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Conference Circuit: Technologists and librarians working together

By Laverna M. Saunders

The 1992 CAUSE Conference

While attending the recent CAUSE con- ference in Dallas called “Grasping the Momentum of the Information Age,” I experi- enced several surprises. The first, an hour-long power outage, happened while I was present- ing a preconference on the virtual library. Since my partner and I had completed the computer- assisted portion of our workshop, we contin- ued “in the dark” with oral presentations by several guest speakers and then moved on to small group discussions under dim emergency lighting. This event brought out with irony the fragility of the virtual library. Across the hall, however, George Brett, Joan Lippincott, and Peggy Seiden hot-wired their computers into the lighting system and continued with their workshop. The creativity and technical skill needed to do this also reflected on where we are in the evolution of electronic information transfer.

The second surprise was a comment made by one of our workshop participants, most of whom were administrators in computing centers at colleges and universities. During a discussion of the roles of technologists and librarians in creating the virtual library, the participant commented that it is hard to talk and work with librarians. We pursued this issue by exploring ways that the computer center and the library can collaborate to provide access to networked information. A few of these strategies included having group meetings, getting to know each other better, defining specific projects to work on together, reading the same literature, and identifying the right questions to ask in joint discussions. The group agreed that we need to redefine the roles on both sides, with computing center staff becoming more user oriented and library staff becoming more technologically informed.

Linking services

At one institution, the structure for working through these concerns was total quality management, though they didn’t call it that. Recognizing that the library and computing services share the same users, the staff of the two organizations cooperated in determining what their users expect and identifying how and who would meet those needs.

At another institution, a reorganization which formally linked the library and computer center forced a dialog. In other places the need to reallocate resources created a demand to look for ways to work together rather than compete.

Another surprise came in the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) reporting session when a technologist asked that CNI develop a thesaurus of library jargon so he could understand what librarians were talking about. He wanted to work with the librarians at his university but felt that he lacked the right language. This concern and related ones were voiced again in the current issues session “Computing and Library Organizations: Impact of Integrating Technologies,” which was conducted by Anne Woodsworth of the Palmer School.

Developing partnerships

The theme of developing partnerships between libraries and computer centers also came out in several other presentations. Carole Barone, a keynote speaker who is associate vice chancellor for information technology at the University of California-Davis, titled her talk “New Interpretations of Old Rules … or If the Ocean Is on the Right You Are Headed North.” Because the rate of technological change is up-

Lavema M. Saunders is assistant university librarian for technical services, University of Nevada, Las Vegassetting the equilibrium of organizations, Barone gave new rules to challenge technologists to change their perspective about management and organization behavior. She said that we need to address basic relationships and reprogram our thought patterns. We don’t know what is best for our clients and need to approach each with a fresh perspective, not just deliver a set slate of services. One of her recommendations to computing administrators was to align with the library on key joint projects and take advantage of the library’s traditionally strong support in the campus community.

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Academic Libraries Achieving Excellence in Higher Education: Proceedings of the Sixth National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries

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The Dartmouth Campus Information System (DCIS) was promoted by Robert Brentrup, who spoke about a campus information culture, and by Apple Computer, which sponsored several hands-on demonstrations. About 20-30 conferees sat at Macintosh stations and accessed DCIS through the Internet. The main features available were the library catalog, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and weather maps. Dartmouth has tried to provide “a port for every pillow” for student use and has begun upgrading to ethernet links for the more than 6,000 Macintosh computers in use. The campus philosophy followed the “library model” in which computing is considered a public utility, centrally funded, provided free, with services reaching everyone.

CAUSE is the professional association for managing and using information technology in higher education. It is associated with administrative computing, whereas EDUCOM focuses on academic computing. Its annual conferences offer an excellent venue for librarians to hear about the applications of information technology on campus. This year’s conference will be December 7-10 in San Diego. If you have ideas for a program proposal, contact the CAUSE office at 4840 Pearl East Circle, Suite 302E, Boulder, CO 80301. Librarians are welcome at CAUSE, and the conference provides a relaxed setting for getting new ideas. ■

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