Embracing metaliteracy: Metamodern libraries and virtual learning communities

Valerie J. Hill, Thomas P. Mackey


A recent book, Metamodernism and Changing Literacy, by Valerie J. Hill focuses on the intersection of the current philosophical moment by exploring the concept of metamodernism through the lens of metaliteracy. As argued in the book, “Only through metaliteracy can we become digital citizens who seek to acquire, produce and share knowledge in metamodern culture.” In Notes on Metamodernism, Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker coin the term metamodernism and argue that it is a discourse based on “recent developments in architecture, art, and film” that oscillates “between a modern enthusiasm and a postmodern irony.” The Notes on Metamodernism webzine features essays on metamodern art and architecture, music and fashion, film and TV, as well as networked culture and politics.

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Copyright Valerie J. Hill, Thomas P. Mackey

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