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Carrollton Press,Arlington, Virginia, is offering Apple II microcomputers on loan to libraries undergoing retrospective conversion. Carrollton will deliver the microcomputer and special Apple-SKIP (Search Key Input Program) software to the library and train employees in their use. There is no rental charge, but the library must agree to produce a minimum number of requests per month during the project. On large projects Carrollton will provide multiple micros. In this way libraries can use existing staff to input short search keys (with or without LCCNs) onto Apple floppy disks. These diskettes can be sent to Carrollton for conversion to magnetic search tapes and hits will be returned in MARC Communications format. Hits cost 20 cents per MARC record and 50 cents per REMARC record. For more information write Carrollton Press, Inc., 1911 Ft. Myer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209.

Data Courier,Louisville, Kentucky, now provides full-text articles for items in the ABI/ INFORM business and management database by facsimile transmission from the company’s new Panafax unit. The MV-3000 unit is capable of communicating with Group 2 and Group 3 facsimile machines. Same-day transmission is available if orders are received before 1 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A typical price for transmission of a six-page article in the United States is $60. For more information contact Data Courier, Inc., 620 S. Fifth Street, Louisville, KY 40202.

• DIALOG Information Services,Palo Alto, California, has announced the online availability of Career Placement Registry/Experienced Personnel (CPR/EP) produced by Career Placement Registry, Inc., of Alexandria, Virginia, a subsidiary of Plenum Publishing Corporation. The database enables experienced professionals to make their credentials available to prospective employers for a low registration fee. Employers can search the mini-resumes available in CPR/EP to locate all applicants meeting their job criteria. Searchable criteria include work experience, academic background, language proficiency, occupational and geographic preferences, salary requirements, and availability. For $5 prospective employers can obtain a full resume within 24 hours by issuing a simple command. For further information contact DIALOG Information Services, Inc., 3460 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Drexel Library Quarterly, published by Drexel’s School of Library and Information Science, features “The Electronic Library” as the theme for its Fall 1981 issue, edited by Kenneth Dowlin of the Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs. Articles include: “Remote Electronic Delivery of Information through Libraries”; “The Human Element: Staff Development in the Electronic Library”; and “Financing the Electronic Library: Models and Options.”

• Inforonics now offers professional cataloging for special libraries so that a total cataloging service can be provided. The new service is tailored to suit individual library requirements and solve problems of online MARC II database searching, searching of NUC and other databases for catalog data not on MARC, original cataloging, entering holdings data, and updating shelflists. For more information contact Inforonics, 550 Newtown Road, Littleton, MA 01460.

• The New York Times Information Service now offers the Advertising and Marketing Intelligence Service (AMI). Using the NYTIS protocol this database can be accessed through the same search strategy used for other public affairs NYTIS databases. For more information contact NYTIS, Mt. Pleasant Office Par, 1719A Route 10, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

• ONLINE, Inc., has compiled over 700 listings of software packages with a description of each, hardware requirements, source language, operating system compatabilities, media type and size, installation requirements, documentation features, and other characteristics in its Online Micro-Software Guide and Directory‚ due out in October. The guide will also include a series of articles on: tutorials on operating systems and languages; financial analysis products; library applications (do’s and don’ts); the role of the microsoftware consultant; a practical oveiview of common software hangups and how to overcome them; and much non-technical advice and information. An annotated software bibliography, glossary, and comprehensive index have been planned for the guide. The publication will be available for $40 (with two annual supplements available in October of 1983 and 1984 costing $30 for both) from ONLINE, Inc., Dept. SD, 11 Tannery Lane, Weston, CT 06883.

• Tandem Computers held a seminar in Phoenix on June 2 to announce a new product line called Non-Stop II which features a new configuration that includes dual processors that allows the computer system to keep running even if hardware problems occur. The emphasis is on providing online service when it is necessary to have reliable equipment. System maintenance is also possible when the system is functioning. Contact Tandem Computers, Inc., 19333 Vallco Parkway, Cupertino, CA 95014.

• University of Toronto Library Automation Systems (UTLAS) has announced the availability of a new service for acquisitions control known as ACCORD (Acquisitions par CATSS/ CATSS Ordering). This latest facility is fully integrated with UTLAS’ Catalogue Support System (CATSS) to provide maximum pre-order search capabilities. At the same time, ACCORD allows local control over the generation of purchase orders. Users may now interfile on-order records with their permanent holdings in the CATSS database and create purchase orders, claims, and cancellations online. As orders are filled the same records are upgraded to become full catalogue records. Contact UTLAS, 80 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2V1, for further information. ■■

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