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E-mail. FTP. TCP/IP. Kermit. The new library jargon in academe seems to be the language of the Internet. Librarians are at a variety of stages in their use of the Net. Some are exploring and downloading information from databases in other countries, some are replacing their “snail-mail” (U.S. Post Office delivered letter) with e-mail, while others have yet to get connected.

Electronic communication was a big topic of discussion at the recent Midwinter Meeting. Who has it? What association business should be conducted by e-mail? How can we assist ACRL members in gaining access to the Internet?

In this issue we offer some information about the Internet for both the novice and the experienced user. Mary Page provides us with an introductory look at the Internet including a glossary of terminology and a resource list. For those who use e-mail everyday, Marty Kesselman offers a guide to telnetting to the United Kingdom. Even if you have yet to be connected to the Internet, chances are that the faculty in your institution are accessing it. What is the library’s role in access to information about the Internet’ Julie Still and Jan Alexander describe how Widener University positioned the Reference Department as the provider of Internet information.

A number of ACRL business items are contained in this issue. Be an informed, active member; take a few minutes to review the actions of the ACRL Board of Directors at their Midwinter Meeting. They passed several new policies, guidelines, and standards, and approved a National Conference to be held in 1997. Read the statements of the two candidates for ACRL president—Michael D. Kathman and Susan K. Martin—so that you can be an informed voter when your ballot arrives next month.

Congratulations to William A. Moffett, ACRL’s newest Academic/Research Librarian of the Year.

Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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