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Challenging organizational structures

To the Editor:

The “Model Statement for the Screening and Appointment of Academic Librarians Using a Search Committee" (November 1992) is well done with one exception. It takes as a given that this body should act in a “consultative” manner. I think it’s time that these efforts should be a partnership with the director or appropriate administrator. This partnership would require consensus of all parties or, perhaps even more radically, a simple unanimous vote of the search committee. I believe it’s time to challenge the top down organizational structures of our libraries (and colleges and universities) that offer the guise of democratic participation. Organizations should elect their leaders in the same way we elect our government leaders.—Terry Link, public policy librarian, Michigan State University, East Lansing

Offensive cover features Colorado

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the cover of the December C&RL News. [University of Colorado at Denver, Auraria Campus] I found it highly offensive. As a longtime supporter of human rights back to the sixties, I have always prided myself in working for those who have been discriminated against. I also oppose all discrimination but unfortunately, you do not. In choosing to honor a state which denies a group of citizens its human rights, you are contributing to a climate of hatred and bigotry. I am very tired of people preaching how liberal ALA is when I see so many blatant examples of its sexist, racist, and homophobic nature. None of which someone like yourself with your education is immune to. I am at a loss as to why anyone should keep renewing ACRL membership if this is the intolerance its members receive. Barbra Streisand has led a fine example for the rest of the country by boycotting Colorado in any way. I suggest you examine your conscience (if you have any) and let your heart lead. Maybe your next cover should be of South African and the wonderful progress they’re making -Joseph T. King, San Francisco

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