Sustainability in the first-year experience: Taking library orientation online

Gina Levitan, Jennifer Rosenstein


Since 2012, Pace University in New York City has used a library scavenger hunt for the required library orientation for first-year undergraduates. As detailed in a 2013 article in C&RL News, the scavenger hunt replaced library tours and classroom sessions as undergraduate enrollment grew and individual class visits were no longer feasible. As student enrollment continued to increase each year, it became less manageable and more wasteful to conduct a paper scavenger hunt. Each fall, more than 1,000 students collected five separate sheets of paper in order to complete the activity. Not only was this a waste of library resources and an unacceptable environmental impact, it also required a great deal of Jennifer Rosenstein’s time to print the volume of clues and complete the data entry for the surveys. For fall 2016, she was determined to make the scavenger hunt as close to paperless as possible.

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Copyright Gina Levitan, Jennifer Rosenstein

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