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Jane Hedberg

How to report stolen manuscripts

The Professional Autograph Dealers Association (PADA) has established a system for reporting stolen or missing manuscripts to its member- ship, thus enabling libraries and archives to alert auto- graph dealers to possibly il- legal transactions. The system has two parts: an alert net- work for reporting newly dis- covered losses and a data- base to register missing manuscript materials. To report a newly dis- covered loss, call (888) 338-4338 toll-free and PADA will immediately notify its membership by fax or phone. Provide as much information as possible in the report: a detailed description of the manuscript stolen; the date and circum- stances of the loss; the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the contact person at the institution; and any law enforcement officers involved. To register an older loss in the data- base, mail a detailed description of the manu- script, with any of the information listed above, to Catherine Barnes, head of PADA’s Security Committee, P.O. Box 30117, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Please do not use the toll-free number to report older losses. For the present, the in- formation collected will be available only to PADA members, but in the future it may be offered to nonmembers on a subscription ba- sis. This service is offered free-of-charge to re- porting institutions.

Cornell publishes digital imaging guide

The Department of Preservation and Conservation at Cornell University Library has published Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives by Anne R. Kenney and Stephen Chapman. The 200-page looseleaf guide is an expanded version of the training manual used during Cornell’s weeklong digital imaging workshops. It covers the issues involved in planning a digital imaging project, including key concepts and terms, hardware, software, creation of databases and indexes, conversion from photographs and film, long-term access, management of the technical infrastructure to support an imaging project, outsourcing, and continuing education. It also has two “formula cards” for calculation of project conversion, storage, and access requirements.

The guide is $75.00, plus $5.00 s/h. Order from Mary Arsenault, 214 Olin Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853; e-mail: mla4@ Make checks payable to “Department of Preservation, Cornell University.” Prepayment is required.

CCAHA publishes leaflet about mold

The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) has updated the first leaflet in its technical series, Managing a Mold Invasion: Guidelines for Disaster Response. It offers practical advice for coping with mold on library and archival materials, health concerns, first response procedures, inactivation procedures, fungicides and fungistats, cleaning and disinfecting, and planning for prevention. It also provides a section of general references and recovery services. Copies may be purchased for $3.50 from CCAHA, 264 South 23rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19103; phone: (215) 545-0613; fax: (215) 735-9313. Prepayment is required.

Disaster manual mounted on Web

The Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC) has mounted the revised edition (1994) of its Western New York Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual for Libraries and Archives on the Web. It contains 21 worksheets for creating a basic disaster plan; a reference section with short essays on planning, setting collection priorities, protection, response, and rehabilitation; plus a bibliography and list of suppliers. Some of the information is useful only for repositories in western New York, but not all. It can be found at http:/ / htm#INTRODUCTION. ■

Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions may be made to: Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College Library, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02181(617) 283-2103; fax: (617) 283-3690; JHEDBERG@WELLESLEY.EDU.



Foil 1996

Association of College & Research Libraries

2 - ACRL Publications


Preporing for Accreditation:

A Handbook for Academic Librarians

Patricia Ann Sacks and Sara Lou Whildin

This valuable, step-by-step workbook helps librarians complete their self-study and evaluation processes.

$18.00, 80p.

0-8389-0621-4, 1993

Measuring Academic Library Performance: APractical Approach

Nancy Van House, Beth Weil, and Charles McClure

This easy-to-use set of output measures is designed to assist in measuring the impact, efficiency, and effectiveness of academic library activities.

$34.00, 140p„ 0-8389-0529-3, 1990; $75.00 with self-running database, 0-8389-0542-0, 1991

Recruiting the Academic Library Director: ACompanion to the Search Committee Handbook

Sharon Rogers and Ruth Person

$1 8.95; ACRL member $15.95 0-8389-7484-8. 1991

CLIP Notes

Practical ideas for managing your library’s programs and services are contained in ACRL’s College Library Information Packets (CLIP) Notes. Each CLIP Note provides data and sample documents from college and small university libraries that will assist you in establishing or refining services and operations.


