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ACRL Grants Program

No. 8, September 1968

ACRL News Issue (A) of College & Research Libraries, Vol. 29, No. 5

The ACRL Grants Program, now in its fourteenth year of service to privately endowed, four-year, undergraduate institutions, will continue support from the United States Steel Foundation, the Library Bureau Remington Office Systems Division of Sperry Rand Corporation; H. W. Wilson Foundation, the Olin Mathieson Charitable Trust, TIME Incorporated, Pitney Bowes, Inc. and the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

As in past years, the Committee on Grants will consider applications for the improvement and development of library collections from privately supported institutions whose curriculum incorporates a four-year program of undergraduate instruction. Applications for items or projects which would be a normal part of the academic library budget will not be given consideration in view of the large number of applications received each year. It should be remembered that the grants are primarily for the improvement and development of college undergraduate collections in ways in which the institution itself would not, or cannot, give assistance. The Committee will continue its support of the federal program of basic grants (under the Higher Education Act 1965) by considering requests to employ consultant help.

Shown at a luncheon in Chicago where United States Steel Foundation checks were distributed to educators are: (Left to right) H. Vail Deale, chairman of the Committee on Grants of ACRL and librarian at Beloit College (Beloit, Wis.); Vernard M. Christensen, general superintendent of the Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern Railway Company; and James T. Hosey, director of programing for the United States Steel Foundation.

A substantial contribution has again been received from Library Bureau/Remington Rand, for the purchase of wood furniture and equipment. The same form should be used to request furniture and equipment grants as for the monetary grants.

Application forms are being mailed early in September to librarians of all eligible institutions, as listed in the current U.S. Office of Education, Directory Part III, Higher Education. Application forms must be returned to the ACRL Office no later than October 9.

Requests for the support of research or bibliographical projects from individual librarians may also be submitted for consideration of the Committee. Such requests will be given particular consideration if the research or bibliographic activity would result in something beneficial to academic libraries. A request for the proper form should be addressed to the ACRL office.

Members of the ACRL Committee on Grants are: H. Vail Deale, chairman; Humphrey G. Bousfield, consultant; Johnnie E. Givens, Mrs. Virginia Lacy Jones, Rev. Vincent R. Negherbon, Mrs. Jessie Carney Smith, Donald E. Vincent, and David Kaser (ex officio). Any further inquiries should be sent to the Executive Secretary, Association of College and Research Libraries, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

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