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Books for College Libraries,a 1,072-page work listing more than fifty-three thousand books considered important for college libraries, has been scheduled for publication in March by the American Library Association.

The list of books, designed to support a college teaching program which depends heavily on the library, is expected to replace the obsolete List of Books for College Libraries prepared by the late Charles B. Shaw, which ALA published in 1931.

Books for College Librarieshas been developed by the ALA Editorial Committee in close cooperation with librarians at the University of California, who developed a basic list of basic books for three new undergraduate libraries in a New Campuses Program there. The ALA project was supported by a grant from the Council on Library Resources.

The new ALA list includes only titles published prior to 1964. Books issued since then are covered in Choice, a book review periodical published eleven times a year by ALA since March 1964—a project which has also been assisted by grants from the Council on Library Resources.

Books for College Librarieslists classics, important scholarly titles, and definitive works on all subjects of interest to the undergraduate student body, including out-of-print titles and original paperbacks. Of the total list, 32.2 per cent of the titles are in literature and language; 18.7 per cent in history; 20.8 per cent in social science; 8.9 per cent in religion, philosophy and psychology; 7.5 per cent in fine arts; 9.5 per cent in science; and 2.4 per cent in general and reference.

Titles are arranged by Library of Congress classification and are entered only once. Each entry includes full author, title, edition, imprint, main pagination, and LC card number. The list is indexed by author and subject.

The California list was prepared under the direction of Melvin J. Voigt, university librarian, University of California, San Diego.

Joseph H. Treyz, formerly head of the California New Campuses Program and now assistant librarian. University of Michigan, directed the development and preparation of the book selection list by ALA. Subject specialists recognized for their expertise in evaluating undergraduate college library materials reviewed all selections. ■ ■

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