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ACRL Professional Development Programs in Atlanta

By Mattye Nelson

Professional Development Officer, ACRL

ACRL will offer ten preconferences during the ALA Annual Conference in At- lanta. These activities provide academic librarians an opportunity to enhance their skills; acquire new knowledge, techniques; and strategies; update ex- isting competencies; and exchange information with peers. Unless otherwise indicated all precon- ferences will be held on Friday, June 28.

Cultural Diversity and Higher Education: BI in a Multicultural Environment

ACRL’s Bibliographic Instruction Section will offer a preconference designed for librarians facing the challenges of an increasingly diverse user population. Four speakers will address the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism, money and politics, gender differences, and the power of information literacy. Breakout sessions focusing on working with international, Chicano, high-risk, and minority students, locating and evaluating multicultural information sources, and the importance of a diverse staff will enable participants to share practical ideas and information. Speakers: James Neal, Indiana University Libraries; Janice Koyama, University of Califomia-Berkeley; Sherron Kenton, Emory Business School; Mary Huston, Texas Woman’s University, School of Library and Information Science. Fees: ACRL Members $145; nonmembers $180.

The Practical Librarian: Managing Collections and Services in College Libraries

ACRL’s College Libraries Section will offer a preconference designed for college librarians serving student enrollments under 2,000. Topics ranging from student employees to marketing the library and from serials to faculty relations will be discussed. Enrollment limited to first 125 registrants. Speakers: Evan Färber, Earlham College; Michael Kathman, St. John’s University; and others. Fees: ACRL members $65; $75 non-members. Time: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $100; non-members $150. CEU credit: .7.

Keeping the Facts in Artifacts: Conserving the Physical Evidence of Special Collections Materials and Its Impact on Research.

This three-day conference offered by ACRL’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section will be held June 25-28, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The preconference will focus on the following topics in special collection materials and its impact on research: The Uses of Physical Evidence; Conservation: In-House or Contracting Out; Cooperative Programs: Some Pros and Cons; Research Stemming from the Examination of Physical Evidence; Current and Historical Approaches to Special Collections’ Care. Speakers: Barbara Buckner Higginbotham, Brooklyn College; Margaret Child, Washington D.C.; Carolyn Clare Morrow, Harvard University; Jan Paris, University of North Carolina, Michael Winship; University of Texas at Austin. Setting: The Triangle Area (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and the surrounding counties) located in the heart of the scenic North Carolina piedmont, serves as the cultural, governmental and technological center of the state. One of the fastest growing areas in the country, the population of the three counties which make up the Triangle is approaching 700,000. Home to four major universities (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, and North Carolina State University), the Triangle offers a diverse array of music, dance, theater, crafts, sporting events, and good food. Each of the three cities in the Triangle has its own special ambiance and attractions.

The preconference will be based in the Carolina Inn adjacent to the picturesque and historic campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation’s oldest public university. On Thursday, June 27, conference participants will travel to the beautiful, neo-gothic campus of Duke University with its famous Chapel and the lush Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Fees:ACRL members $125; non-members $175. Registration: Registration is limited to the first 250 applicants. The registration fee includes entry to the preconference receptions; luncheons on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; the barbecue at UNC; entrance to all preconference papers and seminars; and transportation to and from Durham on Thursday. Written cancellations only will be honored until May 24 minus a $25 cancellation fee. Late registration will be accepted on a space-available basis after May 24 at an additional cost of $25 per person.

Excellence through Cultural Diversity: Accreditation Workshop

ACRL’s Historically Black College and University Libraries Committee will hold a preconference at Clark-Atlanta University on the problems particular to Historically Black Colleges and Universities facing the accreditation process. The workshop will also offer practical information on preparation for accreditation with speakers from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and from librarians and administrators who have recently completed the process. Fees: ACRL members $50; non-members $85.

