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Federal funding for se- lected programs of interest to college and research li- braries is shown below. Most notable is the elimination of all funding for two Higher Education Act (HEA) Title II library programs—the II-A college library technology program, and the II-C re- search library program. Al- though Department of Edu- cation programs were fund- ed at 40 percent more than the administration requested, the pressure to show elimination of at least some programs targeted for zero in the Clinton budget and in the Gore reinventing govern- ment initiative was very strong.

The only HEA programs supported by the House were the II-B education and training program, and $1.5 million in first-time funding for II-D, the historically black colleges and uni- versities (HBCU) library and information sci- ence program. The HBCU funding was not included in the Senate bill and was dropped in conference.

The Senate supported library education and training, but moved the funding for HEA II-A and II-C into other places. For instance, the II-C research library program would have been reinvented through funds in the II-B dem- onstration program for digitazation of research library resources, but digitization was dropped in House-Senate conference. The Senate also added $5,578,000 to the LSCA III interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing program for states to establish gate- ways for access to public, aca- demic, and research library collections. The increase was reduced to $3,951,000 in con- ference.

HEA II-B research and demonstration projects are normally competitive grants or contracts. However, for FY95 Congress specified how the entire $6.5 million appropriated was to be di- rected. The Secretary of Edu- cation is “to use $5,000,000 to fund additional projects that competed in 1994 for demonstration of online and dial-in access to a statewide, multitype bibliographic da- tabase through a statewide fiber optic network.” Thus, no new applica- tions will be solicited. The Department of Edu- cation made one such grant of about $2.5 mil- lion in FY94, and is expected to make a few new awards from the existing pool of appli- cants.

The remaining $1.5 million is “for a demonstration project making Federal information and other databases available for public use by connecting a multistate consortium of public and private colleges and universities to a public library and an historic library.” This funding was originally in the Senate-passed version of H.R. 4606 where S. Rept. 103-318 indicated that “Portland State University, in conjunction with the Oregon Historical Society, would be especially suited to operate” such a program.

The Senate had passed a total of $8,270,000 for HEAII-B research and demonstrations, with $3,994,000 for “demonstration projects involving the digitization of research library collections and the development of related organizational tools for access to these digital resources.” However, House-Senate conferees cut the Senate total to $6.5 million, deleted the digitization projects, and switched $2.5 million of that funding to bring the statewide fiber optic network project funding to $5 million.

Federal Funding of Selected Programs

Program (amounts in thousands) FY94 Funding FY95 Admin. Request FY95 Funding
Higher Education Act $17,443 0 $11,416
II-A, College library tech. 3,873 0 0
II-B, Library education 4,960 0 4,916
II-B, Research & demonstrations 2,802 0 6,500
II-C, Research libraries 5,808 0 0
Library Services & Construction Act $128,866 $102,976 $132,745
I. Public library services 83,227 83,227 83,227
II. Pub. lib. construction 17,792 0 17,792
III. Interlibrary cooperation 19,749 19,749 23,700
IV. Indian library services 2% of LSCA I, II, and III
VI. Library literacy programs 8,098 0 8,026
GPO Super, of Documents 29,082 33,900 32,207
Natl. Center for Educ. Statistics 77,850 103,200 80,910
NCLIS 904 904 904
Library of Congress 331,864 358,000 348,480
National Agricultural Library 18,255 19,720 18,307
National Archives 195,482 200,898 195,238
(incl. NHPRC - $4m of FY95, total is earmarked) (5,250) (4,000) (9,000)
Natl. Endowment for the Arts 170,228 170,100 167,678
Natl. Endow, for Humanities 177,491 177,383 177,383
National Library of Medicine (incl. Medical Lib. Asst. Act) 115,237 135,330 126,274
NTIA Info. Infrastructure Prog. 26,000 99,998 64,000
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