Planning for sustainability: Articulating efforts toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sarah K. Tribelhorn


Sustainability is a vital component of the new San Diego State University (SDSU) Library strategic plan, especially in Goal 2: Resilience: Designed to Thrive. This goal details how the University Library will promote sustainable practices, including but not limited to the establishment and enhancement of resource-sharing, open access, and shared storage agreements. The University Library is also planning to establish and further develop campus and community partnerships to determine how we can contribute to our university and city sustainability initiatives. To effectively reach the goals detailed in the strategic plan, it is necessary to understand what sustainability initiatives we are already participating in. Therefore I reviewed how the SDSU Library contributes to sustainability initiatives and presented this information as part of a new physical poster exhibit, “SDSU Inspires Action: U.N. Sustainable Development Goals on Display,” that will be on display for a year. The poster exhibit highlights research, teaching, and library contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in San Diego and the greater San Diego region, including initiatives reflecting the university’s place along the US-Mexico border, and features work completed by SDSU’s Metabolism of Cities Living Lab. This exhibit has provided an opportunity to reflect on the work we have been doing in the library, articulate it, and map it to the UN SDGs. This review of current practice within the context of our strategic plan provides a baseline for understanding our strengths and determining the direction of our future endeavors to support sustainability in libraries.

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