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ACRL national conference moves to Salt Lake City

Julian Bond and Paul Saffo to speak at ACRL’s 6th National Conference, April 12-14, 1992

Anew site and dates for the ACRL Sixth National Conference was approved on March 11,1991, by the American Library Associa- tion Executive Board. The conference will be held April 12-14, 1992, in Salt Lake City Utah.

The conference was originally planned for April 1-4,1992 in Phoenix, Arizona. The ACRL Board of Directors voted January 13, 1991, to move the conference out of Phoenix because of the failure of the Arizona referendum to establish a paid state holiday in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Richard M. Dougherty, president of the American Library Association commended the ACRL Board for acting on their convictions and said he particularly appreciated the quick action and commitment of the chapter representatives, ALA’s chapter relations staff, and ACRL officers and staff. “It was not an easy task to work out a mutually satisfactory solution to this very complex and sensitive issue,” Dougherty said. “All involved are to be congratulated.”

ACRL had considered meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, March 25-28, 1992, but learned that a St. Louis conference would conflict with state association meetings in Illinois and Kansas. Salt Lake City was able to move a local meeting out of its center to allow space for ACRL.

The request to hold the conference in Utah was accompanied by letters of welcome from the Utah Library Association and all contiguous state library associations.

“The Utah Library Association is happy to welcome the ACRL conference to Salt Lake,” said Eileen Longsworth, president of the Utah Library Association and director of the Salt Lake County Public Library System. “We look forward to the opportunity of showing off our beautiful state and meeting with our colleagues from around the coun- tiy.”

Joseph A. Boissé, ACRL national conference chair and director of the University of California, Santa Barbara Library, stated he was pleased that the new site is set and the Conference Committee can continue planning. Boissé said the committee has selected former Georgia state representative and civil rights activist Julian Bond and futurist Paul Saffo to speak at the conference. The conference theme is “Academic Libraries Achieving Excellence in Higher Education.”

Preconference workshops will be held on Saturday, April 11, 1992, and the all-conference reception that evening. Conference programs will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 12 and end at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, 1992. A post-confer- ence is being planned for Wednesday, April 15, 1992.

Information on submitting a paper, a program proposal or poster session proposal immediately follows this article or call the ACRL office, 800- 545-2433, ext. 2516 for details. The deadline is May 1, 1991, for contributed papers, July 31, 1991, for program proposals and November 1, 1991, for poster sessions.

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