Professional Development/Continuing Education Courses

Time Management for Academic Librarians

Learn practical time-management techniques and increase your productivity. This class will identify frequent time-management problems, establish goals and priorities, and review time-manage- ment strategies. Each participant will leave with an individual plan and specific activities that will address your time-management needs. Faculty: Thomas McNally, Loyola University. Time: 6:00-10:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $75; non-members $110. CEU credit: .4. Limited to 40 registrants.

Financial and Cost Accounting

Learn standard financial terminology to improve your communication with your administration. This course will provide the background and methodology needed to communicate effectively. Skills taught include: presenting rationally documented presentations, reading and understanding the three standard financial statements used by organizations, understanding the underlying principles of financial accounting, and calculating the cost of library services using a proven methodology. Faculty: Julie Virgo, The Carroll Group. Time: 9:00 a.m.-.5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $100; non-members $150. CEU credit: .7. Limited to 40 registrants.

Accommodating Change through Training and Education

This class will discuss change and the role librarians have as agents of change within their organizations. Change can be a divisive issue among staff coping with rapid changes in technology, management, and facilities and it is important to learn how to cope effectively with these changes. Particular emphasis will be placed on the staff development activities within a library that can foster change. Faculty: Pat Weaver-Meyer and John Cochenour, University of Oklahoma. Time: 9:00 a.m.-.5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $100; non-members $140. CEU credit: .7.

New Technologies, New Services: Communicating Our Needs to the Campus Community

How can upper level libraiy administrators “sell” new services and technologies to their administrators in a positive way? How can libraries foster a win-win relationship with their administrations, instead of giving the impression that the library is always looking for another hand out? Can libraries demonstrate that they are a contributor to the overall image of the campus, that a strong library with state of the art services and technologies can actually help recruit and retain both students and faculty?

The purpose of this ACRL Continuing Education Course is to show that library administrators can develop good selling and negotiation skills which can be used to enhance library services. The program will address the needs of administrators of both public and private institutions and those of varied sizes.

Speakers and panelists will include:Ellen Waite, Loyola University; Peggy Sullivan, Northern Illinois University; Bill Potter, University of Georgia; Melanie Dodson, RLG Consultants; Lance Query, Northwestern University, and others. Program planners are: Betsy Baker, Northwestern University; Diane Graves, University of Illinois at Chicago; Tom McNally, Loyola University; and Beth Sandore, University of Illinois. Time: 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $100; non-members $150. CEU credit: .7.

Measuring Academic Library Performance

A how-to-course featuring Measuring Academic Library Performance: A Practical Approach. Leam how to make the most of this new manual to measure the effectiveness of your library’s services. Faculty: Librarians who served as advisers to the authors during the development of the manual. Time: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL members $100; non-members $150. CEU credit: .7.

Cultural Diversity in the Academic Library

Panel discussion on the issues of recruitment and retention of diverse staff and methods. There will also be a discussion of methods to maintain sensitivity to diversity in both the staff and student population. Faculty: Kathleen Bethel, Northwestern University; Rosie Albritton, University of Illinois; Rosemary Stevenson, University of Illinois (moderator); and others. Time: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fees: ACRL member $100; non-members $150. CEU credit: .7.

General Registration Information

To register or for more information please write or call: Mattye Nelson, ACRL/ALA, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611; (800) 545-2433, ext. 2519; fax: (312) 440-9374 or Reginald Prim, (800) 545- 2433 ext. 2526. ACRL members receive a discount on registration fees. Specific locations for preconference activities will be provided upon registration. Written notice of cancellation received by June 1, 1991, will be honored subject to a $25 cancellation charge. No refunds or cancellations after June 1,1991. Please note: In the event that an ACRL-sponsored activity is canceled, the Association of College and Research Libraries cannot be responsible for cancellation or change charges assessed by airlines or travel agencies for registrants.

A certificate of completion for each professional development course will be issued. Every successful completion of 10 hours of continuing education is equal to one Continuing Education Unit (CEU). ACRL maintains a CEU record for each participant.

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