended for academic and public research libraries.”

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So use this coupon to make certain your coverage will be complete.

Stone holds a master’s degree in history from Stanford University, an MLS from Catholic University, and a doctorate in public administration from the American University. She is currently president-elect of ALA, and has served as president of the Association of American Library Schools, the District of Columbia Library Association, and the D.C. Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

Elizabeth Stone

Andrea Moh¡n

Lawrence Woods

LawrenceJ. Woods has been appointed editor, effective April 1, 1981, of the Public Affairs Information Service, Inc., located on the premises of the Research Libraries Building of the New York Public Library. Woods leaves his present position as advertising/promot¡on/ production manager of ACRL’s Choice Magazine in Middletown, Connecticut, where he previously held the position of social sciences editor from 1973 to 1979. Woods served on the editorial staff of H. W. Wilson & Co.’s Social Sciences and Humanities Index from 1967 to 1973.

In addition to supervising a staff of ten, his responsibilities will include direction of editorial and production work for the PAIS Bulletin as well as the PAIS Foreign Language Index.

Woods holds an MLS from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Library and Information Science and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.


Larry Alfordhas been appointed head of the circulation department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Susan Allenhas been appointed reference librarian, Denison Library of the libraries of The Claremont Colleges, Claremont, California.

Celine Averyhas been named supervisory librarian in the library of the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Ellen Andersonis now library science librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

MarthaS. Atkins has been appointed public services librarian in the Memorial Library of the State University of New York at Cortland.

Barrara Bellhas been appointed to the position of documents/reference librarian, Andrews Library, College of Wooster, Ohio.

RobertC. Berring will become law librarian and professor of law at the University of Washington Law School, Seattle, effective July 1.

K. Alison Black has been appointed assistant librarian, Reference Department, James M. Milne Library State University College, Oneonta, New York.

Gaele Gillespie Blosserhas been appointed assistant serials librarian at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

Lou Ann Bradley has been named head of materials access and preservation at North Texas State University Library, Denton.

Barbara Chartonhas been appointed assistant professor of library science in the reference department of Hofstra University Library, Hempstead, New York.

KatherineS. Chiang is the new entomology, fisheries and wildlife librarian at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus.

Patricia Clarkhas joined the Bibliographic Services Division staff of the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.

Lois Ann Colaianni, 1979-80 president of the Medical Library Association, has been named deputy associate director for library operations at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.

Gail Dawsonis the new assistant librarian in serials cataloging at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Library.

T. Jimmy Dickerson has been appointed chemistry librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Charles Earlyhas been appointed assistant reference librarian at the Engineering Library, Stanford University, California.

John Grecory Fitzgeraldhas been appointed music librarian at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.

Gertrude Foremanis now chief reference librarian at the Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Dennis Gibbonshas been appointed acquisitions librarian at Corpus Christi State University, Texas.

William Hafnerhas been appointed acquisitions librarian at Lake Superior State College, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Stephen Harterwill join the faculty of the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, as associate professor.

BarbaraA. Kautz has been appointed reference/ bibliographer at the University of Minnesota Library, St. Paul campus.

MarkA. Kibbey has been named head of the Engineering and Science Libraries, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Marjorie Kirchgasserhas been appointed head of the Catalog Section, Amherst College Library, Massachusetts.

Michael Kleiberis now head librarian of the Institute of Transportation Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley.

BettyJ. Landesman has joined the staff of the Margaret Clapp Library, Wellesley College, Massachusetts, as serials librarian.

Carol Leadenhamhas been appointed Slavic bibliographer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Clarice Luceis the new assistant acquisitions librarian at North Texas State University, Denton.

MaryE. Marshall has been named business manager at the Bibliographical Center for Research, Denver.

RebeccaR. Martin has been appointed head of the Biology Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Mary Millerhas been appointed assistant librarian in the Law Library at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

SusanE. Miller is now assistant science librarian, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

Marcy Murphywill join the faculty of the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, as associate professor.

Joseph Natolihas been appointed reference librarian at the University of California, Irvine.

Margaret Osbornis the new reference librarian in the Bio-Agriculture Library, University of California, Riverside.

Carol Pfeifferhas been appointed director for administrative services in the University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville.

Nancy Pittmanis now music cataloger at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Margaret Powellhas been appointed documents/reference librarian at Andrews Library, College of Wooster, Ohio.

Robert Presshas been named assistant librarian in the Collection Development Department, University of California, Davis.

Carol Rescohas been appointed reference librarian in the Physical Sciences Library, University of California, Riverside.

NancyF, Reynolds joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as assistant serials librarian.

