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Happy New Year!Most of us use the coming of the New Year as a time to reflect, take stock, and make resolutions and plans for the future.

ACRL, too, has plans for these traditional activities as the New Year starts. At the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Denver this month ACRL leaders will gather at a priority planning session and attempt to focus the association’s diverse interests and set priorities for the coming years.

When establishing priorities, these members will consider the interests of the membership and past activities. But as Carol Hughes and William Pfannenstiel point out in this issue, planning based solely on past practices is problematic. In “Practical visioning for the decade of austerity” they have prepared for ACRL an environmental scan that examines external issues, events, and trends that may have an impact on higher education, academic libraries, and ACRL.

The scan examines trends in economics, politics and access to information, demographics, scholarly communication, information technology, education, libraries, and associations.

It will be up to ACRL’s leaders to judge the extent to which each of these trends will affect ACRL and then to incorporate this information as they set priorities for the association. Future issues of C&RL News will report the results of the planning meeting.

We are also reminded in this issue how much academic libraries are affected by external events. Barbara Ford reports on a meeting of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges and its plans for examining libraries and information technology. In “Washington Hotline” Carol Henderson reports on an NREN policy workshop which included representatives from higher education, libraries, the computing industry, federal agencies, telecommunications companies, and network providers. Tom Kirk and Noreen Alldredge give us the latest report from the Coalition for Networked Information.

Many thanks to Eldon Tamblyn who again has donated his time and talent to preparing an annual index for C&RL News.

Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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