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The Formula for determining the amount awarded to combinations of libraries applying for Type C Special Purpose grants was quite different in Fiscal Year 1968 from that used in FY 1967. In 1967, each institution of a group awarded a Type C grant was given what it requested and could match on a 33’a per cent basis, except that S100,000 was determined as the ceiling for any one grant. In 1968, because of a ruling requested after the previous year’s awards, a group of libraries could apply either separately or through an agent. This regulation resulted in as many as eighteen libraries applying as a single group for one large grant. Each combination applying for a Type C grant was scored as a group, resulting in one scoring in the 40s, six in the 30s, twenty-six in the 20s, and fifty-five, lower. Two groups scoring in the

20s or higher applied for over $1 million each, which would have used up more than half of the $3,750,000 available for all Special Purpose programs. So a formula was devised which made it possible to fund the eleven groups rating highest, while retaining a ceiling of $100,- 000 for any one institution. Since $1,800,000, or about half the Special Purpose appropriation, was considered appropriate for Type C grants, this sum was taken as the basis for calculating how much should go to each individual group according to its individual score. For the combinations with scores in the 20s, 10 per cent of $1,800,000 was used as the ceiling for each group. The groups scoring in the 30s were each assigned a ceiling of 15 per cent of $1,800,000 or $270,000. The single group scoring in the 40s was awarded the $306,003 requested, since this amount was less than a ceiling of 20 per cent of $1,800,000 or $360,000. Under this rather complicated formula, amounts as low as $50,000 were awarded to individual groups in the 30 and 20 scoring range, if those were the amounts requested. To the two groups requesting over $1 million each—one scoring in the 30s and the other in the 20s—the appropriate ceilings were of course applied. The awards determined in this way totalled $1,406,003 for the seven groups with the highest scores. The next highest score was 28, which was achieved by four groups. Three of these had requested more than $180,000 each, and the other, $50,000. The sum of the grants to these four groups ($590,000) added to the sum of the grants to the first seven groups ($1,406,003) made $1,996,003, a total more than half the Special Purpose appropriation. Thus, the score of 28 was used as the cutoff point for Type C Special Purpose grants, which meant that 62 institutions in eleven groups received Type C awards, a number almost equal to the seventy-one institutions receiving such awards in FY 1967.

The A and B Special Purpose awards were much simpler to allocate since they were made to individual institutions. In FY 1968, the nineteen libraries which achieved scores of 15 points were awarded Type A grants amounting to $895,059. In FY 1967, fifty-five institutions had won Type A grants on scores of 10 to 12 points; however, only 493 institutions applied for such grants in 1968 while 666 had applied in 1967.

In FY 1968, out of fifty-two applicants for Type B awards, nine libraries scoring 30 points each received a total of $558,924. In FY 1967, seven Type B awards were made to 172 applicants.

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