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Welcome to the December 2018 issue of C&RL News. Academic and research librarians are using research data in a wide variety of ways. Jesi Buell and Lynne Kvinnesland conducted content analysis of student prefocus essays at Colgate University to evaluate the effectiveness of their library instruction program. They write about their efforts in the article “Exploring information literacy assessment.”

Collecting, coding, and analyzing data on a global scale has its own set of challenges. Diane Mizrachi, Alicia Salaz, Serap Kubanoğlu, and Joumana Boustany share “Lessons learned from the Academic Reading Format International Study” and provide tips for other researchers embarking on studies of a similar scale.

Finding time to spend on data-driven assessment projects at either the local or international level can be daunting. Anna Marie Johnson of the University of Lousiville writes about her experience with “Librarian sabbaticals” as a way to carve out time to focus on research projects.

Elsewhere this issue, Ariel Deardoff and Dylan Romero share their success holding Pi Week events at the University of California-San Francisco in their ACRL TechConnect article “From Python to Raspberry Pi.”

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Kelly McElroy and Laurie M. Bridges of Oregon State University give a call to action to address language hegemony in research and publishing in their article “Multilingual access.”

According to tradition, we also take a look back at ACRL’s accomplishments in advancing learning and transforming scholarship with our 2017–2018 Annual Report. The report is a great way to reflect on all of the things you, the ACRL membership, have accomplished over the past year. You can help make the next year of your association as successful as the last by volunteering to serve on an ACRL committee. The call for volunteers is available on page 625.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including a look at ACRL activities at the upcoming 2019 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle and Internet Resources on “The origins of the Cold War” by Amy Dye-Reeves.

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