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The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has received a two-year $564,977 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support preservation microfilming and the creation and dissemination of bibliographic records of 200 rare journal titles published at the turn of the century. Microfilms will be stored in ATLA’s vault at the National Underground Storage Facility. The majority of the titles for this coordinated project are contributed by four key research libraries affiliated with ATLA: Andover-Harvard Library of Harvard Divinity School, Pitts Theology Library of Emory University, Speer Library of Princeton Theological Seminary, and Yale Divinity School Library. ATLA is a professional association of librarians who specialize in theology and religious studies or who have an interest in the bibliography and literature of religion.

The University of Virginia, representingthe Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), has been awarded a $250,000 preservation grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The grant will support the creation of the Virginia Heritage Project, a database integrating thousands of Encoded Archival Description (EAD) tagged finding aids that describe and provide online access to a large body of primary source materials held by major academic and research libraries in Virginia. “Many of the priceless documents of American history, literature, and political thought reside in the special collections of Virginia’s colleges, universities, and other research libraries,” said University Librarian Karin Wittenborg. VIVA, founded in 1994, consists of the libraries of the 39 state-assisted colleges and universities within Virginia, and an additional 29 independent, not-for-profit educational institutions.

Plattsburgh State University of NewYork’s Special Collections, as part of a 20-member consortium comprised of public and private schools, public libraries, historical societies, and the regional Teacher Resource

Center, is sharing a $443,731 grant from the New York State Education Department, Office of Technology. The purpose of the grant is to help stimulate the focus of state, local, and private sector partnerships on fully integrating technology into teaching, learning, and information access. Materials relating to the history of northern New York during the period between the World Wars will be digitized, mounted as Web pages, and distributed for classroom use on CDs. Plattsburgh’s share of the grant is in excess of $20,000 worth of equipment including an archival digital scanner. “One aspect of the project will see school teachers and students collecting primary historical materials not already in repositories,” said Special Collections Librarian Wayne Miller.

Cornell University's Albert R. MannLibrary received $865,845 from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the preservation of books, family farm memoirs, land transaction, and other published materials that depict the history of American agricultural and rural life. Mann Library, working on behalf of the U.S. Agriculture Information Service, will be preserving nearly 2,700 titles in 8,500 volumes published in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, and North Dakota between 1820 and 1945. This is the third phase of an ongoing project, the National Preservation Program for Agricultural Literature, that began in 1996. More information is available at http:// www. news .Cornell. edu/Chronicles/4.13.00/ Mann-NEH.html.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has received a National Science Foundation grant in excess of $287,000 to develop a Web-based reference tool. Bryan Heidorn, assistant professor of Library and

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Information Science, and Michael Jeffords, associate professor of Natural and Environmental Sciences and Public Relations and Education Liaison for the Illinois Natural History Survey, will supervise a team of graduate students in library and information science, biology, and linguistics— who will develop a Web-based reference tool to enable users to visualize the contents of natural language descriptions of flora and fauna for purposes of identification and classification.


Nordamerika Vorzuegl¡sch Texas(whichtranslates to “North America, Particularly Texas in the Year 1849: A Travel Account”), written by Prussian schoolteacher Wilhelm Steinert, has been acquired by Southern Methodist Uni-versity’s (SMU) Library of Texas. The diary is the fifth volume in a series, produced by SMU’s DeGolyer Library and the William P. Clements Jr. Center for Southwest Studies, which publishes firsthand accounts of 19th-century Texas.

Steinert’s journey included nearly drowning in the Guadalupe River, contracting malaria, an Indian attack near Austin, and a cholera pandemic in New Braunfels and elsewhere.

Along the way Steinert commented on the health, mode of living, housing, farms, food, crafts, trade, markets, transportation, hunting, and plant and animal life in mid-19th century Texas. SMU is making a limited edition of the English version of the diary available. To order call the DeGolyer Library at (214) 768-3231; it costs $55 plus $5 for shipping and $4.08 in Texas sales tax.

The Katherine G. Lederer Collection ofAfrican American History of the Ozarks, a group of approximately 7,500 documents dating as far back as the Civil War, has been donated to the Duane G. Meyer Library at Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU). The collection includes more than 2,600 photographs of African Americans from Springfield, Missouri. The material was collected over a 20-year period by Katherine Lederer, an SMSU professor of English, and provided the foundation for her 1986 book, Many Thousand Gone: Springfield’s Lost Black History. The Lederer Collection documents the before-and-after story of the region’s African American community and history. The photographs, along with the collection’s family, military, and church records, provide the only known links to many families who fled Springfield following a lynching in 1906.

The Nimitz Library at the U.S. Naval Academy receives a copy of Samuel Eliot Morison's History of United States Naval Operations in World War II from the family of Captain Roger Pineau. (Left to right): Susan Dean, head of Special Collections and Archives; Richard Werk¡ng, librarian/associate dean for Information; Maxine Good Pineau; Andy Pineau; and Julienne Pineau Hubbard.

A unique copy of Samuel Eliot Morison’s His tory of United States Naval Operations in World War II(Boston: Little, Brown and Company) has been donated to the Nimitz Library at the United States Naval Academy. The author inscribed each specially bound volume to his wife, Priscilla, and letters from leading World War II figures were bound into most of the volumes. Maxine Good Pineau donated the volumes to the library in memory of her late husband, Captain Roger Pineau, who served as Morison’s assistant during the preparation of the volumes. A noted naval historian in his own right, and an expert on the Japanese and their language, Pineau edited Commodore Matthew Perry’s personal journal of the 1852-54 Japan Expedition. He wrote, translated, or edited several publications concerning the Pacific campaign and personalities of World War II. ■

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