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This issue provides a wide range of topics for your perusal. William A. Moffett, director of the Huntington Library, shares with us his reasons for making the Dead Sea Scrolls available to the general public. (It’s not every day a librarian’s action captures the world’s attention.) Cathy Henderson, chair of ACRL’s Rare Books & Manuscripts Section, offers us a commentary on the issues of access and restriction, in light of the Huntington Library’s announcement.

ACRL President Anne Beaubien stresses how important it is for all of us to become actively engaged in recruiting talented people into the profession. A stoiy on an innovative program at UCLA details what they are doing to recruit African Americans to library and information science.

Jon Eldrege depicts for us the many award- winning programs offered by friends of academic library groups. If your library is not a member of Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) you may want to consider joining to tap into their resources.

Robert Martin reports on the recent Society of American Archivists (SAA) meeting. This group is also examining the question of whether or not social factors should be taken into account when selecting meeting sites.

The ACRL National Conference Committee announced that noted women’s studies scholar Catherine Stimpson will speak at the ACRL conference in Salt Lake City. Blaine Hall offers readers some enticing descriptions of the diverse library collections available in Salt Lake.

I encourage you to take a few moments to review ACRL’s 1990-91 Annual Report included in this issue. I’d also like to ask each of you to consider submitting to “News from the Field” brief descriptions of innovative activities underway in academic libraries that would be of interest to C&RL News readers. A longer description of what is sought is found on page 677.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis

Editor & Publisher

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