Reference Training in Academic Libraries,CLIP Note #24

Kimberley Robles, Neal Wyatt, comps.Survey of training programs in small and medium-sized libraries with examples of training documentation for both new and experienced librarians. Among the areas covered are desk service, reference collection and subject special- ist knowledge, database training, Internet services, library instruction, outreach skills, plus evaluation methods for both the trainee and the program.

$31.95; ACRL member $27.95, 180p. 0-8389-7842-8, 1996


User Surveys in College Libraries,CLIP Note #23

Mignon S. Adams, Jeffrey A. Beck, comps.

Presents examples of a wide variety of survey instruments used by college libraries, including user satisfaction surveys, scripts for focus groups and interviews, surveys on specific areas of the library, surveys of online services, and facilities surveys. Examples are also included of the various tools that will affect response rate, such as cover letters, directions, and rewards or motiva- tors for completion.

$24.95; ACRL member $20.95, 118p. 0-8389-7825-8, 1995

Allocation Formulas in Academic Libraries,CLIP Note #22

Jane H. Tuten, Beverly Jones, comps.Identifies elements used in allocation formulas and provides guidelines for college and small university libraries for implementing formulas in the budget allocation process. Includes a variety of documents representing different allocation methods, such as weighted, unweighted, and percentage-based formulas; narrative descriptions; and sample worksheets.

$23.95; ACRL member $19.95, 90p. 0-8389-7812-6, 1995

Library Services for Non- Affiliated Patrons,CLIP Note #21

Eugene S. Mitchell, comp.

Sample policies and procedures for dealing with service to the non-affiliated library user. Collected from academic institutions nationally. Includes examples of information sheets, application and registration forms, ID cards, recourse letters, and reciprocal agreements.

$32.95; ACRL member $27.95, 151p. 0-8389-7781-2, 1995

Managing Student Employees in College Libraries,CLIP Note #20

Michael Kathman, Jane McGurn Kathman, comps.

Comprehensive guidance for managing student employees. Includes examples of policies and procedures for employment, dismissal, orientation, training, supervision, and performance review. “Highly recommended for small and medium-sized libraries employing student workers.”—Library Journal

$29.95; ACRL member $25.95, 140p. 0-8389-7752-9, 1994

Emergency Planning and Management in College Libraries,CLIP Note #17

Susan C. George, comp.

Policies and procedures for emergency planning and management in college libraries. Includes examples of plans covering everything from earthquakes to salvage procedures.

$28.95; ACRL member $25.95, 146p. 0-8389-7710-3, 1994

Interlibrary Loan in College Libraries,CLIP Note #16

Roxann Bustos, comp.

Sample policies and procedure statements, forms, public relations documents, and instructional handouts for libraries offering online searching, CD-ROM, and other computer-based services.

$34.50; ACRL member $28.75, 148p. 0-8389-7652-2, 1993

Database Searching in College Libraries,CLIP Note #15

Sarah Pederson, writer and comp.

Samples of policies and procedures statements, forms, promotional documents, and instructional handouts.

$29.95; ACRL member $24.95, 123p. 0-8389-7651-4, 1993

Audiovisual Policies in College Libraries,CLIP Note #14

Kristine Brancolini, comp.

“The documentation included in the kit is clear and of good quality and covers all aspects of establishing and managing an audiovisual collection.”—LRTS

$21.95; ACRL member $18.95, 152p. 0-8389-7495-3, 1991

College Library Newsletters,CLIP Note #13

Patricia Smith Butcher and Susan McCarthy Campbell, comps.

Sample newsletters as well as nameplates, graphics, and style manuals/guidelines for guest editors are included.

$18.95; ACRL member $15.95, 154p. 0-8389-7445-7, 1990

Performance Appraisal in Academic Libraries,CLIP Note #12

Barbara Williams Jenkins, comp., with the assistance of Mary L. Smalls

“. . . a wide variety of philosophies and approaches, ranging from series of relatively open-ended questions to grids for grading employees on specific qualities and achievements.”—JAL $18.95; ACRL member $15.95, 128p. 0-8389-7444-9, 1990

Collection Development Policies for College Libraries,CLIP Note #11

Theresa Taborsky, comp.

