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This issue includes Part 1 of the coverage of ACRL’s 9th National Conference, “Racing Toward Tomorrow,” held in Detroit, April 811, 1999. Over 3,000 attendees gathered to share ideas, hear the latest innovations in library servicers, and review state-of-the-art products and services. Conference attendees chose from among 233 program sessions and 232 exhibitors’ booths.

For those of you who missed the conference or missed a session we have a variety of ways for you to keep up with what happened. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, we include in this issue and the next reports of many of the conference sessions (page 442).

The opening keynote debate on copyright between Jim Neal and Pat Schroeder is on the Web through July 8, audiotapes of most sessions are available (see the insert in this issue), print proceedings have been published (page 445 for details), and papers of those invited to speak are on the Web (http://

We also include in this issue reports from another conference—ALA’s Congress on Professional Education (page 473). Mary Reichel and Marion Reid offer their observations and suggestions on how academic librarians can be involved in the education process.

This is an issue of opinions. Stephen Enniss holds librarians responsible for the survival of the print record (page 459) and John Drobnicki challenges us to collect revisionist materials, such as Holocaust denial publications, to use as examples of prejudice and bigotry (page 463).

Congratulations to all of ACRL’s new officers. Full election results are on page 467.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief

Copyright © American Library Association

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