The origins of the Cold War: Deciphering open access primary sources

Amy Dye-Reeves


Avalon Project (Yale University)- Cold War

Cold War International History Project

Cold War Museum

Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online

National Security Archive

Origins of the Cold War

Prelude to McCarthyism: The Making of a Blacklist

The Wilson Center Digital Archives- Cold War Origins

Cold War Intelligence

Cold War Politics (1945–1991)

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: The Cold War

Foreign Relations of the United States

Ideological Foundations of the Cold War–Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

National Security Achieve–Debriefing Books

Address to Congress on the Yalta Conference (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Crimea (Yalta) Conference, 1945

Berlin Airlift (Harry S. Truman Presidential Library)

Berlin Blockade 1948-1949

Berlin Blockade (June 24, 1948–May 12, 1949)

The March Crisis and the Berlin Airlift

George C. Marshall (The Marshall Plan)

Marshall Plan Exhibit

Publicizing the Marshall Plan: Records of the U.S. Special Representative in Europe, 1948-1950

Truman and the Marshall Plan

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