“. . . this volume is well worth the price.”

—Library Journal

$26.95; ACRL member $21.95, 175p. 0-8389-7295-0, 1989

Annual Reports for College Libraries,CLIP Note #10

Kenneth Oberembt, comp.

$21.95; ACRL member $18.75, 135p. 0-8389-7219-5, 1988

Friends of College Libraries,CLIP Note #9

Ronelle Thompson, comp.

“This is a must for two groups of libraries: those who have Friends groups and those who do not. ”—Library Journal

$18.75; ACRL member $15.50, 134p. 0-8389-7171-7, 1987

Periodicals in College Libraries,CLIP Note #8

Jamie Webster Hastreiter, Larry Hardesty, David Henderson, comps.“Recommended for all college and university libraries.”—Library Journal

$18.75; ACRL member $15.45, ll6p. 0-8389-7143-1, 1987


Discovering Librarians: Profiles of a Profession

Mary Jane Scherdin, editor

Results of national studies of vocational interests of library and information professionals. The librarian profile is presented from the ACT, the Strong Interest Inventories, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the SIGI PLUS computer-aided career guidance tool, along with analysis of demographic data. Readers “will be rewarded with a better understanding of their own career choices and the need to insure that guidance counselors and guidance tools accurately reflect the current needs of our profession”—Library Journal

$35.95; ACRL member $31.95, 220p. 0-8389-7753-7, 1994

Academic Status: Statements and Resources,Second Edition

Susan Kroll, editor

A compilation of the ACRL standards and guidelines that apply to faculty status for academic librarians, as well as a selective bibliography.

$ 10.95; ACRL member $8.95, 62p. 0-8389-7739-1, 1994

ACRL Publications -5


Collection Managment in the Electronic Age: AManual for Creating Community College Collection Development Policy Statements

Jennie S. Boyarski, Kate Hickey, editors

A survey of community and junior colleges’ collection develop- ment poli- cies with examples of eleven com- plete and seven partial policy state- ments.

“. . . valuable to academic and school libraries of all sizes and should be read by librarians engaged in collection development …”

—Library Journal

$42.95; ACRL member $35.95, 197p. 0-8389-7737-5, 1994

Vocational and Technical Resources for Community College Libraries

Mary Ann Laun, editor

Annotated bibliographies presenting a collection of resources, both print and nonprint, that are needed to support a vocational and technical curriculum for a community college, or a vocational or technical institution. Useful to undergraduate students, vocational and technical students, librarians, faculty, and the general public looking for information on these programs’ resources. “This will become a standard selection tool for libraries in community college, technical institutes, and vocational- technical high schools. . . . four-year-college libraries and medium-size and large public libraries . . . should consider it for their reference collections.”—Booklist

$95.00, ACRL member $85.00, 622p. 0-8389-7775-8, 1995


Directory of Curriculum Materials Centers,Fourth Edition

Beth Anderson, editor

This directory includes 278 institutions and lists location, contact information, budgets, physical space, collection size, staff, hours of operation, and other descriptive information.

$26.50; ACRL member $22.50, 175p. 0-8389-7862-2, 1996

Books for College Libraries III

This set covers more than 50,000 titles chosen to represent a core collection of books for four-year college and university libraries. BCL3 is also available on machine- readable tape. Contact ACRL. “Highly recommended."—Library Journal.

$600/6 vol. set, $125 individual volume 0-8389-3353-X, 1988

Western European Studies:

Current Research Trends & Library Resources

Eva Sartori, Ceres Birkhead, John Cullars, John Dillon, Thomas Kilton, editors

Eleven research papers offer thoughtful synthesis, personal insight, and information useful for anyone dealing with recent scholarship in Western European studies.

$32.95; ACRL member $29.95, 120p. 0-83 89-7461-9, 1990

Curriculum Materials Center Collection Development Policy,Second Edition

Beth G. Anderson, Virginia Nordstrom, Karin Duran, Allison G. Kaplan, comps.

