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—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

Hot and humid weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of those ACRL members attending ALA’s Annual Conference in Miami Beach. Over 100 members began their conference by attending ACRL’s Leadership Session. Dadie Perlov, the consultant who advised ALA’s Self- Study Committee, challenged ACRL leaders’ assumptions about their organization and invited them to improve it. Participants were invigorated by Perlov’s presentation; many proclaiming it one of the best ever.

One of her many insightful comments regarding the appropriateness of ACRL’s mission statement and strategic plan was taken to heart by ACRL Board members in attendance. At their Tuesday meeting they suspended use of the existing strategic plan, adopted a statement of priorities for 1994-95, and developed a process for revising the strategic plan and for giving the Board more responsibility for planning.

ACRL’s programming at the conference was also invigorating. Following then-president Tom Kirk’s vision of a conference-within-a-conference covering the topic of networking, ACRL committee and section members presented programs on networking and the Internet ranging from basics to incorporating the Internet into the curriculum. ACRL’s Education and Behavioral Sciences and Women’s Studies sections examined the gender differences in Internet communications. Apparently even the relative plainness of the typed word on a computer screen does not escape the effects of the gender that input it.

The Science and Technology Section successfully attempted one of the most challenging programs—an all-day training session on the Internet using live Internet connections, attended by standing-room-only crowds.

Summaries of many of ACRL’s conference programs appear on pages 482-490. Many thanks to all of the special correspondents who provided these reports.

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