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At the annual conference of ALA, in

Kansas City, the ACRL Board of Directors approved the petition to establish a Manuscripts Collections Subsection of the Rare Books Section. However, because of the moratorium, requested by the Program Evaluation and Budget Committee of ALA, on new units of ALA, an ad hoc committee will continue to function during the year 1968/69.

The Statement of Purpose of the Manuscripts Collections Subsection, Rare Books Section, as approved by the latter, is as follows:

The Manuscript Collection Subsection

1. Will explore the applicability of both archival method and theory on the one hand, and those of librarianship on the other, with the objective of developing a body of theory and practices for the management of manuscript collections.

2. Will develop a set of ethical principles and practices to guide librarians, book and manuscript dealers, and historical societies, aimed at:

a. encouragement of cooperative collecting programs in appropriate subject areas;

b. creation of standards affecting accessibility of manuscript materials;

c. creation of standards affecting the photocopying of manuscript materials;

d. recognition of social responsibilities that come with collecting;

e. encouraging dealers to respect provenance and integrity of manuscript groups at their disposal;

f. collaboration with the Society of American Archivists in matters of common interest, e.g., possible creation of regional storage centers for selected business records;

g. collaboration with The National Archives and Records Service in evaluation of those records of NARS that are subject to destruction/disposal but which might have archival value in the view of other manuscript repositories;

3. Will develop, on the basis of 1 above, a body of criteria affecting the distribution within the library or historical society of the full range of nonmanuscript material that usually is accompanying manuscript acquisitions; e.g., ephemera, photographs, maps, tape recordings, scrapbooks, drawings, movie films, annotated publications, etc.

4. Will encourage the spread of archival management/manuscript collection management courses in library schools, and consider support of short term internships in this field, in which the internee or group of internees will process manuscript groups that need processing at those institutions without funds or expertise to do so; for the purpose of making those manuscript groups accessible, and information about them a matter of record (National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections).

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