A model policy is provided along with example policies from libraries that illustrate modifications to the model to fit specific local needs.

$16.95; ACRL member $14.95, 46p. 0-8389-7707-3, 1993

Women’s Studies Collection Development Policies

The WSS Collection Development and Bibliography Committee

This unique tool identifies issues and provides models of existing policies. Complete policy statements from 16 university libraries illustrate the range of issues and provide a variety of models. The “RLG Conspectus: Women’s Studies” supplemental guideline, included as an appendix, identifies issues unique to women’s studies and describes materials and sources.

$35.95; ACRL member $29.95, 122p. 0-8389-7596-8, 1992

State Education Documents:

A State-bγ-State Directory for Their Requisition and Use

EBSS Education-Related Government Publications Subcommittee

This directory provides the means to access the large variety of state education documents available from government agencies. $21.95; ACRL member $ 18.95, 54p. 0-8389-7327-2, 1989


Publications in this series from CHOICE are compiled by the editors from reviews previously published in the magazine (volumes 27 through 29, Asian Americans through volume 30, Environmental Studies through volume 32). Each collection provides the full text of the CHOICE review and author and title indexes. The editors consider these collections representative of the significant books that CHOICE reviewed in the subject areas.

Environmental Studies

$38.00, 893 titles, 164p. 0-8389-7808-8, 1995

* African and African American Studies

$22.00, approximately 750 titles, 152p. 0-8389-7691-1, 1992

* Native American Studies

$15.00, 278 titles, 60p. 0-8389-7632-8, 1992

* Asian and Asian American Studies

$20.00, 605 titles, 113p. 0-8389-7691-3, 1993

* Latino Studies

$20.00, 525 titles, 112p. 0-83 89-7631-X, 1992

*Order these titles from CHOICE Magazine, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457. Order Environmental Studies from ACRL.



Bibliographic Control of Conference Proceedings, Papers, and Conference Materials ALCTS Papers on Library Technical Services and Collections, no. 7

Olivia M. A. Madison, Sara Shatford Layne, editors

Five papers delivered at a preconference on Bibliographic Control of Conference Proceedings. Covers issues of cataloging, reference/interlibrary loan, and collection development. Four appendixes include a history of Library of Congress Rule Interpretations relevant to conference proceedings, exercises and examples illustrating problems from the public services perspective, a reprint of recommendations for publishers, and a discussion leaders’ guide from the preconference.

Price T.B.D., 130p. 0-8389-7860-6, 1996

Guide to Searching the Bibliographic Utilities for Conference Proceedings

Nirmala S. Bangalore, Judith A. Carter, editors

A convenient guide detailing search strategies for finding conference proceedings in either RUN, OCLC/PRISM, or WLN utilities.

$7.95; ACRL member $6.95, 15p. 0-8389-7734-0, 1994

Science and engineering Conference Proceedings:

A Guide to Sources for Identification and Verification

Barbara DeFelice, editor

Overview of the coverage and indexing of conference proceedings and papers in subject-oriented abstracting and indexing services. A valuable working tool for the practicing librarian involved with public services for the scientific and engineering community.

$16.50; ACRL member $14.00, 84p. 0-8389-7790-1, 1995

Abstracting, Information Retrieval, and the Humanities:

Providing Access to Historical Literature, Publications in Librarianship: No. 48

Helen R. Tibbo

An examination of the qualities and functions of abstracts and the challenges involved in text condensation.

$35.00, 276p. 0-8389-3430-7, 1993


Examples to Accompany Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books

Prepared by the Bibliographic Standards Committee of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

“The introduction is clear, the bibliography useful, the indexes exhaustive and the records themselves painstakingly accurate. In short, it is a model of its kind, and should be consulted not only by those cataloguers currently using the code but also all managing librarians considering its adoption.”—Rare Books Newsletter

$29.95; ACRL members $23.95, 148p. 0-8389-7672-7, 1993

Thesauri for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging

These thesauri were developed for use in MARC field 655 and 755. Each thesaurus provides standardized vocabulary for retrieving items by form and genre or by various physical characteristics that are typically of interest to special collections librarians.

