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ASERL Midwinter Meeting

At the meeting of ASERL at Tulane University on Jan. 10 delegates from two new ASERL members were introduced by David Kaser (JUL), chairman: Merrill Berthrong from Wake Forest, and Elliott Hardaway from the University of South Florida.

Porter Kellam (Georgia) moved the correction of the minutes of the October 26 meeting to indicate that he was to continue to collect and distribute members’ “budget and” salary figures annually, rather than salary figures alone. Mr. McMullan (LSU) seconded, and the motion carried. The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved as amended.

Ruth Ringo (Tennessee) reported for Mr. Abel of her institution, chairman of the Foreign Newspaper Microfilm Committee. He indicated that several member institutions had not yet responded to his recent circular query regarding their interest in participating in the project. He was instructed to seek early replies from the nonrespondents, and he and Dr. Kaser were directed to attempt articulation and coordination of the project with somewhat similar ones now being proposed by ARL and the Southern Historical Association. Dr. Kaser will contact Mr. Abel in the matter.

Mr. McMullan moved the appointment of an ad hoc committee to determine the state of the association’s earlier project to have each state list and publish location bibliographies of newspapers published within its boundaries. John Gribbin (Tulane) seconded, and the motion carried. The association chairman then appointed Mr. McMullan a committee of one to accomplish the investigation and to report to membership either orally at the next meeting or in writing before that time.

Mr. McMullan then made two announcements. The first was a progress report on a three-state telefacsimile network proposed, among others, by LSU. He reported that partial funding was now assured and that as soon as complete funding was made the network would become operational. The second was that the first volume of the Louisiana State University Library Lectures, containing the first four lectures in the series, was about to be published. Copies will be distributed to members.

In the absence of committee chairman Ray Hummel (Virginia State Library), Dr. Kaser announced that the work of the Southern Broadsides Committee is now underway with subcommittee chairmen having accepted assignments in all southeastern states. The committee aspires to complete its work by the end of 1967.

Guy Lyle (Emory), chairman of the Committee on Distinguished Collections, announced that the association had received a grant of

$12,000 from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation to carry out its work. The committee has contracted with Thomas English, professor emeritus of English at Emory, to direct and conduct the project under the general supervision of an association Steering Committee. He explained that Dr. Kaser had already appointed the committee and that it included Messrs. Kellam, Jerrold Orne (UNC), B. E. Powell (Duke), Stanley West (Florida), and himself, as chairman.

Mr. Lyle then introduced Dr. English who led a discussion of the purpose and intent of the project. Dr. English requested members to consider as “distinguished” any collections in their institutions that might rank among the nation’s best ten on the subject and to send him written material on them at as early a date as possible following their receipt of a questionnaire he will circulate. It would be his intention then to visit and review the collections and to write descriptions for the projected Guide. He also requested members to inform him if there are any likely distinguished collections in nonmember libraries in the region, although final determination on the inclusion or exclusion of nonmember holdings has not yet been made. Collections of state material will probably be excluded.

Mr. Kellam then moved the following resolution:

Whereas, the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation has made a grant to the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries for the preparation of a guide to the region’s distinguished library collections so that their value to scholars can be made more widely known and their utilization facilitated; be it now therefore

Resolved,That the great appreciation of the Association be recorded in its minutes and conveyed in a formal manner to the Foundation.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Hardaway and carried unanimously.

In response to a request from the Chairman, Mr. Lyle moved, and Mr. Kellam seconded—

That the Chairman be formally authorized to handle all Association funds, including establishing and drawing upon checking and savings bank accounts, in whatever manner he feels is consistent with the purposes and best interests of the Association.

The motion carried.

There being no further business, the chairman expressed appreciation to Tulane University for its hospitality in hosting the session, and the meeting adjourned.—Harold Gordon, (Kentucky) Secretary pro-tem. ■■

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