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by Carol C. Henderson Deputy Director ALA Washington Office

Interlibrary Cooperation. Despite a lawsuit involving ten states and two adverse General Accounting Office opinions, the Reagan Administration is continuing to impound $20 million in Library Services and Construction Act funds provided by Congress for FY 1982. The lawsuit seeks a court order compelling the Administration to distribute the full amount to the states. Prepared by the New York Attorney General's office and filed in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C., on March 5, the suit has been joined by Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Congress provided $71.5 million for LSCA (including $11.5 million for LSCA III interlibrary cooperation)‚ but funds are being released at a lower rate of $51.8 million. The Administration has asked Congress to rescind or "unappropriate” the difference. Congress had 45 working days, or until April 22, to agree to the rescission, but showed no indication of doing so. Meanwhile, the General Accounting Office twice ruled the withholding of LSCA funds illegal impoundment, and said the Administration had no authority to request rescissions on mandatory spending programs such as LSCA. If the funds are not released after April 22, the states will undoubtedly press their suit.

The impetus of the 1979 White House Conference on Library and Information Services caused the Carter Administration to request an increase in LSCA III interlibrary cooperation from $5 to $12 million, to which Congress agreed.

The funds have provided for resource sharing among different types of libraries and have upgraded telecommunications linkages among libraries. Academic libraries have benefitted substantially. The Reagan Administration has proposed elimination of LSCA in FY 1983. Informal surveys of the states by the ALA Washington Office indicate that much cooperation across local and state boundaries would disappear without the support for administration and equipment provided by LSCA III.

Tax Deduction for Art and Manuscript Donations. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) introduced on March 17 a revised bill (S.2225) to restore a full fair market value tax deduction for donations of literary, musical, or artistic compositions by their creators to charitable institutions such as libraries. Since the 1969 Tax Reform Act which removed the deduction, donations of contemporary literary and musical manuscripts to academic and research libraries have declined markedly.

If there appears to be support among Senate Finance Committee members‚

Sen. Baucus may offer his bill as an amendment in committee to an as yet unnamed and unnumbered tax measure. Librarians and researchers who are constituents of Senate Finance Committee members are urged to contact them to ask their support of Sen. Baucus’ bill. The text of S.2225 along with an introductory statement was published in the March 17 Congressional Record, pp. S2307-8 (daily edition). Cosponsors of S.2225, Sens. Daniel Moynihan (D- N.Y.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Robert Kasten (R-Wisc.), Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), and Steven Symms (R-Id.), along with Sen. Baucus, should be thanked by their constituents.

**** ERRATUM ****

The correct phone number for the Foundation for Books to China is: (415) 765-0664. C&RL News‚ April 1982, p.118, listed the area code incorrectly.

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