Genre Terms(2nd ed.)

$21.95; ACRL member $1 8.95, 90p. 0-8389-7516-X, 1991

Paper Terms

$8.95; ACRL member $7.50, 52p. 0-8389-7427-9, 1990

Type Evidence

$8.95; ACRL member $7.50, 19p. 0-8389-7428-7, 1990

Binding Terms

$11.50; ACRL member $9.50, 37p. 0-8389-7210-1, 1988

Printing & Publishing Evidence

$8.95; ACRL member $7.50, 28p. 0-8389-7108-3, 1986

Provenance Evidence

$10.50; ACRL member $8.50, 24p. 0-8389-7239-X, 1988



Teaching Information Retrieval and Evaluation Skills to Educa- tion Students and Practitioners:

A Casebook of Applications

Patricia O’Brien Libutti, Bonnie Gratch, editors

Scenarios depicting actual instructional sessions at the undergraduate, graduate, practitio- ner, and high-school level using goals and objectives statements. Several cases include the teaching of ERIC and Internet resources. Most useful are the reflective analyses of the sessions by librarian-instructors that reveal lessons learned about teaching technology.

$26.50; ACRL member $22.50, 152p. 0-8389-7813-4, 1995

Read This First: An Owner’s Guide to the New Model Statement of Objectives for Academic Bibliographic Instruction

Carolyn Dusenbury, Monica Fusich, Kathleen Kenny, and Beth Woodard, editors

“. . . the MSO [model statement objectives] may serve as a checklist in evaluating existing BI programs, developing educational goals when determining new programs, and determining whether such goals are being achieved.”—Library Journal

$19.95; ACRL member $16.45, 72p. 0-83 89-7548-8, 1991

Learning to Teach: Workshops on Instruction

Nine workshops cover the basics including clear, concise discussions of classroom techniques, new technologies, and instruction in a multicultural environment. This collection of workshops is designed to develop fundamental skills and addresses critical issues in bibliographic instruction. “Recommended for practitioners as well as academic, library school, and school library collections.”—Library Journal

$24.95; ACRL member $21.95, 86p. 0-8389-7627-1, 1993

Sourcebook for Bibliographic Instruction

The Editorial Board of the Bibliographic Instruction Section

A working, desk-top tool for new and experienced bibliographic instruction librarians, the Sourcebook is practical and easy-to-use. Five essential topics are covered: learning theory, instructional design, teaching methods, evaluation, and administration. “Highly recommended for all institutions engaging in BI.”—Library Journal

$1 8.95; ACRL member $16.95, 96p. 0-8389-7673-5, 1993


Continuity and Transformation: The Promise of Confluence

Proceedings of the Seventh National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries

Richard AmRhein, editor

Describes how librarians across the country are incorporat- ing new and established technologies to enhance the teaching, learning, and research processes. Includes 54 refereed contributed papers and abstracts of 31 panel sessions.

$49.95; ACRL member $44.95, 500p.

0-8389-7786-3, 1995

Academic Libraries Achieving Excellence in Higher Education:

Proceedings of the Sixth National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries

Thomas Kirk, editor

Practical examinations and solutions to current academic library problems are included in 4 keynote addresses, 36 program reports, and 52 refereed contributed papers. . . . an excellent professional development resource for librarians trying to keep current and for new librarians concerned about the profession.”—JAL

$49.95; ACRL member $44.95, 522p. 0-8389-7622-0, 1992

ACRL University Library Statistics, 1994–95

Library Research Center, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, comp.

Data from over 100 participating libraries. Library categories include collections, personnel, expenditures, and interlibrary loan. Institutional categories include degrees offered, enrollment size, and faculty size.

$79.95; ACRL member $49.95, 84p. 0-8389-7831-2, 1996

ACRL University Library Statistics, 1992–93

Library Research Center, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, comp.

$69.95; ACRl member $39.95, 80p. 0-8389-7738-3, 1994

ACRL University Library Statistics, 1990–91

Library Research Center, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, comp.

