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Bibliography of Latin America and Caribbean Bibliographies, 1987-1988, compiled by Lionel V. Loroña (69 pages, 6th ed., 1988), has been published as no.23 in the SALALM Bibliography and Reference Series. The bibliographies included are restricted to topics in the humanities and social sciences. Copies may be ordered for $13.00 (plus $2.00 shipping) from the SALALM Secretariat, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706. ISBN 0-917617-20-7.

•The Boston Theological Institute Union List ofSerials, on microfiche, contains authoritative CONSER records for more than 10,000 theology and related serials titles held by the libraries of this association of nine graduate theological schools in the Boston area. The list also contains detailed holdings statements. The cost is $27.95, from the Boston Theological Institute, 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

The Encyclopedia of Police Science, edited byWilliam G. Bailey (718 pages, February 1989), provides an introductory statement on major topics of law enforcement. Although not an exhaustive treatment, this encyclopedia will prove useful to undergraduates whose only exposure to criminal justice is Police Academy 3. The 143 chapters cover such areas as the FBI, deadly force, fingerprinting, hypnosis in police work, organized crime, policewomen, and white-collar crime. Copies may be ordered for $77.00 from Garland Publishing, 136 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016. ISBN 0-8240- 6627-8.

The Librarian’s CD-ROM Handbook, by Nor-man Desmarais (174 pages, January 1989), covers the various steps in selecting and implementing a CD-ROM system. Hardware, management issues, data permanence and reliability, library applications, and CD-ROM databases for special topics are some of the subjects included. Copies are available for $35.00 from Meckler Corporation, 11 Ferry Lane West, Westport, CT 06880. ISBN 0- 88736-331-8,

Librarians for the New Millennium, edited byWilliam E. Moen and Kathleen M. Heim (122 pages, 1988), was prepared originally for participants in the preconference, sponsored by ALA’s Office for Library Personnel Resources at the 1988 Annual Conference in New Orleans, entitled “Each One Reach One: Recruiting for the Profession.” Following an introductory chapter by Kathleen Heim, chapter authors include: Ann Randall on minority recruitment; Janet Swan Hill on recruitment for cataloging; Lorene B. Brown on recruiting science librarians; Phyllis J. Hudson on recruitment for academic librarianship; and Rosemary Dumont on recruiting students into librarianship. The concluding chapter by William E. Moen provides a preliminary report on “Library and Information Science Student Attitudes, Demographics and Aspirations Survey: Who We Are and Why We Are Here.” The survey was conducted by Moen and Heim in the spring of 1988 and represents data collected from 3,484 students in ALA- accredited programs regarding demographics, perceptions of library careers, reasons for choice of library and information science work, job aspirations, and income expectations. Copies may be ordered for $10 from ALA/OLPR, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611-2795. ISBN 0-8389-7259-4.

Meridian (no. 1, 1989- ) is a new semi-annual journal of map librarianship launched by the ALA Map and Geography Round Table. The journal, edited by Philip Hoehn (University of California, Berkeley), intends to publish articles and research notes that: 1) advance the organization and dissemination of cartographic, geographic, and remote sending information; and 2) describe and document the major trends and issues in the professional development of cartographic and geographic librarianship in North America. Included in the first issue are articles on the history of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division and the charting of the Mississippi Delta by the U.S. Coast Survey. A research note discusses pre- 20th century women cartographers. Subscription rates (checks payable to ALA/MAGERT) are $20 for individuals, $25 for institutions, and may be ordered from Peter L. Stark, Subscription Manager, Map Library, University of Oregon, 165 Condon Hall, Eugene, OR 97403-1299. ISSN 1040-7421.

Open Doors 1987-1988, edited by MarianthiZikopoulos (174 pages, 1988), is the annual report of the Institute of International Education on its census of foreign students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities. In the year covered there were 356,200 foreign students from 186 nations enrolled at 2,550 of the 2,880 U.S. accredited colleges and universities that responded to the survey. Copies are available for $32.95 from the HE, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017. ISBN 87206- 163-9.

•Origins of the Tarot Deck: A Study of the Astronomical Substructure of Game and Drawing Boards, by Stephen E. Franklin (158 pages, December 1988), is a fascinating and controversial exploration of the astronomical and mythological roots of proto-chess, the I Ching, pachisi, and the Tarot deck. The author traces the roots of the Tarot to the lunar zodiac, the beginnings of the Greek and Phoenician alphabets, and to the Pythagoreans of the 6th century B.C.—challenging the usual assumptions of its origin in the Middle Ages. Copies may be ordered for $16.95 (plus $2.00 shipping) from McFarland & Co., Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640. ISBN 0-89950-351-9.

•The Proceedings of the International Symposium on New Techniques and Applications in Libraries(576 pages, 1989), held in Xi’an, China, in September 1988, contain 74 keynote and contributed papers from the symposium. About twothirds of the papers were presented by librarians and information specialists in the People’s Republic of China, affording detail and breadth on China’s approaches in harnesses new information technologies to meet the nation’s development needs. Broad subject groupings include CD-ROM applications, cataloging systems, circulation systems, online information retrieval, library automation, library and information services, and miscellaneous papers treating other computer applications. Ohio University, which co-sponsored the symposium with Xi’an Jiaotong University, has received a very limited number of the Proceedings for sale in North America at $40 (plus $2 shipping). Prepaid orders may be sent to Paulette Hodges, Administrative Office, Alden Library, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701-2978.

•Tools of the Profession, edited by Hilary Kanter (129 pages, 1988), is a collection of bibliographies of information sources compiled by members of 17 divisions of the Special Libraries Association. Types of materials covered are books, journals, software, and other sources of value to special librarians and information professionals. Many of the entries are annotated and divided into sections by format. Chapters include: advertising and marketing, aerospace, business and finance, chemistry, engineering, food and nutrition, insurance and employee benefits, metals and materials, natural resources, nuclear science, pharmaceuticals, physics and astronomy, public utilities, publishing, social sciences, telecommunications, and transportation. Copies may be ordered for $15.00 from the Special Libraries Association, 170018th St., N. W., Washington, DC 20009. ISBN 0-87111-338-4.

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