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Not wanting to be completely left out of mainstream trends, C&RL News this month matches the Hollywood trend of releasing blockbuster disaster movies in the summer. Turn to page 403 and find out how you can connect to a disaster near you. Linda Musser and Lisa Recupero have prepared this month’s Internet resources list which includes information on twisters, backdrafts, volcanoes, outbreaks, and other disasters at your local Web site. Even asteroid impacts are covered. Remember that all of C&RL News’ Internet resources articles are posted on ACRL’s Web site with hypertext links provided for the reviewed resources ( Because of the popularity of these articles, we also provide an index to topics covered in the last year on page 406.

This issue also contains the first of a two-part report on the many programs offered at ACRL’s 8th National Conference in Nashville (page 386). A preliminary look at conference evaluations shows that attendees found the sessions energizing with lots of ideas to take home. My thanks to the many volunteers who provided summaries of the programs.

ACRL members have been actively working on ACRL’s goal to “collaborate with other professional organizations and associations of higher education in order to promote mutual interests.” A report of the liaison work being carried out appears on page 394.

Status for librarians is one of those timeless issues on which the debate never truly ends. ACRL’s Institutional Priorities and Faculty Rewards Task Force, chaired by W. Bede Mitchell, shares its draft report on defining scholarship for librarians (page 414). Send your comments to Bede and/or attend the hearings in San Francisco.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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