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From the ACRL Executive Secretary

The ACRL officers, pictured below, represent the record of achievement during my five years at ALA, November 1963-August 1968. I am proud and honored to have served with such a distinguished group of librarians and hope that the ACRL membership will he fortunate enough to continue to select candidates of this distinction for the office of President.

As in the past, the activities of the ACRL unit are well reported by James Humphry III, president, published in July/August 1968 CRL News, pages 213-18. As a matter of fact, this report covers my work so well that it is difficult to add much without repetition.

Needless to say, the increased size of Mr. Humphry’s report tends to indicate the increase in ACRL activities, especially in connection with the Junior College Libraries Section. Luckily, Peggy Sullivan agreed to assume the responsibility for directing the Junior College Library Information Center and will continue in that role through February 1969. During the year, I was much concerned with the numerous revisions of various proposals of the Junior College Libraries Section and continued to be deeply involved with our joint committee with the American Association of Junior Colleges. We sincerely hope the various proposals can be funded soon to help meet the burgeoning needs for improvement in junior college libraries service.

The concern of the members of the ACRL Grants Committee about the lack of increased funds to support the growing demands for library improvement has resulted in a number of meetings to determine ways to secure additional funds. These efforts should prove fruitful in the near future.

My travels during the year have enabled me to participate, sometimes as a speaker, in the state meeting of the New York Library Association, a regional conference of the North Central States, the Eastern College Librarians Conference, a colloquium of the library school of the University of Illinois, the national conferences of the American Association of Junior Colleges, the Association of American Colleges, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, the Third Annual Conference on Junior College Libraries in Illinois, and a conference of the Minnesota Junior College Faculty Association. In other travels, I met a number of times with the ACRL President to review and plan ACRL activities, with Eric Wormald, vice president, Association of American Colleges, and William Shannon, associate executive director, American Association of Junior Colleges, to discuss our cooperative programs, and with the various units of

Seated, Katharine M. Stokes, president, 1962/ 63; Neal Harlow, 1963/ 64; Archie McNeal, 1964/ 65; Helen M. Brown, 1965/66; standing, Ralph E. McCoy, 1966/67; James Humphry III, 1967/68; David Kaser, 1968/69.

ACRL to help in planning preconferences, conference programs, on-going and new programs. Most satisfying was the meeting of the ACRL Ad Hoc Committee on University Library Standards, which led to the establishment of the ACRL/ARL Committee on University Library Standards.

After five years, I suppose I should provide words of wisdom about the future of ACRL, but, if I have not been doing this during the past five years, I won’t start now, but shall leave that to the future officers and the incoming executive secretary, when appointed. Anyway, ACRL has a very good unit for this purpose in its Planning and Action Committee, consisting of the current and a number of past officers.

I was so pleased that Katharine Stokes agreed last year to assume the position of College and University Library Specialist, Library Planning and Development Branch, Division of Library Services and Educational Facilities, in the U.S. Office of Education, providing a direct channel of communication with our ACRL membership, and reporting to us through CRL News. There could be no one better able to represent ACRL than one of its most successful presidents.

I leave the ACRL office with real satisfaction that there is much on-going activity, with a sense of humility that I have been so fortunate to work closely with the best librarians in the college, university, research, and special fields.

I suspect there is no other position in the United States which provides this opportunity.

I wish to express my deep appreciation to the members and officers of ACRL, and to David H. Clift, executive director, American Library Association, for providing this rewarding opportunity. I also hasten to note the tremendous satisfaction it has been to work with such a capable, knowledgeable, and devoted staff, as we have at the American Library Association. If any member or non-member does not believe in the American Library Association and what it stands for, I recommend exposure to the ALA staff for a while. I accepted my position because I was strongly convinced of the value of ALA as our national organization— working here has made me eager to expound about this.

Guidance for my work during these five years has been secured from many loyal members, but the real guidance has come from my colleagues here at ALA, especially the other executive secretaries, whose doors were always open when “yours truly” frequently barged in! But I cannot leave my position without saying that I’ve had two really great bosses: Mrs. Grace T. Stevenson, until the spring of 1965, and Ruth Warncke, since June 1965, who have served as Deputy Executive Director in charge of Division Services, and who have counseled wisely and patiently.

Lastly, I wish to express my appreciation to the other members of the ACRL staff, who have provided the backbone of support and, I fear, are too often overlooked when credit is given. These now include Santa Dimiceli, senior secretary, Helen Evans, junior secretary, and Mary Falvey, who has been serving as the publications officer for ACRL and will be moving to the new position as Managing Editor for the Central Production Unit. In her new role, Mrs. Falvey will continue to be responsible for the production of College ir Research Libraries. In addition, there are now the two ACRL projects: The Junior College Library Information Center under the direction of Peggy Sullivan and her secretary; and CHOICE under the editorship of Peter Doiron and a very excellent supporting staff, the latter located in Middletown, Connecticut. CHOICE is now well known for its continuing success and The Information Center is also in capable hands.

It is satisfying to leave the activities of ACRL in the hands of a staff which shall ably carry on the ACRL activities until a new executive secretary is found to assume the position.—George M. Bailey. ¦¦

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