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The Geoscience Information Society held its first annual meeting in San Francisco on November 14-16, in conjunction with the convention of the Geological Society of America. Members visited the Advanced Systems Development Library of International Business Machines at Los Gatos; the Branner geological library, Stanford University; and the Pacific Coast Center library, U. S. Geological Survey. A technical session was held on the use of automated systems in the storage, retrieval, and publication of geoscience information. James W. Clarke, U.S. Geological Survey, described Automated Data Processing of Geological Literature as developed by the Survey’s Systematic Literature Research Unit. A paper on The Computerized System to Be Used for Publishing the “Bibliography and Index of Geology Exclusive of North America” was presented by Thomas W. Caless, American Geological Institute. Factors Affecting the Transfer of Information Cycles in the Earth Sciences was the title of a paper given by Louis Cima, National Science Foundation. Copies of a paper by Harold Siroonian, City College of New York, entitled Production of the Catalogue of Data for World Data Center. A: International Upper Mantle Project were distributed. The society plans to publish these papers at a date as yet undetermined.

Mrs. Harriet W. Smith, geology librarian. University of Illinois, was elected president for 1967. Other officers are Dederick C. Ward, earth science librarian. University of Colorado, secretary (president-elect); and Mrs. Georgianna D. Conant, U.S. Geological Survey, treasurer. Hartley K. Phinney, Jr., Princeton University, is to represent the society in Washington at the Congressional hearings on the proposed changes in the copyright law. Keith Young, University of Texas, will chairman a committee to develop projects for the society. Mrs. Marguerite M. Hanchey, Louisiana State University, will be the local representative for the second annual meeting of the Geoscience Information Society which will be held in New Orleans in November 1967.

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