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Framework for Information Literacy Toolkit

The ACRL Framework Advisory Board announced the launch of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Toolkit in conjunction with the 2017 ALA Annual Conference. The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Toolkit is intended as a freely available professional development resource that can be used and adapted by both individuals and groups in order to foster understanding and use of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

The ACRL Framework Toolkit contains four modules: Finding Time to Engage the Framework, The Framework’s Structure, Foundations of the Framework, and Strategies for Using the Framework. A fifth module, Collaboration and Conversations with the Framework, is currently in development. Each module includes essential questions, learning outcomes, and active learning resources such as guided reading activities, discussion prompts, and lists of key readings. The ACRL Framework Toolkit is available on the ACRL LibGuides site at

COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5

COUNTER recently published Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. The new release is internally consistent, unambiguous, and flexible, so that it will be easier for publishers to be compliant and so that the Code of Practice can be adapted and extended as digital publishing changes over the years. The new Code of Practice becomes effective from January 1, 2019. COUNTER is eager to support librarians, answer questions about Release 5, and keep the community updated on the publication of library support guides. Librarians can register to be included in an email forum to receive more details.

More information is available on the COUNTER website at

2018 ACRL Board of Directors candidates

ACRL has announced the slate of candidates for the association’s Board of Directors for the 2018 ALA/ ACRL elections.

Vice-President/President-Elect: Karen Munro, University of Oregon-Portland; Penny Beile, University of Central Florida

Director-at-Large: Rhonda Huisman, St. Cloud State University; Faye Chadwell, Oregon State University

Director-at-Large: Robin Brown, Borough of Manhattan Community College; April Cunningham, Palomar College

A full list of candidates for ACRL and section offices will be available in the January 2018 issue of C&RL News.

2018 IMLS National Medal nominations

Each year, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) recognizes outstanding libraries and museums that have made significant contributions to improve the well-being of their communities.

The winning museums and libraries are presented with the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor for community service. IMLS is now accepting nominations for the 2018 awards.

This year, IMLS is particularly interested in museums and libraries with programs that build community cohesion and serve as catalysts for positive community change, including programs that provide services for veterans and military families, at-risk children and families, the un- and under-employed, and youth confronting barriers to STEM-related employment.

The ten winning institutions are honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., are spotlighted in the news media and on social media, and are invited to host a two-day visit from StoryCorps to record community member stories. As part of the selection process, approximately 30 finalists are chosen and are featured by IMLS during a six-week social media and press campaign. To be considered, the institution must complete and return a nomination form by October 2, 2017.

Additional information is available at

University of Oklahoma Libraries recognized as Education Futurist

The University of Oklahoma Libraries (UO) has been recognized nationally as a recipient of the 2017 Campus Technology Impact Award, which recognizes colleges and universities that are making an extraordinary impact with technology on campus.

OU Libraries received recognition in the category of “Education Futurists” for its Innovation @ the Edge project—an innovation and makerspace within the Bizzell Memorial Library.

Innovation @ the Edge is an experimentation and innovation space providing access to the latest technology tools for use in research, instruction, and knowledge creation, including 3-D printing and custom virtual reality workstations with the capability for software and data skill development, as well as access to microelectronics kits to support reproducibility of research. More information on Innovation @ the Edge can be found on the libraries’ website at receives SLA 2017 PAM Division Award has received 2017 Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division Award from the Special Libraries Association for its key contributions to the communication of scientific research. Cornell University Library, which supports and stewards arXiv, was also recognized. The PAM Division Award is given annually for a significant contribution to the literature of physics, mathematics or astronomy, or to honor work that demonstrably improves the exchange of information in those fields., a preprint repository of scientific research, is in the first phase of a three-year effort to modernize its aging code to ensure that the service continues to serve its essential role in facilitating science based on the needs of the user community, as well as responding to evolving scholarly communication practices.

PAM, founded in 1972, focuses on all aspects of librarianship in the fields of physics, astronomy, and mathematics, with particular emphasis on the control, dissemination, and retrieval of knowledge and information in those areas.

Newberry Library announces 2017–18 fellows

The Newberry Library recently announced its Long-Term and Short-Term Fellowship awards for 2017–18. The library will support 11 long-term and 46 short-term fellows, with funds coming from Newberry endowments, grants, gifts, and consortia, as well as partnerships with other institutions and scholarly organizations.

The Newberry Fellowship program provides scholars the opportunity to extensively use library collections in a supportive environment. Fellows also participate in a lively community of scholars, including other fellows, curators, librarians, and research centers, focused on advancing understanding of the humanities.

A complete list of fellows, as well as a profile of each Long-Term Fellow, is available on the library website at

Gale launches second installment of Archives of Sexuality & Gender series

Gale has released the second part of the award-winning LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 collection, which documents a broad range of LGBTQ experiences and the fight for equal rights. LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940, Part II complements and broadens the depth of content provided by the first installment in the series, and provides significant historical context for understanding the lasting impact and influence of the LGBTQ movement. More than 1.4 million pages of content from newsletters, periodicals, photographs, personal papers, manuscripts, pamphlets, and other types of primary sources, highlight underrepresented and often-excluded groups within the LGBTQ community. The third installment of the series is in the planning stages with the product’s advisory board. For more information on Gale’s Archives of Sexuality & Gender, visit

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