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WilliamJ. Studeh,associate dean of uni- versity libraries and director of regional campus libraries at Indiana University since 1973, has been appointed direc- tor of university librar- ies and professor of library science at Ohio State University, effec- tive February 1.

William J. Studer

He joins the Ohio State faculty after eight years at Indiana, when he was named director of regional campus libraries, a ti- tle he retained when he became associate dean of library ser- vices in 1973. Previous to that, Dr. Studer worked at the Library of Congress, first as a special intern and later as a reference librarian and senior bibliographer.

His undergraduate and graduate work was completed at Indiana where he received an A.B. in English, an M.A. in library science, and a Ph.D. in library and information science. He also studied at Stockholm University.

Dr. Studer has been active in ALA and served as ISAD’s liaison representative to the RASD Information Retrieval Committee, 1973- 1975. He also was a member of the board of directors of the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority, a member of the LARC Association President’s Advisory Committee, and president of the Indiana University Graduate Library School Alumni Association.

As director of the Ohio State University Libraries, Dr. Studer is responsible for a library collection that includes more than 1,500,000 books. Its staff of 88 professionals, 198 clerical support employees, and 122 student assistants provides library services for the nearly 43,000 full-time students who are enrolled in 14 major divisions of the university.

DR. Claude J. Johns, Jr.,former director of Air Force Academy Libraries, has been named director of libraries at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).

The position has been designated as that of dean of library services, and his responsibility will be greatly expanded to include, not only the administration of the UNC’s library system, but participation in the establishment and implementation of institutional policies affecting the total educational program of the university. This move intends to underline the increased emphasis UNC’s administration is placing on library services.

Johns has been director of libraries at the USAF Academy since 1969. He joined the academy faculty in 1961 as an instructor in the Political Science Department and became chairman of instruction in that department in 1967.

He served from 1956 to 1961 as an air intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force and has been a graduate research assistant at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Florida State University (FSU).

Johns earned a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in secondary education and public administration from FSU, a master of arts degree in librarianship from the University of Denver, a master of science in public administration from FSU, and a doctor of philosophy degree in political science and public administration from the University of North Carolina.

He is a member of and office holder in various national and regional professional organizations. He has done research and authored or coauthored numerous works in political science and library science.


HenryL. Alsmeyer—director of libraries —Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas.

Steve Atkinson —reference librarian, humanities—Mississippi State University, State College.

Dallas Bagby —reference librarian—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

MerryL. Burlingham—South Asian librarian—University of Texas at Austin.

Linda Coupal —original cataloger—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Janet Erickson —reference librarian, Norris Medical Library—University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Judith Erickson —assistant head, Engineering and Physical Sciences Library—University of Maryland, College Park.

BenjaminC. Glidden—director of libraries —U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Susan Hardy —reference librarian—University of Maryland, College Park.

Susan Harlem —reference librarian—University of Maryland, College Park.

Thomas Henderson —architecture librarian —Mississippi State University, State College.

Bonny Hilditch —science librarian—Washington State University, Pullman.

Rhoda Hyde —supervisor of clerical cataloging—University of Maryland, College Park.

John Kelly —special collections librarian— Mississippi State University, State College.

Marilyn Kierstead —reference librarian— University of Maryland, College Park.

Sandra Langlands —extension librarian, Medical Library—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Betty Lewis —social science librarian— Washington State University, Pullman.

JudithA. Lyons—assistant librarian, Undergraduate Library—Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

Thomas Marcum —budget and planning officer—University of Maryland, College Park.

Nicole Rose Marie Michaud-Oystryk — reference librarian—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Eleanor Montague —university librarian— University of California, Riverside.

MaryE. Morrison—reference librarian, Cabot Science Library of the Harvard College Library—Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

LynnS. Mullins—head librarian—Mary- mount Manhattan College, New York, New York.

Ann Pfaffenhercer —reference librarian— University of Maryland, College Park.

Kathy Pletcher —assistant catalog librarian —University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.

Lorraine Sebo —reference librarian—University of Maryland, College Park.

DianeH. Smith—assistant librarian, documents section—Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

Jan Smith —reference librarian—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

E. Michelle Solomon —assistant librarian, Altoona Campus Library—Pennsylvania State University, Altoona.

Larry Stallings —director of the library— Florida Southern College, Lakeland.

Sharon Taber —administrative services librarian—University of Maryland, College Park.

PeggyM. Tozer—director of the library— Eastern New Mexico University, Portales.

Susan Tucker —assistant reference librarian —Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont.

Carol Weibel —philosophy branch librarian —University of Washington, Seattle.

Keith Westover —acquisitions librarian— Washington State University, Pullman.

Bernice Wheatley —foreign documents librarian—University of Washington, Seattle.

Suzanne Wise—education librarian—Washington State University, Pullman.


Dorothy Jorstad, head librarian at Kish- waukee College, Malta, Illinois, retired on December 31, 1976, after forty-six years of service in librarianship.

EleanorP. Smith,head of the monograph cataloging department, University of Maryland, College Park, retired on January 1, 1977. She joined the staff in 1956 and was appointed chief cataloger in 1968. ■ ■

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