$69.95; ACRL member $39.95, 80p. 0-8389-7587-9, 1992

ACRL University Library Statistics, 1988–89

Denise Bedford, comp.

$49.95; ACRL member $29.95, 79p. 0-8389-7446-5, 1990

ACRL University Library Statistics, 1987–88

Robert E. Molyneux, comp.

$49.95; ACRL member $29.95, 79p. 0-8389-7288-8, 1989

ACRL/Historically Black Colleges & Universities Library Statistics, 1988–89

Robert E. Molyneux, comp.

$35.95; ACRL member $25.95, 101 p. 0-8389-7547-X, 1991


5. Mail order to:

ACRL, Attention: Hugh Thompson, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 606ll. For faster, more personal service, call toll-free (800) 545-2433, press 7, or fax (312) 836-9958.

Terms of Business.Institutions and individuals may order on account, plus postage and handling. Prepayment should accompany individuals’ orders of $30 or less. Shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders. All prices are payable in U.S. funds, net 30 days. First price is list price.

Discounts.ALA personal and organizational members are eligible to receive a ten percent (10%) discount on ACRL materials (except subscription items). To receive the discount, give your membership number, and deduct the discount when preparing your orders. ACRL personal and organizational members receive 10-30% discount on nonsubscription ACRL materials. Look for the ACRL member price in this booklet.


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Many standards have been made available electronically. Access through the ALA/ ACRL gopher at “, port 70”, or ACRL’s home page on the World Wide Web at

Items on pages 13 and 14 may be photocopied for noncommercial purposes.



Book review journal of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Eleven issues per year (July/August combined).

Available by subscription only, $177/year domestic rate; $198/year foreign rate; single issues $21.00 ISSN: 0009-4978.

Also available as:


Reviews from each monthly issue of Choice printed on 3x5 cards.

Available to Choice subscribers only for $266/ year domestic rate; $289/year foreign rate; sample box $32.00. Order either Choice product from: Circulation Department, Choice, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457 (203) 347-6933.

Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship

A journal of theory and practice covering all aspects of special collections librarianship. Two issues/year.

$30.00 U.S.; $35.00 for Canada and Mexico; and all other countries $45.00; single issues $15.00 each. ISSN: 0884-450X.

College & Research Libraries

Official journal of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Six bimonthly issues per year. Sent to ACRL members as a perquisite of membership. Also available on subscription.

$55.00 per year in the U.S.; Canada and Mexico $60.00 per year; and all other countries $65.00; single issues $14.00 each.

ISSN: 0010-0870.

College & Research Libraries News

Official news magazine of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Eleven issues per year (July/August combined). Sent to ACRL members as perquisite of membership. Also available on subscription.

$35.00 per year in the U.S.; $40.00 per year in Canada and other PUAS countries; $45.00 in other foreign countries; single issues $6.50 each. ISSN: 0099-0086.

College & Research Libraries and College & Research Libraries News,Index For Volumes 41–50 (1980–89)

$29.95; ACRL member $25.95, 180p. 0-8389-7487-2, 1991

Note:Order magazine subscriptions from CHOICE Magazine, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457.


ACRL publicalions provide practical ideas, tools, and methods for: management, bibliographic instruction, special collections, collection development, statistics, and research. The convenient and cost-cutting ACRL approval order plan provides automatic priority shipping of ACRL’s new books at a 20% discount to ACRL members (10% to nonmembers).

There are two approval plan categories from which to choose:

• Plan P guarantees that you will automatically be sent all new ACRL publications including CLIP Notes. ACRL publishes approximately 5 to 6 new titles each year.

• Plan PC is exclusively for titles in the CLIP Notes (College Library Information Packets) series. CLIP Notes collect data and sample documents from academic libraries to assist librarians in establishing or refining services and operations.

It’s easy to enroll. Make your selection on the order form in this catalog. Or call or write the ACRL Publications Officer indicating the category you have chosen. ACRL/ALA, Approval Plan, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611; (800) 545-2433, ext. 2517

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