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Mary Ellen Davis

College of Wooster completes addition

The College of Wooster in Ohio recently completed a 32,000-square-foot addition to its library. The $5.6 mil- lion addition was made pos- sible by a $3.5 million gift from Flo (class of 1948) and Stanley Gault.

The new library is named the Flo K. Gault Library for Independent Study in recog- nition of the Gault’s signifi- cant gift and of Mrs. Gault’s decision to return to the college in 1986–87 to complete an independent study. During her research Mrs. Gault became very familiar with the college’s library but spent a great deal of her time working on her project in her dining room. “My dining room became my citadel. . . . I loved working there because I could watch .the winter birds in our backyard while reflect- ing on the next sentence,” she said.

The importance of the independent study as well as the interesting view was recognized in the development of private study carrels. “The most interesting feature of the new library will be the Independent Study carrels,” said Damon Hickey, director of libraries at Wooster. “Every senior in the social sciences and humanities will have a carrel. . . . Their design will provide privacy and virtually all of them will be alongside windows.”

Each of the 285 carrels will be wired for electricity and the college’s computer network. Students can bring their computers to the library, plug into the net- work, and be fully hooked up to the Internet. The li- brary also networked all its electronic indexes so that they are all accessible from a single database.

One of the new study carrels at the College of Wooster in Ohio.

“Previously, the elec- tronic indexes were at sepa- rate work stations,” ex- plained Hickey. “With the networking, students now can gain access to electronic indexes from any terminal in the library, so there will be no more waiting in lines to use a specific terminal with a specific database.”

In addition to the study carrels, the Gault addition provided space to consolidate the college’s special collections and established a single area for reference materials.

Tennessee universities await new libraries

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) both hope to have new library buildings soon. Cur- rently MTSU and ETSU are eighth and ninth on a list of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s capital outlay request to Gover- nor Don Sundquist, who has pledged that the two facilities will be a top budget priority. ETSU library dean Fred Borchuck said, “I expect we have a good chance of being funded since of- ten the top ten items are funded.”

ETSU has requested $28 million for a new 191,910-square-foot building fully wired for the information age. ETSU has an additional re- quest of nearly $1 million to purchase and outfit a variety of electronic learning labora- tories.

MTSU has requested $32.75 million to build a 250,000-square-foot library that will also include a complete electronic informa- tion system connected to the campuswide fí-I ber optic backbone with 150 public access computer stations.

Borchuck and MTSU library dean Donald Craig are hopeful the projects will remain on the budget the governor recommends to the legislature. The legislature will act on the budget this spring and a decision on funding the projects should be announced in April.

ALA & ACRL to survey electronic services

ALA’s Office for Research Statistics (ORS) and ACRL, with financial support from Amer- itech Library Services, will survey a stratified sample of college and university libraries’ electronic services. Topics to be covered are: electronic public catalogs, electronic reference databases, electronic journals; electronic reserves; Internet services; computer hardware and software; technology for the disabled; electronic document delivery, digitization; cooperative practices, instruction, and future plans.

Mary Jo Lynch, director of ORS, is principal investigator for the project. Advisory committee members are Jennifer Cargill (Louisiana State University), Thomas Kirk (Earl- ham College), Deborah Leather (Towson State University), Richard Madaus (College Center for Library Auto

Celebrate National Women’s History Month with the “20th Century Women” poster set featuring women prominent in six fields including literature (above). The three-color, six-poster set is available for $10, plus $4 shipping/handling, from the National Women’s History Project, 7738 Bell Rd., Dept. P, Windsor, CA 95492; (707) 838-6000.mation), and Ronald Naylor (University of Miami). The results will be published by ALA in the fall of 1996.

Lazerow research available from ACRL

Kuang-Hwei (Janet) Lee- Smeltzer, catalog librarian at Oregon State University, has completed the research project funded by ACRL’s Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for Research in Acquisitions or Technical Services in an Academic or Research Library. A copy of her report, “Library Automation in Taiwan: Exploring the Potential for Cooperative Cataloging of Chinese Language Materials on an International Basis,” is available from ACRL. The report recognizes how the cataloging processes in Taiwanese libraries have been affected by the development of Chinese MARC and the Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange, the 75 use of automation technology, and the establishment of the national online bibliographic database (NBINet). The report outlines the development and current status of library automation in Taiwan and discusses issues related to cooperative cataloging of Chinese-language materials at the international level. Contact Elisa Topper at (800) 545-2433, ext. 2523, or to request a copy.

Consortia sign agreement with Encyclopaedia Britannica

Four university consortia have signed agreements with Encyclopædia Britannica, bringing the number of college students with access to Britannica Online to well over one million. Signing agreements with Britannica were seven members of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), consisting primarily of Big Ten universities; 16 members of OhioLink, a consortium of colleges and universities in Ohio; the University System of Georgia, with 33 member schools; and the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), a consortium of the 39 publicly supported colleges and universities in Virginia, as well as a number of private institutions.

Britannica Online contains the entire text of the 44-million-word Encyclopædia Britannica, more than 2,200 graphics and illustrations, and thousands of direct links to other sources of information on the Internet related to topics covered in Britannica Online. Users can ask questions and receive a list of articles ranked according to their relevance to the query.

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