Go take a hike: Online hiking resources

April J. Schweikhard


Last year, in preparation for two hiking trips throughout the United States, I spent hours scouring the Internet for websites devoted to hiking information: I was not disappointed with the information available. Whether for adventure, health, or the opportunity to get out into nature, many people enjoy the benefits of hiking. And, according to the Outdoor Industry Association’s “2018 Outdoor Participation Report,” the number of Americans who engage in some type of outdoor adventure, including hiking, continues to increase. Libraries are helping connect their users to the trails in a variety of ways, including dedicated LibGuides, exhibits, and even backpacks filled with guidebooks and park passes for patrons to check out. Whether you are looking for resources to assist your library users or are simply interested in hitting the trails, yourself, the following Internet resources will help you discover new trails and increase your hiking knowledge. Websites listed here include trails databases, park resources, coalition systems, blogs, and magazines.

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