Heddy Ann Richterhas been appointed associate head of the Imprints Department, Eleutherian Mills Historical Library, Greenville, Delaware.

PhilipC. Ritari is now preservation librarian in the Judaica Department of the Harvard College Library.

Joan Robbhas been appointed interlibrary services librarian at the Library Learning Center, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

KristineS. Salomon has been appointed social services reference librarian, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Nanette Sandhas been appointed head librarian of the Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley.

Sandy SchrAgis the new assistant science librarian, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

Robert Sealhas been named director of library public services, University of Oklahoma Library, Norman.

Deborah Ann Sommerhas been appointed assistant reader services librarian at Randall Library, University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

PeterG. Sparks has been appointed chief of the Library of Congress Preservation Department.

PatriciaA. Stinson has been appointed library science librarian and coordinator of the library instruction program. North Texas State University, Denton.

Paul Stuehrenbercis now serials cataloger, Central Technical Services, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

MarthaK. Tarlton has been appointed serials librarian at North Texas State University, Denton.

PatriciaA. Trombley has been appointed reference librarian at Corpus Christi State University Library, Texas.

Sally Tsengis principle serials cataloger at the University of California, Irvine.

Ivan Vlasikhas been appointed head of technical services in the Memorial Library of the State University of New York at Cortland.

Anne WēNDLERhas been appointed interlibrary loan bibliographer at the Illinois Research and Reference Center, University of Illinois, Urbana.

J. Whaley has been named head of the Reference Department, University of California, Irvine.

Paul Wienshas accepted the position of chief librarian at the University of Lethbridge, Ontario.

Dolores Williamshas been appointed librarian of the Buhl Library of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh.

Eugenia Winterhas been appointed acquisitions librarian/bibliographer at California State College, Bakersfield.

Martin Wisneskiis the new serials/reader services librarian at the University of Kansas Law School Library, Lawrence.

Dorothy Woodsonhas been appointed assistant librarian in the Undergraduate Library at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

JeanB. Yoas has been appointed head of the Acquisitions Department, North Texas State University, Denton.

David Zaehringerhas been named reference librarian/business bibliographer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


JoeH. Bailey retired as associate director for public services, North Texas State University, Denton, on January 31 after 23 years of service.

Lenore Dickinson,librarian of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum and the Gray Herbarium since 1974, retired in March.

Louise Evansretired as assistant director of acquisitions services, North Texas State University, Denton, on January 31 after 43 years of service.

Edith Frankelretired from her position as circulation and reference librarian at the Frederick W. Crumb Memorial Library, State University of New York College at Potsdam, after 13 years there.

Beverly Hickokretired in December after 33 years as a librarian at the University of California, Berkeley. Her last position was as librarian of the Institute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering.


Rupert C. Woodward

RupertC. Woodward, 62, university librarian at George Washington University from 1967 until his retirement in 1979, died at his home in McLean, Virginia, on January 7.

He was also a former chairman of the library council of the Consortium of Universities of Washington, D C., and former president of the D.C. Library Association.

Woodward was born in Statesboro, Georgia. He graduated in history from George Peabody College in Nashville, and after World War II service returned there to earn a bachelor’s degree in library science. Later he received a master's degree in Latin American his-


The Cartographic Users Advisory Council, representing four professional map library groups, held a series of meetings with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Defense Mapping Agency during the ALA Midwinter meeting. USGS and DMA are the two largest suppliers of maps to college and university libraries through their depository programs.

The main issues under discussion involved broader availability of material and improvements in the distribution system. As a result of Council recommendations there is a distinct possibility that the distribution functions of the two depository systems will be merged in the near future. The Geological Survey is in the process of re-defining its depository system to improve communication with depository libraries. More material will arrive rolled instead of folded, libraries will be surveyed when new products are available, and geographic selectivity may be a possibility in the geologic map series.

The Cartographic Users Advisory Council invites libraries concerned with federal mapping or earth science agencies to address inquiries or comments to: Charles A. Seavey, Chairman, CUAC, GPMD, General Library, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131. tory from Louisiana State University.

From 1947 to 1949 he worked in the library of the University of Alabama. He was in Guatemala City, Rio de Janeiro, and San José, Costa Rica, as librarian with the U.S. Information Service from 1950 to 1954. He then worked in the library of Louisiana State University and was associate library director at Texas A&M University before coming to Washington in 1967.

Woodward was a consultant to the Ford Foundation for the National Engineering University Libraries in Lima, Peru, in 1966. He had also been active in the Special Libraries Association and the Columbia Historical Society.

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