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"Alas, Poor Ghost": Traditions of Belief in Story and Discourse,by folklorist Gillian Bennett (223 pages, November 1999), examines the relationship between narration and personal belief in the supernatural or paranormal. By interviewing groups of women in Manchester and Leicester, Bennett foun…igh degree of acceptance of ghosts, hauntings and life after death, supported by firstor second-hand stories. Recognizing that “rationalism and supernaturalism arcompeting discourses” and that “neither is ‘better’ or less ‘superstitious’ than the other,” she opted to investigate the cultural processes that shape these narratives. I…inal chapter she puts her findings int…ultural context by exploring the Cock Lane poltergeist of the 1740s, vanishing-hitchhiker stories, and others. $39-95. Utah State University. ISBN 087421-278-2.

Basic Book Repair Methods,by Abraham A. Schechter (102 pages, June 1999), offers well-illustrated, step-by-step methods for mending damaged books—techniques that many people expect you to be an authority on because you have an MLS. Schechter describes cleaning and mending paper, tightening and repairing book hinges, hinging-in pages and reattaching separated bindings and spines, and lists all the supplies you will need (includinecipe for making wheat-starch paste)…ery practical manual for fixing nonvaluable items from the general collections. $19-50. Libraries Unlimited. ISBN 156308-700-6.

Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, Supplement 1,by Donald F. Glut (442 pages, February 2000), bri0ngs the author’s mammoth 1997 reference work up-to-date with new discoveries, theories, and species. The essays on the dinosaur-bird relationship and dinosaur extinctions are particularly valuable. As with Glut’s earlier volume, the illustrations are plentiful and the text is aimed at the informed amateur as well as the professional scientist. Apparently this is the first in an open-ended series of irregularly published supplements. $60.00. McFarland & Company. ISBN 0-78640591-0.

The comprehensive index to Glut’s Carbon Dates…ay by Day Almanac of Paleo Anniversaries and Dino Events (296 pages, December 1999) rescues the usefulness of this work from becoming merel…isjointed mosaic of dinosaur fact and fiction…an’t imagine why anyone would nee…ecital of paleontological, cinematic, and literary events arranged by the days of the year. However, the author’s nutshell summaries and illustrations consisting of movie stills and fossil skeletons make this an amusing browse. $28.50. McFarland & Company. ISBN 0-7864-0592-9.

Dixie Before Disney: 100 Years of Roadside Fun,by Tim Hollis (193 pages, April 1999), celebrates Southern roadside and tourist attractions from the 1890s to the 1960s, the “pre-Disney days when traveling in the South meant ‘See Rock City,’ ‘Stuckey’s, 10 Miles,’ and ‘Silver Springs’ Famous Glass Bottom Boats.’” Over the years, Hollis collected many flyers, photos, ads, and postcards of this largely vanished world, many of them highlighting his observations on motels and restaurants, beaches, the mountains, preDisney theme parks, historical sites, scenic wonders, springs, jungle attractions, and Old West recreations. Conductin…ild safari ride through the histoiy of Southern tourism, Hollis points out the need fo…ore formal history; though, as he admits, “The very thought of an intellectual analysis o…pot such as Weeki Watchee Springs is enough to make one’s head swim.” $45.00. University Press of Mississippi. ISBN 1-57806-118-0.

Doughboy War: The American Expeditionary Force in World War I,edited by James H. Hallas (346 pages, November 1999), i…ollection of extracts from the journals, diaries, personal narratives, and unit histories of American soldiers who went to the Western Front from 1917 to 1918. The chapters are loosely ordered by topic, but the words of the soldiers themselves are consistently well-chosen and vivid, bringing to life the experiences o…eneration of Americans often forgotten in the wake of World War II. $55.00. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1800 30th St., Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301. ISBN 1-55587-855-5.

Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad, 1999-2001,by Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber (484 pages, November 1999), describes 1,400 funding programs (scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and internships) available to support research, professional, or creative activities abroad. The programs are arranged by type of applicant: high-school or undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral candidates, and professionals or other individuals. Five indexes offer access by program title, sponsoring organization, country, subject, and calendar. $45.00. Reference Service Press. ISBN 0-918276-63-2.

Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves, and the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia,by Woody Holton (231 pages, September 1999), addresses the paradoxical involvement of the rich, landed gentry—Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry— in the American Revolution. Though traditionally interpreted a…ax revolt, Holton shows that the Revolution had more complex origins in colonial society’s grassroots, especially the Indian tribes, small farmers, and slaves. The landowners were actually pushed to independence by the fear of devastating Indian wars, social upheaval, and slave revolts that might be better controlled b…trong local government…ell-documented history that explores the complicated social structure in pre-Revolution Virginia. $39-95. University of North Carolina. ISBN 08078-2501-8.

Forgin…ollection: The Frank W. Tober Collection on Literary Forgery(85 pages, September 1999) is the catalog of an exhibition held last year in the Morris Library at the University of Delaware based on holdings bequeathed by Tober…hemist with the DuPont Company. The collection includes materials on virtually every major forgery from antiquity to Clifford Irving’s faked autobiography of Howard Hughes. The catalog focuses on such memorable forgeries as the poems of Ossian, Thomas Chatterton’s Rowley forgeries, and William Henry Ireland’s faked Shakespeare play. $15.00. University of Delaware Library Associates, Morris Library, Newark, DE 19717-5267.

Innovative Use of Information Technology by Colleges(87 pages, August 1999) contains nine case studies on how college and mid-sized university libraries have used technology creatively to remain relevant and competitive. Written by Council on Library and Information Resources staff and members of its College Libraries Committee, the studies are based on site visits made in 1998. $20.00. CLIR Publication Orders, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036-2124. ISBN 1-887334-70-X.

Libraries and Information in the Arab World: An Annotated Bibliography,compiled by Lokman I. Meho and Mona A. Nsouli (349 pages, September 1999), i…omprehensive guide to more than 1,000 books, articles, and papers published between 1977 and 1998 on libraries and information centers throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The languages are mostly Arabic, English, and French, and the primary arrangement is by country subdivided by subject. Material on national and academic libraries is well-represented. $79.50. Greenwood Press. ISBN 0-313-31098-X.

The Oryx Guide to Natural History,by Patricia L. Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney (252 pages, November 1999), i…ood place to turn for quick answers to questions on the history of biology, geology, and astronomy. This guide provide…rief introduction…imeline…undown of discoveries and breakthroughs and definitions of terms for 30 different topics, including amphibians, bacteria and viruses, climate and weather, earthquakes, fossils, humans, plants, and the universe. The timelines are the backbones of each section and are divided into prehistoric and modern events, allowing you to follow the earth’s history from 4.55 billion years ago, when the earth’s crust formed to 1998. Interesting sidebars are scattered throughout: the speed of fish, the Fujita and Pearson tornado scale, notable fungi, earth’s atmospheric layers, two different classifications of modern animals, and Paleozoic orogenies…ist of naturalhistory Web sites comprises an appendix. $69.95. Oryx. ISBN 1-57356-159-2.

The Siege at Hue,by George W. Smith (194 pages, July 1999), i…etailed, firstperson account of the longest continuous battle of the Vietnam War. Charged with monitoring the civilian press corps that descended on Hue during the 1968 Tet offensive, Smith recounts the battles that were fought in the retaking of the city, its social and political upheaval, and the evacuation of nearly 3,000 citizens by the NVA and the Vietcong. Smith claims that the tenacity of NVA forces during Tet earned the respect of allied troops and triggere…equence of attitudinal changes in the United States. $49-95. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1800 30th St., Boulder, CO 80301. ISBN 1-55587-847-4. ■

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