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Two graduate library schools have been officially accredited by the ALA. The two schools are the School of Library Science, College of Geneseo, State University of New York (Bohdan

S. Wynar, dean) and the School of Librarianship, University of Oregon (LeRoy C. Merritt, dean). This brings the number of library schools accredited by the ALA to forty-four, the highest number yet recorded under the Revised Standards of 1951.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of science and technology

The revised edition of America’s most famous scientific reference work

A unique Information Center encompassing the entire range of today's scientific and engineering knowledge in 15 volumes — 7,400 articles — 9,500 illustrations

THE REVISED EDITION of the famed McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is available.

This extraordinary set of books has, in a short time, become the most respected, most widely-used reference for those who need accurate, up-to-date information in any area of the physical, life, and earth sciences, and in all fields of engineering.

Here, you will find every theory, concept, term . . . every significant new discovery and technological advance . . . every important problem currently under study . . . gathered from the frontiers of scientific exploration around the globe. To obtain equivalent information, you would have to consult thousands of journals, textbooks, monographs, papers, proceedings of meetings. Now, in this unified science Information Center, it is as accessible as the nearest bookshelf.

For quick reference, systematic study, or leisurely browsing.This unique set of books is the first place to look for authoritative answers to questions on any scientific or engineering subject . . . whether you are concerned with theoretical aspects or practical applications . . . whether you require information on basic principles or advanced technology. It is invaluable for reviewing concepts, procedures, terminology … or as a reliable tool in research.

Prepared by more than 2,000 leaders of the scientific community.All articles are written by specialists of international reputation — in many cases, by the very person who made the actual discovery, proposed the original concept, or carried the research forward. Over 9,500 photographs, maps, drawings, and diagrams enhance and clarify the text. The multiple Index volume of over 100,000 entries and the crossreference system of 40,000 citations make it easy to find the information you need quickly.

This authoritative reference library, with its timely yearbooks, helps you stay abreast of the whole spectrum of today’s technology. For the engineer, the scientist, the teacher, and the student, the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology has become the one indispensable reference.

Available direct from publisher.You may receive this incomparable 15-volume Encyclopedia on approval simply by writing the publisher. The special institutional price is $235. (As a purchaser you may acquire the two supplemental reference books described at right for only $12.50 each.) If you are not eligible for the institutional price, a convenient budget purchase plan is offered.

To order, or for more information, write to McGraw-Hill Book Company, Dept. DA-104, 330 West 42nd Street, New York, New York 10036.

Here is a brief sampling of the many fields covered:

Acoustics - Aeronautical Engineering - Agriculture and Soils — Analytical Chemistry — Animal Anatomy — Astronomy — Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear Physics - Biochemistry - Biophysics - Chemical Engineering - Civil Engineering - Classical Mechanics — Communications — Computers — Conservation — Cytology — Electrical Engineering-Electricity and Electromagnetism-Fluid Mechanics — Food Engineering — Forestry - Genetics and Evolution — Geology — Geophysics — Heat — Industrial Engineering — Inorganic Chemistry - Low-Temperature Physics — Machine Design — Mathematics — Mechanical Power Engineering — Medical Microbiology — Metallurgy — Meteorology — Mineralogy and Petrology — Mining Engineering — Naval Architecture - Nuclear Engineering - Oceanography - Optics - Organic Chemistry - Paleobotany and Paleontology — Petroleum Engineering - Physical Chemistry — Physiological and Experimental Psychology — Solid State Physics — Space Technology — Theoretical Physics — Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology — plus thousands of other specific subjects in every scientific and engineering discipline.

HIGH PRAISE FOR REVISED EDITION“It is the best fundamental science and technology reference work . . . Highly recommended.” —Science Books

“Remains the most comprehensive source of information for the physical and natural sciences, and for their applications in technology.” —New York Public Library

Technical Book, Bulletin

Two new optional reference books also available . . .

Now two highly successful new reference volumes are available in matching bindings. The comprehensive McGraw-Hill Basic Bibliography of Science and

Technologylists and describes the outstanding current books in every scientific and technical field. The McGraw-Hill Modern Men of Science presents informative biographical and autobiographical articles on 426.

leading scientists.

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