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Kathryn S. Forrest,formerly head of the Science Division, Oregon State University Li- brary, Corvallis, Oregon, has been appointed issociate director of he San Jose State University Library in San Jose, California. Mrs. Forrest, who re- ?eived her MSLS de- cree from the Univer- sity of Southern Cali- ornia, has had exten- sive experience in California academic li- braries both in the ;tate college and uni- versity systems. She served at the University of California, Riverside, for ten years, first as the head of the Citrus Experiment Station library and later as assistant librarian in the university library. She brings to San Jose State University fifteen years of professional experience in technical processing and public service with particular expertise in automation and SDI systems. She has been active in the Special Libraries Association and the California Library Association.

KathrynS. Forrest

John Brewster Smith,director of libraries at Texas A&M University, joined the staff of the State University of New York at Stony Brook as director of libraries on March 4.

Mr. Smith has his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M, his library degree from Columbia University. In addition, he has studied law for two years. He has worked at the Columbia University Law Library and moved from there to become assistant director of public services at Texas A&M. Subsequently he was named acting director of libraries at Texas A&M and in 1970 became director of libraries there.

He has been active in the American Library Association, American Association of Law Libraries, Texas Library Association, Southwestern Library Association, and a number of other professional associations. He was selected as Librarian of the Year by the Texas Library Association and has worked on the Legislative Committee of the Texas Library Association.


Virginia L. Algermissen—medical librarian and assistant professor, School of Medicine— University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Wanda I. Auerbach—reference librarian, Medical Library—Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

David L. Chapman—assistant university archivist, instructor of library science—Texas A&M University, College Station.

Julia R. D’Andrea—instructor, general cataloged catalog department—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Rebecca J. Dart—instructor, general cataloged catalog department—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Patricia B. Devlin—instructor, reference librarian, West Campus Learning Resources Center—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Zena K. Friedman—reference librarian, Law Library—Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Tamara U. Frost—serials cataloger, instructor of library science—Texas A&M University, College Station.

Dalal S. Greiss—instructor, Arabic bibliographer/ cataloger, acquisition department/cat- alog department—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Maria Grossmann—librarian for collection development, Harvard University Library— Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

George C. Hart—instructor, Latin American bibliographer, acquisition department— Ohio State University, Columbus.

H. G. Jones—curator of the North Carolina Collection—University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Linda M. Lester—assistant librarian— State University of New York, Agricultural and Technical College at Cobleskill.

Charles R. Machovec—science librarian— University of Miami, Florida.

Ruth Murray—co-ordinator of public services—University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Fr. D. F. Robertson—special collections librarian—University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Cecilia H. Saxena—instructor, general cataloger, catalog department—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Beatrice D. Simmons—director of learning resources—State University of New York, Agricultural and Technical College at Cobleskill.

Grazyna T. Slanda—Slavic cataloged Harvard College Library—Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


At Baker & Taylor all titles on MARC tape as supplied by the Library of Congress are now available cataloged and processed —and there is no extra charge if LC numbers are not in- cluded on your order.

Catalog cards using Library of Congress classi- fication and subject headings and Unabridged Dewey classification with Library of Congress subject headings (LC/LC and Dewey/LC) pro- vide descriptive cataloging, subject analysis and classification exactly as on MARC tape. Processing materials are computer produced and supplied with your books.

Cataloging and processing from MARC tape offers you a wide variety of call number for- mats at no extra cost. Here are a few examples of Baker & Taylor's low cost LC/LC and Dewey/LC processing options:

Additionally, at your option, titles not accessi- ble from MARC tape are often available from Baker & Taylor's computer file of Dewey/LC and Abridged Dewey/Sears cataloging, pre- pared by our own professional library staff. Each order for processed books must be ac- companied by a specification sheet. Request the specification sheet for the type of cata- loging you prefer. Write to your nearest Baker & Taylor Library Service Center.

The Baker & Taylor Co.



50 Kirby Avenue, Tel: 201-722-8000 N.Y. City Tel: 212-227-8470


Tel: 404-335-5000


Gladiola Avenue Tel: 815-472-2444 Chicago Tel: 312-641-3233


Industrial Park Tel: 214-427-3811


380 Edison Way Tel: 702-786-6700

New Books Inspection Center 5820 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90036, Tel: 213-938-2925

Rose Ann Spaith—instructor, general cataloged catalog department—Ohio State University, Columbus.

Perry R. Stahl—science librarian, instructor in library administration—University of Oregon, Eugene.

Carolyn J. Stanley—assistant science librarian—University of South Carolina Library, Columbia.

John Teskey—assistant to the librarian, administration—University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

T. Philip Tompkins—associate director of libraries—University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Herman L. Totten—dean, School of Li- brarianship—University of Oregon, Eugene.

Pamela Walton—microtext center librarian in special collections, instructor—Texas A&M University, College Station.

Caroline L. Webb—vice-president—The Library Associates.

William H. Webb—managing editor of Reference Book Guides—The Library Associates.

Nancy P. Zaphibis—serials cataloger, Harvard College Library—Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Dr. Louise K. Kelly,senior assistant librarian and curator for the Penn State Collection at the Pennsylvania State University libraries, retired on December 31, 1973.

Seva J. Khawiec,senior assistant librarian and assistant to the head of the Slavic program at the Pennsylvania State University libraries, University Park, retired on December 31, 1973.

Stephen A. McCarthy,executive director of the Association of Research Libraries, announced his retirement effective December 31, 1974.

Joseph C. Shipmanretired as director of the Linda Hall Library on February 1. He assumed the post of librarian emeritus, and will continue to work part-time as curator of the History of Science Collection.


Kenneth H. Fagerhaugh,director of Carnegie-Mellon University libraries, died suddenly, January 30, of an apparent heart attack. He was 59 years old. He was associated with Carnegie-Mellon since 1952 as librarian and associate professor. aa

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